Satday B4 Easter

Hoppy Saturday, bunnies!

I love to watch Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday nights on HBO.  It’s one of my appointment television moments but ….


Will someone PULLLEEESE tell Bill to whack the faux mullet and wash his hair? 


crying1.jpg Dear Jesus and the Saints above.  I fall asleep dreaming of the Exxon Valzez and Texas! 



It’s c-c-c-old here on Pickle Road this morning!  Jeff started a fire and we read the paper and drank coffee while Evan slept.

holy-saturday-032.jpg  I love a morning fire in the fireplace.  It’s one of my fav things.

My Easter Lily is now open!  lily.jpg

I bought a couple of bouquets of tulips this morning.   Tulips always make me happy.  


I sometimes miss the days of living and working in Manhattan. 


I used to buy fresh flowers at the little markets all over New York City all of the time. No matter the season or weather, the flowers were plentiful, fresh and beautiful.   I always had fresh cut flowers in the rooms of my apartments in the city.   Now, I have to buy my buds at Shoprite or A&P for double the cost and without the mondo selection.  It blows.


My little quilt guild, the Common Thread Quilt Guild,  will be hosting the One Block Wonder quilt class in Long Valley, NJ on April 12. 


I’m going to take the class myself, from my bud Sherry.   If YOU want to take the class with us (there is some teeny tiny fee), email Sherry at

While I was in Ft. Lauderdale, I bought a large piece of fabric for my One Block Wonder and a large complimentary piece for other blocks, OBW modification, or both!   They are designed by Art Gallery Quilts Fabrics, which I like A LOT!  Here they are.  

holy-saturday-021.jpg I love this puce! 

Accent piece. holy-saturday-023.jpg 

Then, when I got home, I visited Kindred Quilts and bought 2 more large pieces of One Block Wonder fabric.   Not sure which group I’ll use.  

This might be the ONE I use.  holy-saturday-019.jpg

holy-saturday-018.jpg Love the birds in this.


sew-and-vac.jpg Continuing my binge (the notions man-whore that I am), I drove to Pennsylvania to Pocono Sew and Vac and couldn’t resist these goodies (one I won’t show you because I want to put it in the magazine — I LOVE it and so will Y-O-U)!

This is King Tut Quilting Thread by Superior Threads that the Sew and Vac people LOVE and recommended.   I bought them in Katmandu colors. pocono-sew-and-vac-001.jpg

pocono-sew-and-vac-002.jpg  This is So Fine by John Flynn thread by Superior.  They tell me it is amazing to piece with.   I always use an ecru or soft grey thread to piece with. 

Metallic by Maderia.  I wanted to try some machine embellishment on fabric using this stuff.  Apparently this is one of the best metallics for machine embellishment.pocono-sew-and-vac-003.jpg

pocono-sew-and-vac-005.jpg  Speaking of machine embroidery/embellishment, I wanted to try using the Floriani Heat N Sta Fleece as an interfacing. 

Then I picked up a set of really neat tweezers for sewing. pocono-sew-and-vac-004.jpg

 I also bought a flame red Sebo vacuum while I was there, too!  sebo.jpg It rated as one of the best in a past Mark’s Posse.   My shitty Dyson hit the skids so off I drove to Pennsylvania!  Pocono Sew and Vac is really a terrific place to shop for a vacuum but even a BETTER place to buy a sewing machine (they also sell quilting fabric)!  You name the machine brand and they have it — and their customer service rocks!   Believe it or not, they also sell Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home!  I’m so happy I live in the area!


I designed quilts all day yesterday for the Califon line.  I came up with a lot of pretty good designs.  They are for the free giveaway patterns for shops who buy the line.  

Speaking of Califon — here’s another peek.  Don’t forget to call your local shop and ask them to order Califon from their Northcott distributor! 







holy-saturday-001.jpg  You might remember that my dozen chicks came home the other day.  Here’s where I buy them.   It’s the Agway in Flemington, New Jersey.

holy-saturday-007.jpg   I picked my chicks from these large bins of different breeds at the Agway.

These are mine.  They are so damned cute.   (You should see the baby ducks — adorable!)

holy-saturday-011.jpg holy-saturday-029.jpg

holy-saturday-028.jpg  Let’s see….

I bought 4  Rhode Island Reds  rir_1_s.jpg

4 Araucunas (these are the kind that lay blue, green and pinkish eggs)


4 Barred Rocks (zebra colored, black and white chickens) bar_1_s.jpg 

And 4 Buff Rocks (big and golden colored chickens).  bur_1_s.jpg

 I still have my two Polish hens.  s_extraordinary_chickens.jpg

While I was at Agway I couldn’t resist buying the pansies.  So I bought 6 containers for the front planter on Pickle Road.


  holy-saturday-033.jpg  Full Purple and full white Pansies and purple and white violas. 


I’m making my families traditional Easter egg cheese this morning and my bread.   Maybe I’ll get Evan to help me although the cheese is a super simple recipe.  I think I’m all set for Easter dinner.  There is just the 3 of us so it’s practically a no brainer.   Evan’s only request was kielbasa for Easter morning (our Polish family tradition, along with the cheese and homemade bread). 

My grandparents would have baskets of the food for Easter blessed by the priest at the Ukrainian Catholic Church.   You couldn’t throw away the leftovers, egg shells, crumbs, etc. of the blessed food so my grandfather would have to burn or bury it.  I thought it was kinda weird then and I think it’s kinda weird now.   There is something to be said for eating non-blessed food (like a trash compactor) but my dad and grandparents would SWEAR that the blessed food tasted better than the non-blessed.  Given I eat in pure quantity, I’m not sure I ever tasted any of it!  :\ 

I dyed the eggs yesterday — just a few.  001.jpg

Thank you to my Polish chickens for perfectly shaped white eggs!

Isn’t it a pleasure when your kids don’t want to dye eggs anymore?  There  is no mess, spilled dyes, prolonged and ugly two-toned eggs, clear crayon messages, etc.?  Hell, I used to have dye stained counter tops until June!  By the way, that damn purple NEVER works….red always shows through!

I’ve been too busy to do any Psanky this year so I blew it off.   pysanky1.jpg


To read what Ramblings of a Fabric Obsessor is getting for her birthday — just click here!


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18 Comments on “Satday B4 Easter”

  1. Patty Skypants
    March 22, 2008 at 3:07 PM #

    I miss Manhattan flower carts! My apartment was always filled with poppies and violets! I also miss bialys for breakfast! My friend Meghan just returned from a two week stay in New Jersey and at lunch yesterday she exclaimed, “It’s just so difficult to come back here from a place where ALL THE FOOD IS GOOD!” Nice to have friends who know what I’m missing. Happy Easter, on which it will be flooding and snowing here.


  2. March 22, 2008 at 3:27 PM #

    I still want some chickens…even though you told me to be careful what I wish for! 🙂 Love the eggs. I do not need any more quilt projects right now, but you & the other Pickles are really tempting me with all the OBW postings. And I am really loving Califon! Happy Easter!


  3. Sandi
    March 22, 2008 at 5:01 PM #

    I really, really like the yellow background Califon – it just says “warm sunset” to me. I can already see a quilt but it’s a good thing the fabrics aren’t available til fall because I need to get the Katmandu project finished first. I’ll be calling my LQS to request they carry Califon!
    Have an “EGGS-traordinary Easter!” Just love your little chicks!!!


  4. Sue
    March 22, 2008 at 7:26 PM #

    That’s so true about Bill Maher’s hair! He must be single…or doesn’t have a good stylist!

    How’d you know I really want to do a black and yellow quilt? Can’t wait for the new FABrics!

    Sue in NJ


  5. freddie
    March 22, 2008 at 9:09 PM #

    I have a Sebo canister vac and love, love, love it–it’s easy to use and does a great job. I had a very expensive Kirby that was absolutely unusable, I’ve heard the Dysons aren’t good either. Got my Baby Lock and Sebo at the same shop and have been very happy since!! Love the yellow fabric and your magazine and blog–it’s freezing and windy in Connecticut, too. Happy Easter to all!!


  6. jeanine
    March 22, 2008 at 11:38 PM #

    How jealous I am, everything is still under a layer of ice, and the idea of pantsies just make me long even more for summer. I used to go chick shopping with my grandfather, who had at least three kinds of chickens, some rabbits, pidgeons and a voliere ( birdcage). So I can smell the sawdust.
    good luck with the chickies.


  7. ABB
    March 23, 2008 at 1:19 AM #

    Bill Maher – blech!

    The second fabric you got from Kindred – that’s what I’m using!! I love the colors. I was going to to go with something outrageous, but decided to make it out of colors I would like to see in my family room. I am looking forward to doing the One Block Wonder – but haven’t decided whether to do the hexagon or octogon…… decisions, decisions……


  8. Laura
    March 23, 2008 at 5:02 PM #

    Mark, I would REALLY love to know what digital camera you are using. All your pictures always come out with such great detail. Love your chicks too:-) They are so cute. My pansies are making a come back, and all the bulbs are poking threw. Thank goodness they are hardy, we had a bit of snow yesterday morning!
    Laura, from PA

    It’s a cheapie from Walmart. It’s a Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital. It’s amazing for the cost (under $200), slips into my pocket and rarely takes an imperfect photo! xoxom


  9. Doris
    March 24, 2008 at 2:31 AM #

    OK, I want the wool runner that is sitting under your pitcher of tulips!!!! It’s beautiful! Did you make it?

    Nope. It was a gift! xoxom


  10. March 24, 2008 at 2:05 PM #

    Thanks for the birthday message! And 29 is a wonderful age, isn’t it? 🙂


  11. Canada Quilts!
    March 24, 2008 at 3:50 PM #

    Mark – to get rid of those annoying counter stains, try the Mr. Clean Magic Sponge. It took out food dye stains from my old counter. I practically got a new counter top when I cleaned mine with the sponge. It is old and has seen better days, but it sure is brighter and stain free since I used the Magic sponge. (I guess I’ll have to burn the counter in order to get a new one).

    Ohhhh! I LOVE my Mr. Clean Magic Sponge. It gets rid of everything but calories and a fat ass! xoxom


  12. mary lou eustace
    March 24, 2008 at 7:13 PM #

    Have fun doing one block wonder. It’s a blast until you put it together. Be very careful

    Shit, I’m not afraid of a quilt! If I screw it up, I’ll toss the damn thing and start over again! 🙂 xoxom


  13. Genevieve
    March 24, 2008 at 7:43 PM #

    I agree about the wool table runner, I want one as well. Please tell us about the pattern and or size?????

    Nope, didn’t make it, but I love it. Jeff bought it for me as a gift one Christmas or a birthday or something years ago. I had seen it in a shop in Chester, NJ. Here’s what I found on the attached label:

    Design: Coin Rug
    Size: 2′ x3′
    Imported and distributed by: Indore Home LLC dba J Quilts Co.
    Tucker, GA 30084
    Made in India

    Good Luck! xoxom


  14. Doris
    March 25, 2008 at 2:07 AM #

    Ok, well…about the wool runner. Can you take a full pic of it so I can at least try to copy it? LOL (Is that plagiarism-ish?) I’m telling you…I gotta have it, or at least something similar to it. I bet I can make it if I get a good pic. 😉 xoxo back atcha!


  15. March 25, 2008 at 6:15 PM #

    I totally agree about the egg dye situation. My kids still want to do it, but finally this year there wasn’t the flipping of spoons with dye flying through the air. Noel and Max insisted on making some overdyed “ugly” ones, but I actually thougth they came out a nice country color…(couldn’t “name” the color, but they did look “country-ish”) …..and the purple is never really purple, it is sort of a periwinkle with little red dots spread across it….
    Happy post-Easter.
    Oh, and I LOVE your fireplace….It looks terrific!! Who made the dolls on the mantle?

    I bought the dolls at quilt market in Kansas City, I think. I’m pretty sure that Kindred Quilts sells them, too. xoxom


  16. March 25, 2008 at 10:20 PM #

    I love the photo of the flower mart! I wish they had some around me.

    You have no idea how much ‘life’ these street flowers bring to a home! xoxom


  17. ABB
    March 26, 2008 at 12:06 PM #

    Never mind about the second fabric from Kindred. I thought I had enough repeats but I don’t and they don’t have enough left on the bolt at the store 😦
    So I picked out another fabric and now I’m good to go. Looking forward to seeing you there as we work on the one-block wonder… guess I need to bring a bunch of pins too…. I think I’ll work on it ahead of time…. maybe today…..


  18. Barb
    April 3, 2008 at 10:14 AM #

    Hi Mark, can’t wait for Califon to come out! Just ordered some Katmandu. I love your blog–wish you had time to post more often (hint hint).


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