Wednesday on Pickle

 Hey Pickles!  Welcome to Wednesday!  

It’s cold on Pickle Road that it could freeze the balls off a brass monkey!   We’re getting snow too.  Blech! 


I’m ready for my favorite flower to pop out of the ground – the lily of the valley.  I love the scent and the delicate bells (just like me — a delicate belle — whatev-ah!)

I picked up my refurbished typewriter yesterday in Montclair NJ (one of my favorite towns).    cleaned-typewriter.jpg

This is Luis.  luis1.jpg

He’s a dying breed and he’s one of the few who still repairs typewriters.   What a nice guy.  Luis is from Cuba. 

So now I’m totally into my manual typewriter.   I know I’ll rarely use it but I can dream — I buy fabric and don’t use it so what the hell?    Anyway, I found some really hot typewriter jewelry for women and men at Tokens and Coins.  Click on their name to take a look at their site.  In the meantime, here are  a few examples:




You know it’s just a matter of time before I end up buying junk typewriters so that I can style my own brand of typewriter key jewelry — and of course all of my junk typewriters will end up sitting in the garage with all of the other shit that I had to have but haven’t seen or touched since I bought it.   Think there’s a problem here?   Oh my dears, you have no idea! 

pickle-paint-lambertville-026-copy.jpg  I took a photo of this house that Jeff and I saw the other day in Lamberville, NJ.   We have been trying to find the perfect color to paint Pickle Road.   This caramel looks like something that we both liked — with white shutters and trim.   I like it.  But we’re still looking.

Textile artist and friend, Scott Hansen turned me onto this 365 thing he’s been doing (if you click on his name you can see his 365 project).  It’s something that’s happening on Flickr where you take one photo a day of yourself and post it.  I have zero idea why but it whet my appetite for some reason (if you think I’m easily influenced in crafting — you should have seen me when I was dating – yikes)!  

Anyway, Evan’s 16th is on March 9.  16 is an important birthday so I’m going to 365 Evan.  One pic a day for 365 days.   I’ll even let him take some self portraits.  Then, at the end of the year, I’ll have a photo book made of all of the photographs for him.  Shutterfly makes these neat books.  I like the idea and thanks for Scott for the inspiration.  Scott, and his wife Linda are a very creative couple.


 Drove to Clinton NJ today for some fabric…

millandfalls400.jpg  Clinton is a great little town.  One of the original NJ towns with real historical value.   This is a photo of the famous Red Mill.   Kindred Quilts holds their annual outdoor quilt airing there each summer as a fund raiser for the mill and the local museum (which I have yet to visit, now that I mention it).    Here are some random pics of Clinton. 



Jeff and I had Thai for lunch and then . . . did a little window shopping.   I ended up buying this great little kaleidoscope and a vintage-esque, repro, notebook.  Love those clowns.

I find great color and shape inspiration in kaleidoscopes.  Paula Nadelstern has a gazillion of them – really marvelous quality, real, k-scopes.  Mine was $3.95 but it’s all metal! 



I had to get Evan new ear molds for his hearing aids yesterday.  After we had him fitted, we took off for Montclair, NJ (close to Manhattan) to pick up my typewriter from Luis.  There is an amazing new and used bookstore, The Montclair Bookstore, next to Luis’ place.  I picked up this oldie.  Not so great, but I had to have it.  Lord knows when I’d find another one like it, right? 


 Here’s the bookstore.   How could you resist?  It just smells like old, wonderful books, is two floors and incredibly long.  Millions of books!   Click here for their website

bookstore-outside.jpg bookstore1.jpg bookstore-2.jpg


Next, Evan and I went off to my favorite Brit import shop to buy some tea and toffee!  


Right next door is Little Cricket which is this home dec place that sells new stuff along with vintage and antique things.  Really fun to walk around this shop!  The problem for me is that I get so motivated and inspired that I can’t keep all of my ideas in…yet have no time to do anything.  It’s a curse, I tell ya! 

cricket-outside.jpg cricket-inside.jpg

Of course, the Ev-ster was hungry and he spotted Cuban Pete’s and wanted Cuban food again!   This place was also very good and the ambiance was tremendous!  It is a bit pricey and Evan’s chicken was delivered cold, but they took it back and warmed it up.  The cafe con leche was AMAZING! 

cuban-petes.jpg  The outside on Bloomfield Blvd.

cuban-outside-patio.jpg  You have to walk through buildings and their patio (strewn with coconuts) to get in the door.

cuban-inside.jpg  Here’s where we sat.   It’s beautiful inside and the classic Cuban music that was playing was wonderful.

bathroom.jpg  Even their bathroom was done up.  Tons of empty Cuban cigar boxes were mounted to the walls!  

Here’s what Evan ordered.  The rice, with a perfume of garlic, was the best I’ve ever tasted.  He gobbled it all up, in double time!  evans-meal.jpg

evan-on-chair.jpg  Here’s Evan sitting outside of Cuban Pete’s.   “I’m ready for my close-up!”


I am in love with that David Archuleta kid.  He rocked on last night’s Idol – terrific voice, charming personality.  I liked him in spite of hating the song he sung – You Better Shop Around—  So damned cute and I just had to pick up the phone and vote for him after Ryan Seacrest was teasing him.   What a sweet kid!    david_a1.jpg

I also liked the guy with the dreads – Jason Castro from Texas.  jason_c.jpg  He was an unexpected surprise.  He sang along with his guitar and did a really good job with Daydream

This is Jeff’s favorite.  Michael, the Aussie living in Atlanta.  I thought he was lame.  michael1.jpg  How can you even try to compete with the original, Light My Fire.   Even the cat left the room!   Jeff though he nailed it. 

Tonight — the women.  I think it’s the men’s game so far! 

Friends and Foes

This is a pretty long blog entry about Mark Lipinski’s Katmandu.  Check out My Quilt Life by clicking here.

Check out the Quilted Hills blog for her take on Quilter’s Home and Mark Lipinski.

Also the Passionate Quilterblog has a few comments.

Later my lovlies!  xoxom

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13 Comments on “Wednesday on Pickle”

  1. February 20, 2008 at 5:37 PM #

    All those pictures! Mark, how long does it take you to bling up your blog?

    Not too long. It’s more difficult to take the damn pictures. I hope my life isn’t too boring for y’all! xoxom


  2. February 20, 2008 at 5:37 PM #

    There used to be a couple of interesting used book stores in Atlanta but both shut down years ago sadly.

    Of course Evan was hungry, he’s 15! I took my 16 yr old and another 16 yr old to my mother’s a few weeks ago. They ate on the way there, they ate while we were there, they ate on the way home. We were gone for about 8 hours and I think 7 hours of that they were eating.


  3. February 20, 2008 at 5:52 PM #

    Hey Mark!

    What a cool trip with the three of you 🙂 I had forgotten that Evan’s 16 B-Day was right after my son Jonathan’s. Now he’s driving, and think’s he’s got complete freedom. Hah!! Little does he know I can yank it all away as fast as that 🙂 🙂 Does Even get to drive soon? Have fun!


    Oh my gosh, Evan is DYING to drive! I’m putting a hold on it for a little while. You have to be 17 to get a license in NJ anyway! Pray for me. He’s going to peck me to death on this one! xoxom


  4. Sue
    February 20, 2008 at 6:29 PM #

    So Evan is a fellow Pisces…I new there was something I liked about him 🙂

    I bought my daughter the same kaleidoscope. It’s really fun.

    Sue in NJ


  5. February 20, 2008 at 6:43 PM #

    What fun to take a trip along with you in such a cool place! Love the clowns on that notebook…would be a cool fabricline.
    I think it is nice Jeff ios for Michael, he needs fans, I turned the channel as I thought he was painful to listen to and I was afraid to watch what Simon said to him. He seems like a nice guy but he will be one of the first to go (in my opinion). Sorry Jeff, I am on the cat’s side.
    Mary Lou


  6. February 20, 2008 at 7:04 PM #

    Oh it is so great to live vicariously through your travels. I could get lost in a book store like that and never come back out – or at least not without sending myself into a serious debt spiral. Bookstores are sometimes more dangerous than craft and fabric stores!

    Sister, I feel your pain! xoxom


  7. Robin
    February 20, 2008 at 7:09 PM #

    I’m curious… did Luis have anything to say about Castro resigning? I was an infant when he became president. Damn, I’m old.

    Love the clowns. And I’m intrigued by the mill and the show that Kindred Quilts holds annually (I remember your fab photos from last year) – I might have to drive up from Delaware to see it!


    I forgot to ask him. I just grabbed the goods and left! You really should see Kindred’s quilt airing. It’s such a nice day. Bring some handwork to work on and have a grand day! xoxom


  8. Doris
    February 21, 2008 at 12:15 AM #

    Are you kidding me? Boring? Your life…boring??? Your life is heaven on earth! You have a fabulous job, partner, kid AND it seems (from what I’ve seen on the blog) that you live in and near some of THE coolest places!!! I thought Austin was cool with all it’s retro, hippie, kitschy places, but it doesn’t seem to hold a candle to where you are…I’m jealous!!!! Keep the blogs coming hard ‘n heavy…they are WONDERFUL!!!!

    (whose daugher has been driving since she was 15 and I’ve been skeered ever since LOL)


  9. Carol in CO
    February 21, 2008 at 12:47 AM #

    Hey Mark!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane with your pics of Montclair! I lived there for a while and have always loved that town! I have been to Cuban Pete’s, however it wasn’t called that back then. I’m searching my memory banks for the name…….nope, nothing is coming up.
    Is the theater still there, or has it been made into a bank or something? I went to many movies there over the years!
    That town has always had the neatest shops, even back when I was young.
    I can’t believe that I’m actually feeling a little pang of missing NJ! OMG!

    I also used to love Glen Ridge, until you mentioned that it was Cruise’s hometown. UGHHHH! I just got a major case of the willies! How long did he live there? I would hate to think I ran into him at some point! ICK! Gross me out!!! Gag me with a spoon! He’s a very strange and scary individual!
    I think I remember a conversation we once had a long time ago about a pool party and since Nicole’s pregnant, I wonder if Surey (or however you spell it) was conceived in a dish?
    I was in that neck of the woods when I was in grade school, back again in HS and then later for a short time after college. I was in Montclair, but had many friends and relatives in GR!

    The photos of the mill brought back memories too. Somewhere, packed away I have many pictures that I took of that place many, many years ago. It’s always been one of my favorite Jersey spots.

    I can’t wait to see Evan’s 365! He has changed so much since i last saw him. He’s one handsome Dude!
    You should see Rebecca! She’s driving! No wonder I can’t sleep at night! Sigh…….they grow up so fast! Too fast!!

    Love to you all!


    (BTW…..Robyn’s pregnant and due in September. Hope the baby has her red hair! I also hope I survive the nervous breakdown I’ll more than likely have over this! Crap.)


  10. Deb
    February 21, 2008 at 1:39 AM #

    Montclair is cute enough for me to rethink that ‘why would I live in New Jersey?!’ conversation from a while back. 😉

    So what’s your favorite stuff at the Brit store? Sounds like a fun day for you three.


    Harrisons & Crosfield Teas, and the Heinz Sticky Toffee Sponge pudding. I also like the Norfolk Manor Lemon Biscuits and eat them all before I get home! LOL xoxom


  11. Lisa Raada
    February 21, 2008 at 12:59 PM #

    What out ! Some of the cute little shops gossip about customers. Little cricket went after a good customer and it’s sad they do this. I did not like Little Cricket they are over priced and rude

    Oh, TOTALLY OVERPRICED! But all of the Montclair antique shops are — and a pretty lousy selection of antiques to boot…BUT Do tell about Little Cricket….I just popped in and out! xoxom


  12. February 21, 2008 at 3:44 PM #

    I did a shutterfly book of my pug, bowser. it came out SO wonderfully. they did a great job. what I recommend over that, if it is possible, is to use iphoto. this, of course, is only possible if you use an apple, not a PC. my husband and I have gotten books of our honeymoon and of our recent trip to ireland made up, and they are so fantastic. better quality hardcover books, imho, and a lot of options for photo layouts. it is reasonably priced, too. worth taking a look into, if you can.

    and just for the record, I am totally going to have to agree with jeff! I heart michael johns. but then again, maybe it was just that melt-when-he-speaks aussie accent… if only I’d met him before it lost its edge… [drool]. I think he’s a great singer though… very consistent. and I’ve got a thing for the rockers. 🙂 however, I do agree that david archuleta and jason castro did wonderfully as well… all forces to be reckoned with. the others… forgettable!


  13. wilsew
    February 23, 2008 at 5:09 AM #

    Great jewelry, thanks for the website, my daughter is 21 on Mar 9 and she’d love that type of stuff. You really made me think about her, she was born at 2lb 3 oz, now she just moved to Bronxville,NY and is checking out the forecasts so she can come to Omaha on Feb 27th. Hope she has better luck than you did getting to Lincoln. Glad to know that now I can register for the class, thanks for the name of the contact person.


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