Katmandu in the news — sort of :)

The Hunterdon County (NJ) Courier News recently did a story on my home quilt shop, Kindred QuiltsClick here to read the article.  

Here’s the photo that accompanied the article.  There’s a Katmandu quilt hanging on the left! 


Now I know it’s not the New York Times, but this writer needs to get her editorial shit together.   We wonder how the old lady stereotype is perpetuated — just read between the lines of this article…”Quilting Bees?”   Is she kidding?  Any writer worth their salt could have — SHOULD HAVE — done a bit of research into modern quilting and/or found a new, unique angle.   What are they teaching in journalism classes these days anyway?  BURN HER!  LOL   

webburn-at-stake.jpg (wouldn’t this graphic make a terrific and exciting art quilt?)

Now, I’m thrilled that Kindred Quilts had an article featuring the shop, but given the way it was written I doubt if any potentially NEW quilters will show up.  It reeks of the mothball stereotype.  Quilting bee, indeed!  How very dare you!

Jeff went to a birthday party in Manhattan yesterday and ran into an artist, Agnes de Bethune.   Agnes has given it all up to paint.  Her speciality is oil on canvas flowers.   Honestly, I would swear that her painted flowers look like photographs! 

Here is an example of Agnes’ work called, Early Crocus       early_crocus_i.jpg

Click here to go to Agnes’ web site to see more of her work.  

The latest issue of McCall’s Quilting is about to hit the stands.  

I am gushing that my name is on the front cover of McCall’s.   It means that the magazine has confidence that they can sell magazines because my name is on the front.   I’m kinda blown away and humbled.   Really I am!    Now you HAVE to buy it.

scan01272008_133653.jpg  webdesingers.jpg

On the inside is a pattern for my Mark’s Matrix quilt.  I had named it Moroccan Tiles.   I had designed this quilt ages ago from Benartex Crystals fabric.  You can get a kit, I’m sure from O’Susannah’s Quilts and Gifts (click on their name for more information on their shop and or this kit) in Watkins Glen, upstate New York.    Sue Murphy and her gang actually pieced this huge baby for me.   It’s pretty spectacular in person.  I’m not sure the photo does it justice.  


 Also, my buddy, neighbor and fellow guild member, Amy Bell Buehler, has a quilt pattern in this issue made from Katmandu fabrics.  I just love this quilt.   


Blog “Site-ings”

Here’s a Canadian website that mentions the Pickle Monster.  Click here to read it.

 Later, acorns!  xoxom


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5 Comments on “Katmandu in the news — sort of :)”

  1. Marsha in CA
    January 28, 2008 at 9:22 PM #

    Cutting edge, huh? Congrats, I’d have to agree, as I think Quilter’s Home mag and your Katmandu collection are very refreshing additions to the quilting world. Can’t wait to see what else is up your sleeve! Oh, and thanks for the link to your friend’s site….her paintings are truly remarkable.


  2. January 28, 2008 at 10:09 PM #

    The only thing remotely interesting in the whole issue was Mark’s Katmandu fabric and the corresponding quilt.

    I have got to cancel this magazine!!!!


  3. ABB
    January 28, 2008 at 10:59 PM #

    The paintings are AMAZING.

    Thanks for the heads up on my quilt. I love that we are in the SAME issue – how cool is that?!


  4. Cindie in Mass.
    January 29, 2008 at 4:54 PM #

    Mark, why am I so conflicted about you? As the mom of a wonderful gay man, I cringe at your “gay-cliche” shtick. I think Quilter’s Home is the equivalent of People – bright, glossy, sassy, and ephemeral. For a hardcore quilter, there’s just not much of substance there. (I could care less what is in people’s refrigerators or what Libby Lehman looked like in high school.)

    But I also think you raise really interesting questions about the direction of quilting, like what’s up with all the quilts kits and matchy-matchy fabric collections? What’s up with all the non-quilting graphic artists and their repetitive designs? Are quilt shows going to have five people entering the same quilt from a kit and what should our reaction be to that? Is greed in the fabric industry so intense that they are actually promoting pre-printed panels and a border as quilting?

    Is the art and creativity leaching out of quilting with all the conformity out there?

    I do thank you for your Katmandu fabric line. It is ORIGINAL! Hallelujah! As a Fassett Fanatic, it’s nice to see something so different from the rest. And I think your quilt designs are interesting and challenging.

    So I buy Quilter’s Home, skip the fluff and read the commentary. See why I’m so conflicted? Because I kind of love you and your spirit. And kind of hate the fluff and etc.

    Offered in the spirit of peace and patchwork!

    Cindie, there are all kinds of people who make up the world. We love some. We hate some. Some we can take or leave. You can take or leave me. That said, I kind of love you back! 🙂 xoxom


  5. January 31, 2008 at 2:46 PM #

    Yeah, I was a bit bummed when I read the phrase “bee.” Certainly not the persona I try to perpetuate. Maybe I should have addressed the questions a bit differently. AND, my messiest corner of the shop made a color photo!! Man!

    I love your shop and would be lost without it! Love you too, Tob! xoxom


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