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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski —

And my co-host is . . . .

You’re going to love

Quilts for Kids’

Linda Arye

About Linda:

Quilts For Kids, Inc. Founder, Linda Arye, came to the quilt fabric world in a different way. An Interior Designer, Linda was faced with a dilemma when in August 2000 she saw thousands of pounds of fabric being thrown away at the Design Center in Philadelphia. Always up for a challenge, Linda, decided to find a better use for unwanted fabric samples than landfill.  What does one do with sample sized fabric? What else, turn it into patchwork quilts!  With that one thought Quilts For Kids, Inc was born.

Since then Quilts For Kids has saved many millions of pounds of fabric from landfill and gifted quilts and other items to tens of thousands of children in need.

As Linda’s understanding of the quilt world expanded the charity’s focus shifted to the use of quilt fabric. “I never realized how fabulous these fabrics were. They have come a long way from my sixth grade Home Ec. Calicos,” she says.

“I had always wanted to find a way to fund the charity and be able to gift fun, brightly colored quilts to children in need. Robert Kaufman and Amy Schimler made that dream a reality with this Quilts For Kids, Inc. collection.  These fun kid friendly designs spoke to me the moment I saw the art work that Amy created for us. I wanted something bright and whimsical and that is just what this collection is all about.”

Linda chose to gift quilts to children in need because of her daughter, Mollie’s childhood illness. Mollie, now 21 is a healthy, fun-loving young woman who has a love of the golden retrievers and cats she was raised with. Linda’s husband Lowell, an advocate for the disabled and elderly, has been supportive since day one, encouraging Linda to continue with her vision and bring it to what it is now, an International charity.

CLICK HERE to visit the Quilts for Kids website!

CLICK HERE to watch the Quilts for Kids quilts being delivered!

Then . . .

How to Bring Your Creativity to the Lecture Circuit!

. . . everything you need to know about making money talking about what you love!

I talk with

Jay Jessup

Jay & Maggie Jessup are the authors of. . .

Fame 101, Powerful Personal Branding & Publicity for Amazing Success

Here’s a little about Jay:

Welcome to Jay’s world: Elite professionals, best-selling authors, celebrity scientists, high trajectory actors, entrepreneurial royals, leaders of non-profit causes, rock star politicians, startup gurus, breakout bands, very visible artists and other remarkable people who harness the power of a compelling personal brand.

He creates and manages Alpha Celebrities in every field with a radical mix of publicity, personal brand strategy, and Brand-You marketing. Jay’s study of publicity and branding secrets of 100 notables including Martha Stewart, Mother Theresa, Pablo Picasso, the Kennedy family, Billy Graham, John Grisham, and others led to his Fame Formula which catapults his clients to the top one percent of their professions.

Jay Jessup co-founded Platform Strategy, a boutique publicity and branding firm in 2002. Often referenced as a Fame Machine, Platform Strategy is a team of publicists, social media gurus, web technology experts, graphic artists, publishing pros, content writers, media & speech trainers, and experienced marketing people.

Jay focuses these resources, coupled with high-impact publicity techniques, on exceptional people who want to join the elite professionals that enjoy visibility, credibility, immense earning power, and other benefits that a recognized personal brand delivers.

As a prominent figure in the personal brand strategy field Jay travels across the United States consulting with remarkable people and companies seeking a path to industry leadership. He speaks regularly at professional conferences, events, and universities. Jay has been a featured expert on Business Radio Network, NPR’s Marketplace, Lou Dobbs Moneyline, and his work was recognized on an annual Inc. Magazine’s top ten resources list.

Prior to founding Platform Strategy, Jay was a rainmaker for several global professional service firms where he worked with industry leaders in the technology, publishing, communication, and entertainment industries.

In his new book Fame 101, Jay shares behind-the-scenes strategies of entertainment industry notables, evangelists, celebrity lawyers, winning politicians, and others. From these personal branding and publicity secrets, Fame 101 creates a success blueprint for anyone wanting a fast track to the top of their field.

Jay knows what Suze Orman, Rachel Ray, Barrack Obama, Joel Osteen, America’s best known gardener, and the leading voice of every profession have in common. They understand fame: how to get it, how to keep it, and how to capitalize on it.

Anyone can have Fame – Jay Jessup knows how. He has the Fame Formula. With it he helps people become the leading voice and media darling of any industry. His clients appear regularly on CNN, MSNBC, Fox & Friends, Air America, ABC News, and other outlets as well as in the pages of People, Forbes, InTouch Weekly, USA Today and scores of similarly varied publications.

Jay lives in Vancouver, Washington and serves geographically and industry-diverse clients across the United States.

CLICK HERE to buy Jay’s book!

Books! Books! Books!

Meet the man behind the terrific quilt and crafting books for That Patchwork Place . . .

Tom Wierzbicki

CLICK HERE for more information about That Patchwork Place

These are just a few of their titles:

Living Your Dream!

I get to chat with a man who had a dream and went for it  . . .

Robert Stapleton

Robert had a dream to craft a monument for US veterans.  He talks about his dream and how you can fulfill your dreams and desires!!

Here’s a little about Robert  . . .

Robert was born in 1961 in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  He grew up with the Jemez Mountain Range as his playground, developing an early fascination with different types of stone and rock formations.

After graduating from Los Alamos High School, Robert joined the Army where he served from 1979 to 1982.  He did his basic training at Fort Jackson in North Carolina, and was selected as “Outstanding Trainee Leader” of his training cycle.  Robert then went to Fort Eustis, Virginia for training and earned the award for “Outstanding Student Soldier of the Month” for 2d Battalion, Transportation School Brigade.

Upon his graduation, Robert was stationed with the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  Continuing his exemplary service and quest for excellence, Robert was awarded a citation as “Soldier of the Month” in January, 1980 for the 159th Aviation Battalion and “Soldier of the Month in February, 1980, for the entire 101st Airborne Division.

After leaving the Army in 1982, Robert moved to Georgia, entering the workforce, where he continued to excel and set an example for those around him, earning top awards in sales from both local and national companies.

In 1986, Robert moved to Texas, operating his own business as a motivational speaker.  In 1988 he met and married his wife, Vickie.  They have two sons, Shawn and Brooks, and have been blessed with five granddaughters, Ashlyn, Lexi, Erynn, Emily and Morgan.

The Stapletons moved to northern Colorado in 1989.  Being back in the mountains awakened Robert’s love of nature and of stone and he started a landscape business, creating beautifully unique landscapes using granite boulders which he harvested from the Rocky Mountains.  Eventually Robert was introduced to the art of pond building, and given his love of stone, quickly incorporated natural stone waterfalls to his creations.  This business grew into a very large waterfall center, covering over 11 acres, with a workforce of 47 employees.  The business encompassed a landscape supply center, both retail and wholesale; a crane service; a retail garden store, a waterfall school, where others could learn Robert’s techniques for building waterfalls and running a successful waterfall business; and of course, the sale and installation of custom water features.

Robert and Vickie returned to Texas in 2004, eventually purchasing a piece of land in Paris, Texas and started another waterfall center.  It seemed to be what God wanted him to do and Robert poured himself into making the business a success.  While in Paris, an opportunity came along for Robert to develop a television show, teaching the viewing audience about waterfall construction.  The show was being marketed to national television stations and a full pilot series of 13 episodes was being produced.

In January of 2009, Robert was approached by a representative of a land development company, interested in having him build a number of waterfalls on a 2100 acre development in Granbury, Texas.  Robert explained that, because of his television show, he could not dedicate the necessary time for multiple projects.  Eventually he agreed to build a small feature, approx. 3’ X 20’ and teach a local landscape company his techniques so that they could build the remaining features on the property.  And then they asked the question that would change Robert’s life, “What if we build something for the Veterans?”  It would be a tribute to all veterans and a memorial to those who lost their lives in the war against terrorism.  Immediately Robert knew that this was what he was meant to do.  This is what God had been preparing him for.  The developer said that if Robert would build a large enough waterfall, they would donate land around it for a public park.  That is how Veteran Falls began.  It is now a magnificent feature, over 70’ wide and 290’ long and the developer has dedicated 5 acres around it for a park.

Robert has dedicated a year of his life, putting everything else on hold, even moving to Granbury to build this memorial for the Veterans.  There have been many hardships and setbacks, and the project has taken much longer than Robert ever imagined, but he would not change a thing.  He says that this project has been a blessing and he knows that he is doing God’s work.

CLICK HERE to visit Robert’s website

Bucking the Cross Stitch Status Quo

I get to chat with hilarious cross stitch designer and author . . .

Julie Jackson

I  loved Julie Jackson’s book and I love her, too!  Needless to say, I am one to buck the system and am always happy when I find a kindred spirit!  If you are a rebel at heart and want to forge your own creative path rather than the boring trails that have already been laid, you’ll want to listen to this interview.

Julie is the author of . . .

Here are some examples from Julie’s book . . .

CLICK HERE to visit the Subversive Cross Stitch website

CLICK HERE to order Subversive Cross Stitch

And –

I get to talk with the founder and Art Director  of a magazine that caught my eye recently . .

Daryl Smith

I am a fan of Daryl’s magazine  . . .

Seeing the Everyday

The Small Things Magazine

CLICK HERE to visit the Seeing the Everyday website


The Creative Mojo Book Pic is

To sample a couple of chapters in the  book or to order a copy CLICK HERE

All of this plus  LOTS MORE


psychic medium Silvia Rossi’s new show

Make Contact with Silvia Rossi

Debuts Wednesday, January 5 at 2 PM on (right before Creative Mojo)!

THEN . . . .

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Get the same mugs my guests and I use during the show in three fab-o colors . . .



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