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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Meet my co-host

Fiber Artist

Kim LaPolla

Here’s a bit about Kim!

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Kim began her interest in art and design at her father’s side. At an early age she helped him while he designed and built scale models representing the architectural drawings he had created. She cut windows, painted and glued trees, soldered lights, and other fine details. She loved putting together all the tiny pieces.

Kim dabbled in various arts and crafts, until the eventful day when she saw an antique crazy quilt in the Fort Bridger museum in Wyoming. The intricate stitching and embellishment caught her eye and her fancy!

Kim spent close to a decade honing her skills with various techniques and developing her style before opening “shop” as Crazy By Design to market her work.

Kim shows her work at the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn in Greenville, New York, as well on this web site. The first showing of her work as Crazy By Design was at a Neiman Marcus InCircle Party in May of 1998.

Kim is also the director of the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, a program of art workshops for painters and fiber artists hosted at the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn. The workshops are taught by world-class artist instructors.

To visit Kim’s website CLICK HERE!

Here are some examples of Kim’s work

Eye on the Prize by Kim LaPollaRow Houses by Kim LaPolla

Rabbits in the Grass by Kim LaPolla

Wow!  Mark Montano is on the show!

Top 10 ToolsHere’s a note from Mark:

Hello everyone! Where do I begin? I guess you should know that I was a fashion designer in New York City for most of my career and through a series of terrific opportunities I became a writer and editor for Cosmo Girl! Magazine. I wrote a column called Cool Room which I turned into a book called Super Suite: The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover Guide for Girls. From the popularity of that book I was offered a designer role on the TLC show WHILE YOU WERE OUT. After several years designing on While You Were Out I moved over to hosting 10 YEARS YOUNGER, also on TLC. That’s the one where we put people in a glass box and guess their age. After 10 YY I was lucky enough to land more TV roles. MY CELEBRITY HOME on Style and SHE’S MOVING IN on WE TV and a recurring role on THE TONY DANZA SHOW. Currently I’m filming ULTIMATE UPGRADE which is a show sponsored by Verizon. All during this filming I’ve been writing books about craft, home decor and anything I can create with my own hands using commonly found objects. Look under your kitchen sink and we’ll find stuff to make a very cool project. One more thing you should know, I love my life and I feel very blessed to be able to create, do TV and write every day.

To visit Mark’s website just CLICK HERE!

Television Personality




This is one of Mark’s newest books . . .

But this is one of my favorite books by Mark.  I know I reviewed in for one of my various magazines — I just can’t remember which one!

Sew Retro, dudes!

Sewing never goes out of style, and today it is more popular than ever! Sew Retro offers twenty-five stylish, vintage-inspired sewing projects–beautiful bags, essential skirts, unique pillows, and more–that are a pleasure to sew, thanks to easy instructions, helpful diagrams, and a pocket of ten full-size patterns.

This fun, inspirational book also uncovers sewing’s colorful history, from the introduction of the sewing machine to the modern DIY movement, and features interviews with today’s hottest fabric and pattern designers, including Amy Butler, Betz White, Barbara Brackman, Emma Brennan, Judie Rothermel, and Kathy Miller of Michael Miller Fabrics. Filled with gorgeous project photography and quirky vintage illustrations that bring the 1920s, 1940s, 1950s, and beyond to life, Sew Retro celebrates sewing yesterday and today.



Here’s a little about Judi:

Freelance writer Judi Ketteler is never happier than when she’s merging her two passions: Sewing and writing. She’s written DIY and decorating stories for a wide variety of outlets, such as AOL’s,American BabyBetter Homes & GardensCountry GardensCreative HomeDo It YourselfNatural HealthQuilts & More, and many others. Judi first learned to sew in high school. While other girls were buying Guess tapered jeans and Forenza sweaters, she was cutting out patterns for skirts and learning how to quilt. She paid her way through college by working at a fabric store, earning a B.A. in English from Northern Kentucky University followed by an M.A. in English from Miami University of Ohio.

She lives in a tiny retro-infused Cape Cod home in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, Allen Raines; two-year-old son, Max; and new baby girl, Georgia.

To visit Judi’s website just CLICK HERE!

Here’s Judi on YouTube!

Why are you Creative?

Who is Creative Mojo guest Scott Jeffrey?

For more than a decade, Scott Jeffrey has dedicated himself to the study of consciousness research, advanced theoretical sciences, psychology, philosophy, and other disciplines in his personal quest for understanding and meaning. These seemingly-complex modalities hold clues to help us understand the laws and conditions governing life as we know it, stimulating actions and reactions affecting the outcomes we experience, whether we’re aware of their influence or not.

Scott’s clients appreciate his ability to distill large quantities of information into simple concepts, helping them understand the unseen laws affecting their success in business and life. These revelations have helped his clients to become powerful strategists who discern the necessary conditions for creating quantum results.

As a coach, Scott helps you consider your “problems” through a unique lens that can reframe your experience and “change everything” to help you break through.

Visit Scott’s website by CLICKING HERE!


Scott Jeffrey

Here’s a little about Scott’s book –

Whether you realized the subtle revolution or not, you have become a citizen of The Creative Age. Look around. You are surrounded by, and chances are you have even become, one of them the Creative Professional who thinks for a living. They are the modern-day Socrates; the contemporary DaVincis immersed in an amalgamation of commerce, ideas and information. They are business executives, marketers, technologists, educators, designers, managers, small business owners, organizational leaders, psychologists, writers, speakers, coaches and consultants. They are us. And, just as the inhabitants of the Industrial Age sought to expand their knowledge of innovation and transportation to capitalize on and contribute to society, we too must tap the sources of creativity that exist within us if we indeed, hope not only to survive but exponentially thrive in this, The Creative Age. Today’s challenge is clear: Are we prepared to unpack the true source of creativity and dive into the real reasons some people seem more creative than others? Better yet, if we aren t highly creative, are we willing to adopt an understanding that will allow us to prosper and labor equally along side today s Knowledge Workers? Author and mind voyager Scott Jeffrey personally escorts us through contemporary and relevant research into the nature of consciousness and offers think tools designed to amplify our thoughts and awaken our creativity.

Get in touch with your purpose and passion!



Here a little about Dr. McCraw’s book, The Relationship Code . . .

The Relationship Code is the report of a longitudinal study, conducted over a ten-year period, of the influence of family relationships and genetic factors on competence and psychopathology in adolescent development. The sample for this landmark study included 720 pairs of same-sex adolescent siblings-including twins, half siblings, and genetically unrelated siblings-and their parents. Using a clear expressive style, David Reiss and his coinvestigators identify specific mechanisms that link genetic factors and the social environment in psychological development. They propose a striking hypothesis: family relationships are crucial to the expression of genetic influences on a broad array of complex behaviors in adolescents. Moreover, this role of family relationships may be very specific: some genetic factors are linked to mother-child relationships, others to father-child relations, some to relationship warmth, while others are linked to relationship conflict or control. The specificity of these links suggests that family relationships may constitute a code for translating genetic influences into the ontogeny of behaviors, a code every bit as important for behavior as DNA-RNA.

Visit DR. McCRAW’S  website by CLICKING HERE!

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