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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Here’s who’s on the next

Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski —

And my co-host is . . . .

Ceramic Tile Artist

Theresa Mustafa

Here are a few examples of Theresa’s work

Dogwood flower panel

Therea’s Dogwood Flower Panel

Moroccan tile floor

Theresa’s Moroccan Tile Floor

Family tree

Family Tree by Theresa


Here’s a little about Theresa:

I have been drawn to the art of ceramic tile since childhood, when I first became fascinated with miniature mosaics. In college I studied Roman and Byzantine mosaics, took ceramic courses, and began to create my own ceramic tile designs. At that time I had the good fortune to work for Debby Hagar, a gifted mosaic tile artist in Knoxville, TN. We made ceramic, glass and marble tile for residences and businesses. In the years after I graduated and moved away, I sought out private studios and community schools wherever I happened to live. In 2006 I returned to school, studying ceramics at Montclair State University in northern New Jersey, and I am now working towards a Master of Arts.

I strive to create my own personal aesthetic by experimenting with new techniques, methods of tile production, and designs. A quick look around this website will reveal that my work has been quite varied.

There are many decorative and functional uses for tile in homes and businesses. Ceramic tile is durable and once installed on a wall or floor, it has a permanence that one does not often experience anymore in this age of pre-fabricated home decoration. It represents an investment in the space around you, an opportunity to express your own aesthetic values in a lasting and meaningful way.

Commercial tile production and retail chains offer an overwhelming array of choices to the tile shopper, but handmade tile is unique, just like the artist who creates it. It is a labor of love. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with clients and create something new and individualized: something that they will love to see for many years to come.

CLICK HERE to visit Therea’s blog

CLICK HERE to visit Therea’s website

Here’s a little about The Potters’ Guild of New Jersey :

The Potters’ Guild of New Jersey was founded in 1987 to promote the development of New Jersey’s ceramic artists and the exchange of knowledge in support of their creative endeavors.

The organization provides a forum for education, networking, sales and marketing opportunities, in a positive environment that enhances the art and science of pottery.

The Guild’s membership is about 77 individuals, including professional and recreational potters, educators, and students. Members hail from northern and central New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

There are currently two pottery shows/sales a year at the Community Presbyterian Church, 1459 Deer Path Road, in Mountainside, New Jersey.  The last show in November featured the work of 36 ceramic artists. The next show is April 30th/May 1st. Directions are available on our website under the link “Events.” You can also sign up on the website to receive reminders about upcoming shows and events.

Guild members have also done collaborative community projects such as creating a mosaic tile covered column at the Trail Center at the Watchung Reservation. We will soon be creating a tiled archway for a school entrance.

The Potters’ Guild of New Jersey offers its members the opportunity to participate in a variety of Guild-sponsored activities, including:

  • Monthly meetings where we discuss challenges and issues facing the ceramic artist today
  • Workshops and demonstrations featuring prominent potters (local as well as national)
  • A lending library of current pottery books and videotapes
  • Several shows/sales each year, which attract numerous pottery enthusiasts from the Greater New Jersey Area
  • Activities aimed at educating the public about the value of hand-made pottery and ceramic art

Potters’ Guild of New Jersey potter, Ellen Mulligan’s display

Potters’ Guild of New Jersey potter, DeBorah Goletz standing next to the mosaic-tiled column that 20 members created together.

DeBorah Gorganized the project. The guild is doing another community service project for a school district this spring as well.

Potters’ Guild of New Jersey potter, Norma Messing’s display

CLICK HERE to visit the Potter’s Guild of New Jersey website!

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THEN . . .

View Image

Need a kick in the pants?

Feel like you’re drifting and don’t know where to land?

Lost everything and don’t know where to begin?

The Artful Crafter | Crafts | Craft Guide

Meet the woman whose blog, The Artful Crafter, is your guide to Fun & Profit from Crafts!

Eileen Bergen

Eileen, The Artful Crafter

Here’s a little about Eileen (talk about inspirational):

I was a portfolio manager with a major NJ insurance company. When downsized at age 51, we looked at our retirement portfolio and thought we had enough to retire early. We picked this area of Mexico for the climate (eternal spring) and lower cost of living.

All was going beautifully until the dot com crash. We lost over half of our savings.

That’s when I started crafting. In August 2001, I sold my first set of calling cards. Then came sewing and some original patterns, beading, wire sculpture, digital scrapbooking, decoupage … local craft fairs, one international exhibition, and a little gift shop named “Eileen’s Gifts” (because a friend happened to have a beautiful hand painted wooden storefront sign that said “Eileen’s Gifts” though HER name is NOT Eileen).

In August 2004, we decided to take what I had learned running a craft business and try to help other “starving crafters”. That’s when we launched The Artful Crafter website with the motto “The Artful Crafter – Helping Crafters to Be”. July 2006 we launched The Artful Crafter blog.

And life is very good …

CLICK HERE to visit Eileen’s website, The Artful Crafter!

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I’m also chatting with . . .


And he’s gong to share some cool games and tips from his book to help our creativity soar!

Here’s a little about Dr. Epstein:

Currently the CEO of Creativity International, Dr. Epstein is a distinguished research psychologist, the author of 15 books, and the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine.  He has taught courses on “innovation and leadership” at the Rady School of Management at the University of California, and he provides consulting services to companies around the world.


CLICK HERE to go to Dr. Epstein’s website

In the modern economy, where most workers are knowledge workers, creativity and innovation are the most easily sustainable competitive advantages. In The Big Book of Creativity Games, Harvard trained psychologist Robert Epstein provides dozens of games and activities designed to stimulate creativity and generate innovation in the workplace.Dr. Epstein describes the scientific principles of creativity that underlie the games, and how these principles can be applied to tasks like problem solving, new product development, and marketing. Timely and innovative, The Big Book of Creativity Games is the ideal book for managers to turn to whenever they need: 

  • Games that are easy to lead and fun to play
  • Exercises that go far beyond standard brainstorming techniques
  • Innovation jump-starters for team meetings and work groups

CLICK HERE to order Dr. Epstein’s book from

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THEN I talk with . . .

Erica Domesek

to talk about her book . . .


It’s a movement. It’s a call to action: reimagine, reuse, and reinvent. P.S.- I Made This . . . will inspire and encourage readers to embrace the concept of I see it, I like it, I make it.

Part designer DIY, part fashion and lifestyle inspiration guide, P.S.- I Made This . . . was born from Erica Domesek’s popular website of the same name. Domesek’s collection of unique projects will tempt any fashionista who’s ready for DIY style!

The book features more than 25 projects inspired by iconic fashion looks, runway trends, and celebrated style mavens for readers to create themselves. The user-friendly “Designer DIY” projects, ranging from lucite bangles to faux-fur vests to studded heels, are featured alongside inspirational, vivid fashion montages and clear, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Here’s a little about Erica . . .

Erica Domesek is the founder of the innovative DIY brand P.S.-I Made This . . .

Erica’s projects have been featured in publications such as Glamour and Teen Vogue, among others. Based in New York City, Erica has styled campaigns for big-name fashion brands.


CLICK HERE to go to buy Erica’s book on


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We have  designer and author…

Alicia Paulson

Here’s a little about Alicia:

ALICIA PAULSON learned to stitch as a child, but developed a passion for embroidery while recovering from a bad accident in 1998. She spends her days in her home studio sewing, crocheting, embroidering, and designing a small, ever-changing collection of original crafts and patterns called Posie: Rosy Little Things, and writes about them at her blog, Posie Gets Cozy. She is the author ofStitched in Time: Memory-Keeping Projects to Sew and Share from the Creator of Posie Gets Cozy (Potter Craft, 2008).

Born and raised outside Chicago, she now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, two-time Nurse of the Year Andy Paulson, R.N.; two comfort-obsessed cats; and the lovely, long-suffering Cardigan Welsh corgi, Clover Meadow Paulson. Find them all at

For Alicia Paulson, embroidery is so much more than simply pulling needle and thread through cloth. It’s a way to let loose the imagination, elevate everyday materials by decorating them with fanciful designs, and perhaps most of all, to enjoy the quiet reflection resulting from embroidery’s unique textures, vibrant colors, and gentle rhythms.

If Alicia’s first book, Stitched in Time, could be considered a valentine to the craft of sewing, then Embroidery Companion is Alicia’s full-on love letter to embroidery. This is the craft that captured her imagination as a child, helped her through the most difficult times in her adult life, and continues to stay closest to her heart. In Embroidery Companion, she shares stitch patterns and instructions for 30 beautiful projects, featuring three different kinds of embroidery:

• Decorative embroidery
• Counted cross-stitch
• Crewelwork

Inspired by vintage motifs and the folk-art traditions of various cultures, Alicia’s embroidered embellishments frequently draw from the archives of historical resources to bring a homemade modern touch to tablescapes, household items, and wearables. Alicia also shares all she’s learned through helpful glossaries, discussions of essential tools, clear instructions, and projects for crafters of every experience level.

Embroidery is an easy-to-learn ––and easy-to-love––craft that spans generations and touches many lives. Whether you’re attempting your first project, or you’re anxious to challenge yourself with a new technique, Embroidery Companion will be your guide to inspire and instruct for years to come.

CLICK HERE to buy Alicia’s book from

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I love her blog . . .

and I finally get to meet her!

Bari Ackerman


Here’s more about Bari …

Bari Ackerman is a textile artist and product designer based in the San Francisco area. A theatre major in college and a copywriter and graphic designer in her early professional life, she has always had her hand in something creative.

So when she decided to be a stay at home mother after the birth of her daughters, Anna (13) and Emily (11), she continued to create, but now in the form of collage art and jewelry which she sold to local boutiques. After creating a handbag for herself in early 2005, the idea for her self-named business, Bari J. (the J is for Jill, her middle name) was sparked.

The mission of Bari J. has been to create vintage inspired looks for modern women. Bari’s pieces have a look and feel that have a sense of memory and history with color that pops and a creative, whimsical charm. These same qualities are true with her fabric designs. There is something reminiscent about them while remaining truly modern and enchanting for today’s fabric buyer.


CLICK HERE to visit Bari’s wonderful blog, Bari J.!

CLICK HERE to buy Bari’s book from

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