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Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski —

And my co-host is . . . .

Fiber Artist, Author, Teacher &


Eleanor Levie


A little about Eleanor:

Hi! I’m Eleanor Levie. To pronounce my last name, think, “Drove my Chevy to the levee.” While I was named for Eleanor Roosevelt, and while I probably need all the dignity I can get, you’re welcome to call me Elly.

My company name is Craft Services, LLC. I generally use this name for editorial and PR work on needlework and crafts projects and publications, or to hide money from my husband (just kidding, honey!). Any of you obsessive film buffs who stay at the end of movies to read all the credits past the cast of characters will see that I am also very busy providing catering to every crew on location. (Not really, but they’re called Craft Services, too. And now that you know this, you can skip the credits and run to the restrooms like the rest of us).

Here I am, at right, in my Craft Services mode, ready with cheese and crackers to serve you and your crew. Seems cheesy, I know, but when it comes to entertaining slide lectures that make everyone crack a lotta smiles, workshops that are crackling-good fun, and crackerjack publications, I’m really all for Puttin’ on the Ritz. (As a wisecracker, I’m hitting the bottom of the barrel here–the cracker barrel, that is.)

My hubby is Carl Harrington. I’ve been known to answer to Mrs. Harrington, but Carl’s mother’s name is Eleanor and she’s too unique to share the same name with me. By the way, Carl doesn’t cotton to being called Mr. Levie.

The bottom line? Call me anything you want, just call me!

Eleanor is the author of a gazillion books!  Her most recent is Skinny Quilts & Table  Runners II

Here’s Eleanor’s fabulous first book in the Skinny Quilts line . . .

To visit Eleanor’s blog (to order her books, freebies, lecture schedule, etc.) just CLICK HERE!

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They’re back with a new show, great website and lots to talk about!??!

More about Matt & Shari!

They created the very first show to air on HGTV, the ever popular room by room. 

They hold the record for the longest running decorating show in TV history, 12 years and over 350 episodes.

Having aired in over 90 million homes, they have taught literally millions their detailed process of step by step decorating, improving the lives and homes of many.  Add to the list 2 successful decorating books, a nationally syndicated newspaper column and a decorating website that has become an internet staple and you’d have to say that…….

….It seems Matt and Shari have been decorating forever! 2010 bio 2

Their latest project is the creation of their third TV series called “around the house with Matt & Shari” debuting in mid December, 2010 on public television stations across the country.  Finally, their entertaining educational style will be available to anyone with a television!  Look out houses, homes, apartments and condos, people everywhere are going to want to “Matt & Shari” their spaces like never before!

For each of them it started many years ago.

Shari’s interest in design started as early as her first Barbie.  Making furniture and creating a Barbie house was number one on her list of favorite past times.  After that, she used her own bedroom as a training ground, changing the furniture around every week, developing her ideas about space planning, organization and focal points.  Some say this may be where her “patented angle” was born!

Matt’s start was just as creative.  It was all about making things work.  Growing up in a single parent family, Matt had to help his Mom fix things around the house.  He discovered through trial and error, that there is more than one way to get something done.  Through years of tinkering, he’s become a self taught woodworker, electrician, plumber and all around handy man.

Formal education came in the way of college for both of them.  Although Matt is from Findlay, Ohio and Shari is from Avon Lake, Ohio, they both made their way to Kent State University.  There, they each earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  Shari’s degree is in interior design, Matt’s, in theater.  After graduation, they both went off to pursue their careers.  Shari stayed local, and practiced interior design in Cleveland area homes, offices, country clubs and restaurants.  Matt pursued a career in theater in the San Francisco area while teaching drama and painting houses during the summer.  By the late 80’s their careers lead them to Sherwin-Williams where Matt was a sales representative on the west coast and Shari was the Manager of Color Marketing at the company’s headquarters in Ohio.

Their paths crossed in 1991 at a sales meeting.  When Shari met Matt, she knew she had found the right person to take a leap of faith with her on an idea she’d been working on for years.  They put their heads together and in 1993 created one of the first decorating shows ever called “The Look of Home”. This live hour long program aired on public access television for about one year and gave Matt & Shari their on the job training.aboutms-2

It also allowed them to fine tune it into the first television show teaching the decorating process from start to finish, which became the well known HGTV hit, room by room!  Three years in development, twelve successful years on the network, seen in 90 million homes across the country, and Matt and Shari’s room by room is an icon in TV history!


Half hour television shows are only part of the Matt and Shari story.  Over the years they have produced dozens of hour long specials covering the holidays, decorating for the seasons, and how traveling to great spots in the U.S. can be inspiring for your decorating!  These popular hour long specials have kept them on the air ever since.

HGTV viewers have enjoyed “Matt & Shari’s Top 10 Countdown to Spring” and a similar seasonal “Countdown to Fall!” along with recent holiday specials covering Christmas and Halloween!aboutms-4

For those who can’t get enough of Matt and Shari, there are personal appearances.  Performing in over a dozen cities across the country each year, Matt and Shari’s entertaining style of decorating and wit captivates audiences of all ages. Today, Matt and Shari combine their clever, inexpensive decorating tips with a message about ways to reduce energy consumption and live green around the home. Another popular presentation reveals products that have become their favorites through years of use and re-use. And, if the timing is right, Shari and Matt present great craft, sewing and shop projects specifically for the holidays.

For many years, Shari and Matt wrote At Home with Matt and Shari, a syndicated newspaper column appearing in over 100 newspapers across the country.  You may have also seen them in a variety of popular publications such as USA Today and People Magazine.

An entertaining yet instructional method of writing brought Shari and Matt into the world of publishing.  They are the authors of two popular books:  Real Decorating for Real Peopleand Great Weekend Projects.


o, what could be left for the dynamic decorating duo?  Well, all sorts of new ventures.  They have recently given a fresh new look and interactive style to their website, Its new look has brought thousands swarming to see their instructional videos, monthly feature stories and special quick tips.  In essence, they are publishing and performing a monthly TV magazine.  It’s new every 15 days and it’s there whenever you want it!  Fans can sign up for their monthly newsletter to keep abreast of all the brand new projects and videos as they are added.

2010 bio 7

So we’re saving some room here at the bottom of our bio because there’s so much more to come.  We thrive on teaching, hard work, and having fun (eating is in there somewhere too)!  Look for us on facebook and twitter and whatever the newest method of getting information passed along becomes. Because, our mission is clear – to show people how to make their world an even better place while enjoying the process every step of the way!!

Shari and Matt


For more about Matt & Shari, to sign up for their newsletter and get all their information just CLICK HERE!

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Author Catherine Goldstein will be on this show!


The following copy is from the NEW YORK POST:

Cathrine Goldstein, 40, is a playwright and mother of two who lives with her husband of nearly 10 years on Long Island. But when she moved to New York City at 18, she was the mistress to many wealthy and powerful men, up until her early 20s. She has written a novel, “Sleeping With Mortals: The Story of a New York Mistress,” loosely based on her personal experiences, out Feb. 14. Here, she tells her real-life story to The Post for the first time . . .

Growing up, I couldn’t take the monotony of living in a small, rural Connecticut town. We’re talking cornfields next door and a cow in the front yard. So I became a teenage beauty queen. Doing beauty pageants was my way of spicing things up, making things interesting.

To compete in pageants, I had to keep my grades up, stay sharp on current events — and groom myself to look my best and speak well.

It was the perfect training for my later years as a kept woman.

As soon as I turned 18, I moved to New York. That was where I knew the exciting lifestyle I coveted would happen. I was never a “Let’s go to the bar and have a couple of beers and shots” kind of girl. I wanted the Cristal and fancy clothes, to try exotic foods and to experience everything the city had to offer.

Sound like a cliché? It sure is. But it’s a very seductive lifestyle, and I can’t justify it any other way.

I got an apartment in Midtown, and I started modeling part-time — mostly catalog and showroom work. I didn’t take it that seriously; I wanted to be an actress — and I was also attending the Academy for Dramatic Arts.

Then one day, I met a man — let’s call him Andrew — when I auditioned for a modeling job. He was tall, handsome and impeccably dressed in an expensive suit, the kind that just screams, “I’m wealthy, established and successful!” (He had a private tailor, I later learned.)

I felt attracted to him right away. He was 20 years older than me, but I’ve always found older men attractive. He asked for my number right there, and called the next day. “Is there a boyfriend?” he asked me. I said no. “Then let’s go to dinner,” he said.

We went to a French bistro on the Upper East Side for our first date. That night, he did the ordering for me — in French, to impress. That’s part of the show. He casually mentioned that he had a wife, and I didn’t bat an eyelid.

“OK by me,” I said, and the subject was dropped.

I didn’t feel guilty. It was not like I’d been actively looking for a man who was married — I was seeking a lifestyle, and he was the kind of guy who could supply it.

We didn’t have sex on the first date — it was on the second. Sex happens faster when you’re having an affair — there’s no three-date rule, because with a married man you don’t see that often, three dates can take a month. And for the guys at least, it’s all about the sex; I knew they weren’t with me for my stellar conversational ability or extensive degrees.

During our yearlong affair, Andrew liked being a “teacher” — making me learn about the city, taking me to museums, bringing me books. I considered him my boyfriend, and I dated only him — a policy I stuck to throughout my following years as a mistress.

Still, I was the one who ended it. I think he saw it coming. I wasn’t looking to settle on one man, and the relationship had run its course for me; I was always looking for a bigger, better deal. Plus, he was controlling, and it started to feel like a relationship with an overbearing parent. A mistress is a controllable girlfriend, and he was always telling me what to do, what to wear, trying to make me into someone he wanted me to be.

My next relationship happened quickly after the first.

I was never single very long, but I wasn’t really in love with the men I dated. I was in love with the lifestyle, not the person. It was a game, and I enjoyed playing it.

Looking back, there was no big moment of realization when I said, “Hey, I’m going to make a career as a mistress.” No one says that — although Victoria, the main character in my book, does! But once you date your first married man, you think, “This is OK. I can do this.” I never really thought it was something that was all that awful. I figured, with the lifestyle I wanted: “Well, it didn’t work out with this guy, but maybe the next one will be better.”

There was one married man I was involved with who had a secret apartment in the Village. I’m sure it was a rental he paid cash for, so he wouldn’t get caught. He had to be in his 50s. He was excited to hear that I had been in teenage beauty pageants. He wanted to make sure that they were teen pageants, because he wanted to be absolutely certain I really was that young.

I was never really gaga over these men. I was gaga over their cars, and their power, and the excitement. And then there were the clothes, the jewelry. I got gifts of lingerie — La Perla, usually.

Bracelets were another big gift — giving a bracelet is like saying, “You’re not getting a ring.” Andrew once gave me a big bracelet with different multi-colored gems in it.

As a mistress, I quickly learned that I wasn’t getting the car or the brownstone — and that married men can’t spend too much money at any one point, or their wives will notice. So the gifts don’t come on any regular schedule. Unfortunately, mistresses don’t cash in like everyone thinks they do!

Instead, I got handbags. Fendi, Chanel and some Italian bag that was made especially for me and had to be shipped over from Europe. Clothes were a big part of it, because illicit lovers do want you to look a certain way. I was never overtly sexy; I was always somewhat demure — never slutty. After all, part of the allure of having a mistress is showing her off (discreetly, of course). If you’re seen with a girl who’s wearing jean cutoffs and a bellybutton ring, a guy is going to get laughed at.

All of my loot is gone now. I hocked a lot of it through the years — selling gold and pawning diamonds, while the clothes and bags went to consignment shops.

Still, despite the gifts, I was perpetually broke. I couldn’t figure it out: On Monday nights, I’d be dining at some of the best, most expensive restaurants in Manhattan, and on Tuesday morning, my refrigerator was empty.

Occasionally, the men I dated helped me with rent. I didn’t come right out and say, “Look, I need cash to pay my rent,” because that gets into a gray area that no one is comfortable with. A mistress is one thing, but a prostitute? That’s another. So I’d hint about my difficulties and hope that they’d cough up some cash. But that got old.

Do you know what else got old? All the rules. When you choose this lifestyle, there’s a code of conduct that goes along with it.

As a mistress, you don’t wear perfume, you don’t wear heavy lipsticks, you don’t wear a lot of makeup and you don’t draw attention to yourself.

I remember, one day I was wearing a white angora sweater. The [married] man I was seeing at the time came into my apartment wearing a navy blue suit. He took one look at me and said, “That white sweater is going to get all over my suit!” (He was worried I would shed evidence of our affair onto him.) So I changed right away.

Also, everything is done in the off-season when you’re a mistress: the city during the summer, the Hamptons during the winter. I might have a fancy meal with my lover, but it would be for lunch, and I would be done with my day at 3 o’clock. The days a married man would be available to see me would be Monday through Friday in the winter and Monday through Thursday in the summer — he’d be at his summer home with the family on the weekends.

Those were the moments when I’d remember, “Oh, I’m not a girlfriend. I’m just a mistress.”

There were certainly times when I’d feel bad, thinking “Hey — this guy is married.” I never set out to hurt anyone. But I think my excitement over the thrill of the hunt overshadowed that.

Infidelity is not a joke. But I wasn’t the one breaking any vows. If you decide to become a mistress to someone, I can almost guarantee you that someone else has been his mistress before. You’re not his first.

Women always want to know what type of men have mistresses — as if they’ll be able to see them coming and avoid getting hurt. There’s no foolproof plan. Still, I think a lot of these guys come from nothing, work their way up to becoming these kings of Manhattan. They’ve got the penthouse, the house in the Hamptons, the beautiful wife, the kids, the cars, the private schools . . . what’s next?

The young girlfriend to show off to their friends. I hate to use the word “possession,” but in a way, a mistress is another possession. She’s like having a new car.

One day, when I was in my mid-20s, I realized that I was tired of being a possession; I wanted more.

What was I getting out of this besides nice dinners at Le Cirque and the Rainbow Room? I was tired of being hidden away. Like the time I was on a ski trip with Andrew. I was in the bathroom getting ready for this big event we were going to. I was just putting on makeup, but when I came out, he said, “Oh, thanks for not flushing the toilet when I was on the phone with my wife.” It didn’t even occur to me that I was being considerate.

Meanwhile, the clock was ticking; at 25, you’re over the hill for a mistress. It’s sad but true. I could — and did — lie about my age; it’s part of the game, just like the men were probably lying about the numbers in their bank account. But you can only do that for so long. I wanted to get my act together and to make something of myself.

And that’s when I met my husband, Jay, while I was out on a modeling job. I was committed to finishing school, and writing and theater. He was a business owner, and if I had still been as young and stupid as I’d been when I moved to the city, he would have had no interest in me.

I was surprised to learn he was single. Right away, I knew he was everything I wanted. He was a grown-up, and such a down-to-earth person. He wasn’t looking for a toy.

I asked him out! I said, “You’re going to take me to dinner, right?”

He’s 10 years older than me, and I always joke with him and say, “You’re the youngest guy I’ve ever dated!”

My past came up right away — I’m pretty honest about most things. He didn’t judge me for having dated married men.He has this wonderful thing that he says about all that, and it makes me feel great: “It doesn’t matter,” he says. “I won the prize. You married me.”

We’ve been married for almost 10 years. I love my life. We live on Long Island and have two children — Penelope, 4, and Sarah, 2. We just adopted Sarah from China, and she’s been with us for just a month now. Does my life today surprise me? Sometimes. But it also feels so very right and so very comfortable. Unlike my past, which never fit just right.

Although I know — firsthand — how badly men can behave, I don’t keep my husband under a lock and key. He can live his life. But he’s an adult, and he has to live with the consequences of those choices. And I think that’s what makes a great relationship, when you’re not strangling somebody, trying to hold on to him. I believe in my heart of hearts that he’s a faithful man and that he always will be, and that I will always be faithful to him. Still, there are no guarantees in life; if something happened, we would definitely work around it. I know what we’ve been through together, and I also know cheating doesn’t mean as much as you think it means.

So many people think of The Other Woman as this huge threat, but she’s really not. The truth is, I was young and just available, and those men were already looking.

I think it’s really rare that somebody truly falls in love outside of a marriage and leaves his wife. And if he tells a mistress that he loves her, it’s not true. He just loves how he feels about himself when he’s with her.

If I could tell married women something, it would be to get out there and live your lives. Because if your husband’s going to cheat, he’s going to find a way. And if he’s not, he’s not. It’s not because of your failings. I think if women knew that, it would empower them so much.

If I had to relive my past, I’d still have the same experiences. I don’t feel remorse. I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. I was young and single. I didn’t break the law. I merely seized an opportunity. If everything led up to me having the family I have today, I wouldn’t change a thing.

— As told to Sheila McClear

Meet author Catherine Goldstein during his visit on Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski

Watch the SLEEPING WITH MORTALS trailer:


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I’m psyched!


is on Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski

About Barbara’s book:

There is something elemental shared among artists and crafters, regardless of chosen medium: creative energy. Crafters dabble, collaborate, muse, and make, all in their own way and on their own timeline. For all crafts, there are established techniques to follow but wild, innumerable ways to experiment, using the basics to launch crafters to new heights. Crafter’s Devotional can aid that launch. Each day of the year is given its own focus, on which the reader will find a daily dose of craft content that inspires, instructs, and illuminates.

To order the book, The Crafter’s Devotional, from just CLICK HERE!

About Barbara:

Barbara R. Call is a professional freelance writer and editor specializing in crafts, food, and health & wellness. She is the author of five books, including Beyond Scrapbooks: Using Your Scrapbook Supplies to Make Beautiful Cards, Gifts, Books, Journals, Home Decorations and More (Quarry Books, 2006) and a 4-book children’s book series called Get Active! (QED Publishing, 2008).

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Mind Over Mood was written to help people suffering from mood disorders including depression, anxiety, anger, guilt and shame. It is a clear, concise guide that shows readers how the proven and powerful principles of cognitive therapy can improve their lives. The book is often recommended by psychotherapists to their clients and can serve as a guide to treatment for those involved in cognitive therapy. Mind Over Mood is also used as a self help book and, at times, is used as a text for psychiatrists and psychologists learning how to do cognitive therapy. Mind Over Mood was chosen for inclusion in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service’s Books On Prescription program. The Books On Prescription program is a selective list of self help books that primary care physicians and mental health specialists in Great Britain can “prescribe” for patients with mood disorders. Mind Over Mood was awarded the “Most Influential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Book” by the prestigious British Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies. Mind Over Mood is one of the best selling books on cognitive therapy. Over 1,000,000 copies have been sold in English and in the 19 other languages it has been translated into.

In 2009 Mind Over Mood was awarded the Book of Merit Award by the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. Mind Over Mood was among the first books to receive this award. This award acknowledges self help books that achieve excellence in describing psychological strategies and methods that have been scientifically documented to alleviate psychological distress.

Mind Over Mood was recommended as an Educational Resource For Patients and Families by the American Journal of Psychiatry (February, 2009, Volume 166, Number 2, the Official Journal of the American Psychiatric Association.   This was a special edition of the Journal describing Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Patients with Panic Disorder.

Aaron T. Beck, M.D. the father of cognitive therapy said of Mind Over Mood “Never before have the nuts and bolts of cognitive therapy been spelled out so explicitly in a step by step fashion for the lay public”.

To order the book, Mind Over Mood, from just CLICK HERE!

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