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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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My Fabulous Co-Host . . .

She’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Give a little love and make a little contact with

Silvia Rossi

host of

About Silvia . . .

Psychic-Medium, Silvia Rossi, has been sharing her gift professionally for the last 17 years. During those years she has taught classes, helping others understand their connection to the spirit world. She has appeared as a guest on the Sally Jesse Rafael Show had has been a guest and co-host on the Toginet radio show Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski. She has worked with the police, helping them solve cold cases and murder cases. Silvia has had the difficult task and honor, of working with families and support groups of the victims of September 11th.

Silvia met John Edward at a workshop he conducted in 2003. He was thoroughly impressed with her after she relayed a message from the spirit world for audience member at his event.

Silvia has had the good fortune of having radio guest the likes of authors and new age personalities as PMH Atwater, L.H.D. Ph.D(Hon.), one of the original reseachers in the field of near-death studies. Author of “The Big Book of New-Death Experiences: the ultimate guide on what happens when we die”. And Irene Kendig, Author of “Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead”. Irene is an award winning author,speaker, workshop facilitator and soul-centered coach, whose mission is to inspire conscious, joyous living by transforming the way we think about death and dying.

Throughout her life Silvia experienced communications from spirit side. In her childhood and through her teen years she had numerous encounters with apparitions of the deceased. These profound experiences made Silvia acutely aware that this life was only one phase in the eternal journey of the soul.

Silvia has made it her mission to help individuals and families understand their eternal connection to loved ones that have passed on; bringing relief and comfort to the countless who have been touched by her gift. She has had the privilege of meeting and working with many psychologists in the tri-state area who continue to recommend their clients to her as way to help them heal from their grief. She conducts her practice out of offices in New York City and New Jersey,

Currently, Silvia lives with her family in New Jersey and enjoys lecturing,teaching and when not working, you may find her performing at local venues, playing guitar and singing.

CLICK HERE for a link to Silvia’s show!

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It’s time to . . . 

Clean your Creative Garden!


writer   speaker    consultant

Kari Henley

About Kari . . .

Kari is a born communicator, avid writer, mother and community activist. She is a dynamic public speaker, a weekly feature columnist for the Huffington Post, and is currently completing a book entitled, “Walking Zombies – America’s Exhausted Youth.”

Kari custom designs introspective retreats for the public, and helps businesses build greater community in her consulting practice. With 17 years experience with corporate, non-profit and public audiences, past clients include Yale Medical School resident program, Fed Ex, Hartford Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Washington Trust Co., CT Husky program, the American Cancer Society.

Kari is mother to four wonderful children, ages 15, 11 and 7 year-old twins. She and her husband live on the shoreline of Connecticut.

CLICK HERE for a link to Kari’s website

* * * * * *

Reading is Fundamental! 

Meet Best-Selling Author

Marie Bostwick

About Marie . . .

On the path to becoming a novelist, Marie Bostwick worked in the bean fields of Oregon, sang and danced in musical productions, acted in TV commercials, taught religion to deaf children, ran an event-planning business, worked as the scheduler for a U.S. Senator and directed women’s ministries for a large church. But as diverse and enriching as these experiences were, it was a conversation with a stranger that pointed Marie toward her true calling.With her third book, ON WINGS OF THE MORNING, going into its fourth printing, Marie stopped to tell the story of a day in 1994. Then the mother to three active young sons, Marie went on a much-needed vacation to a resort with some girlfriends. While there, she decided to attend a writer’s workshop, “not from any desire to become a writer,” she said, “but as a way to avoid playing tennis with my friends. I’m hopelessly unathletic.” At the end of the week the instructor approached her, and thinking she was a professional writer, asked what she’d published.“I just laughed. I told him that I was a mom, and the only thing I wrote was grocery lists.” The instructor insisted that whether Marie knew it or not, she was a writer. Marie thanked him for the compliment, saying she wasn’t a writer, just someone who hadn’t fired her imaginary friends when she grew up. “Then he leaned toward me and said, ‘Well, what do you think writers are?’ That got my attention. I think I realized then that he was onto something, that my secret identity had finally been unmasked.”The signs were there from an early age. A voracious reader by the age of three, Marie said one of her first literary endeavors was a screenplay she wrote for “Camelot” before she was old enough to attend public school. The musical was a favorite of Marie’s, and, not having seen the movie, she wrote her own story to go with the music she’d heard on her grandmother’s record player. In high school, Marie wrote short stories and “a lot of sad, self-absorbed teenage poetry,” which earned her the school English award.Marie’s eclectic reading provides endless inspiration for her stories. Her first two books, FIELDS OF GOLD and RIVER’S EDGE, are set in the years surrounding World War II. Though she received frequent letters from readers asking for a sequel to FIELDS OF GOLD, Marie wasn’t sure if she should write another book set in that period. Then she picked up a book about the Women Air Force Service Pilots, the WASP, who flew thousands of non-combat missions during World War II, and knew she had to write about them.As Marie learned about the history of the WASP, the story of Georgia June Carter, the heroine of ON WINGS OF THE MORNING, became clear in her mind. Library Journal published a Q & A with Marie and a review of the November 2008 book. The same month her first contemporary story, “A High Kicking Christmas,” appeared in COMFORT AND JOY, a Christmas anthology with Fern Michaels.Born in Eugene, Oregon, the youngest of four sisters experienced a life of comfort in her early years, then financial hardships after her parents’ divorce. But childhood summers spent working in the fields taught her industry and the dignity of good, hard work. They also provided the insight into the hearts and minds of small communities, the settings for her novels.

Marie dedicated four years to writing FIELDS OF GOLD. Published in 2005 by Kensington Books, FIELDS OF GOLD was a finalist for the prestigious Oklahoma Book Award and for RT BOOKclub magazine’s Best Historical Saga Award. RIVER’S EDGE won the Golden Quill Award, was a finalist for a National Readers’ Choice Award and was an alternate selection of the Literary Guild.

Marie enjoys volunteering to help others. When she was twenty-five, she became the first president of a new chapter of Habitat for Humanity in Georgia. Living in Colorado in her early thirties, she managed Promise Keepers seminars designed to train ministers to better understand the needs of men in their congregations. Then, in Mexico, she was the volunteer director of development for Manos de Ayuda (Helping Hands), a medical mission to the poor.

“It feels like the rest of my life and experiences were the lessons that I had to master so I could do this thing I was truly meant to do,” Marie said, adding, “I can’t imagine being anything but a writer.”

A THREAD OF TRUTH (June 2009) finds the Cobbled Court quilters, introduced November 2008 in A SINGLE THREAD, rallying to help an abused woman and her young children. A THREAD OF TRUTH deals with the serious issue of domestic abuse in a positive, uplifting, hopeful manner. It helps to remind us all that accepting help from people who care can make it possible for anyone, no matter how bleak their situation may look, to triumph over adversity. The latest in the series is May 2010’s A THREAD SO THIN, which addresses the struggle a young woman makes between marriage and career and the downstream impact of her decisions.

Today Marie lives in Connecticut with Brad, her husband of twenty-eight years, and their one son still in high school. When not writing or volunteering for her church, she enjoys quilting, watching movies and sipping tea on the front porch with her friends and spending time with her family. She will be a featured speaker at the Paducah Quilt Festival in April 2010.

CLICK HERE for a link to Marie’s website

Here are the covers of just some of  Marie’s fabulous craft-themed books . . .



Marie’s book, Threading the Needle, is Creative Mojo’s current book du jour!

Marie will co-host Mojo in a few weeks to discuss this book and her her new book, which is about to be released!

Screenshot Images


  • THREADING THE NEEDLE by Marie Bostwick
    • The economic downturn has hit New Bern, Connecticut, and Tessa Woodruff’s herbal apothecary shop, For the Love of Lavender, is suffering. So is her once-happy thirty-four-year marriage to Lee. They’d given up everything to come back to New Bern from Boston and start their business, but now they’re wondering if they made the right decision. To relieve the strain, Tessa signs up for a quilting class at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop, and to her surprise, rediscovers the power of sisterhood – along with the childhood friend she thought she’d lost forever…Madelyn Beecher left New Bern twenty years ago and never looked back. But when her husband is convicted of running a Ponzi scheme and she’s left with nothing but her late grandmother’s cottage, she is forced to return to the town she fled. Unfortunately, the cottage is in terrible shape. Madelyn’s only hope is to transform it into an inn. But to succeed, she’ll need the help of her fellow quilters, including the one friend she never thought she’d see again – or forgive. Now Madelyn and Tessa will have to relive old memories, forge new ones, and realize it’s possible to start over, one stitch at a time – as long as you’re surrounded by friends….

* * * * * *

Get Your Sh*t Together!

Is your sewing and crafting space a total mess? (I know mine is!)


Meet author

Carolyn Woods

Carolyn is the author of the FABULOUS book . . .

Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter

About Carolyn . . .

Carolyn Woods is a professional organizer, author, and speaker. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and runs her company, Totally Tidy Household Organizing. For most of her life, she has been helping people get their household clutter under control. Carolyn lives in Gilbert, Arizona.

CLICK HERE for a link to Carolyn’s Blog!

CLICK HERE for a link to Carolyn’s website!

* * * * * *

Plastic Surgery (the crafty way)

Have you always wanted to try crafting with polymer clay, but weren’t sure how to begin?


Angela Mabray

& Kim Otterbein

Angela and Kim are the authors of

About Ploymer Clay 101: Master Basic Skills and Techniques . . .

CLICK HERE for a link to order this facinating, inspiring and engaging book!

(they made a believer out of me, and it really is THE book if you’re starting out or need a creative kick in the butt)

Polymer Clay 101 teaches all the basics for crafting with polymer clay. With hundreds of detailed photos, it covers tools and supplies, all types of beading technique, and terrific projects that will get you started and inspire you to take your skills and make your own custom designs.

With over 45 minutes of video, the DVD included with this book is a valuable learning tool. Author Angela Mabray demonstrates all the essentials techniques used for crafting with polymer clay. The DVD is both PC and Mac compatible and can be viewed on Quicktime software.

A Complete Polymer Clay Crafting Course in a Book

Polymer Clay 101 is a great place to start. Written for the absolute beginner, these thorough instructions and step-by-step photographs expertly guide you through the basics of crafting with polymer clay. Authors Angela Mabray and Kim Otterbein will teach you all about the tools and techniques used for this unique craft material. Each of the twenty projects in the book introduces a new way to get creative with polymer clay. As you explore this all-inclusive workshop, you will gain confidence in your skills and be encouraged to design your own projects.You’ll also learn how to:

  • Condition, blend, shape, and bake the clay
  • Make PC canes and use them in creative ways
  • Marble, stamp, extrude, mold, carve, and embed the clay
  • Make jewelry, tool handles, knick-knacks, or ATCs

Like other books in the 101 series, Polymer Clay 101 includes a DVD so you can watch polymer clay crafting in action.

* * * * * *

Then . . .

Spring Clean your Closets (and thrift stores)!

ReSew: Turn Thrift Store Finds into Fabulous Designs

Meet designer and author

Jenny Wilding Cardon

Here’s a litte about Jenny . . .

My name is Jenny Wilding Cardon. Two last names, not hyphenated. (How irritating to others. Sorry.) I decided to keep my given last name and add a new name when I married in 2000. I had no idea that the choice would prohibit the world’s pharmacists and photo-counter employees from finding my pills and pictures. To all of you, I humbly apologize.

I live in Utah. No, I am not Mormon. Yes, I know polygamists. Actually, no I don’t.

My husband Brett and I have two boys, a cat named Niko, and a house with a new second-floor deck. We decided to install a new deck when, at 8 1/2 months pregnant, I stepped onto a plank on the old deck and busted it clean in half. Every pregnancy has a low point. That was mine.

I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Women’s Studies. And what the heck do you do with that degree, you ask? You move to Seattle and work for a wonderful quilt-book publishing company for ten years. Then you move back to Utah and stay home with your two boys. And you make stuff whenever they lend you a few minutes to try.

I went from a new mama who was so exhausted and overwhelmed that I completely gave up my love of sewing to a published designer in the span of 2 1/2 years. I can’t believe it took me that long to figure it all out. I thought sewing would obstruct my focus on being a mom. Instead, it helped. Thank you, sewing.

Along with sewing and quilting, my interests include eating nachos and store-bought birthday cakes, listening to classic rock and current soul, writing, and knitting. I do these things on a whim, whenever the boys will give me a few moments to do them. Except for eating store-bought birthday cakes. The boys give me all the time I need for that. As long as they can join in.

CLICK HERE to visit Jenny’s terrific blog!

* * * * * *

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

Quilt Out Loud is now available on DVD!

. . . Get your copy of the first season of Quilt Out Loudfrom my Mark Lipinski store by clicking on this link:!

CLICK HERE to sign up for Quilt Out Loud on

A GOT MOJO? COFFEE MUG!Get the same mugs my guests and I use during the show in three fab-o colors . . .



and Mojo LIME

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Here’s what’s on the newsstands!



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