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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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My Fabulous Co-Host . . .


Alexa Offenhauer

of Loose Leaf Editing

About Alexa . . .

I write, I teach, I edit.

I started my blog on a whim and have become completely addicted to both the writing and the audience participation.  My readers are brilliant and their comments are better than money.

Well, not better.  But really, really great.

I fancy myself a rabble-rouser, but I’ll never be a real revolutionary.  l’d take cake over bread any day of the week, so based on that indulgence alone, I never would have sent Marie Antoinette to the guillotine.

CLICK HERE for a link to Alexa’s blog!

CLICK HERE for a link to Alexa’s Loose Leaf Editing website!

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You Need $$$ to be Creative!



Curt Waite –

About Curt . . .

Equity Commerce specializes in processing all major credit cards for non-profit organizations, restaurants, Internet companies, carnivals and traditional retail merchants. I met the mastermind behind, Curt Waite, during a telephone conversation with the CEO of and I knew I had to have him on Creative Mojo to talk with us.  After all, it’s hard to materialize your creativity without money.  And it’s difficult to keep money in your pocket without creative strategies to keep it there.

Now, if you’re anything like me, money and creativity do not  mix. I am the worst at finances. I’m all right brain and no left brain whatsoever–and while I’m at it, I have no frontal lobe, either.

Curt Waite is the owner  He is also the owner of, which I find absolutely fascinating and it’s a movement that I’m ready to spearhead along with Curt .  Curt is based in Southern California and he’s talking with us from home.

CLICK HERE for a link to Curt’s website

* * * * * *

Use Scraptherapy to

Cut the Scraps!

Meet Author

Joan Ford

Hummingbird Highway, About Joan Ford

CLICK HERE for a link to Joan’s website

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Super Creative

Zombie Cupcakes!

View Image


Zilly Rosen

About Zilly . . .

Zilly Rosen brings years of experience to her work as acake designer.  Trained first as an artist, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters of Art in Art Education.  Add 25 years of baking experience at three different gourmet bakeries in metropolitan areas nationwide, and you will find yourself in very good hands when you embark on the designing process for your original wedding or celebration cake with Zillycakes.

Handcrafted with fresh ingredients, using time-honoredartisanal techniques and inventive combinations of flavors, every dessert at Zillycakes reflects our passion for what we do.  This means your custom cake will taste as good as it looks.  Our recipes range from traditional favorites to more innovative creations so that we may provide you with many mouth-watering options.  From a moist red velvet cake to an ethereal Italian meringue buttercream,we make sure everything we bake reflects our desire to provide you with a top-quality experience.

Zilly invites you . . . 

to schedule a tasting appointment at Zillycakes so that you can see–and taste!–first hand what it is that makes us so special.  During your visit, Zilly will guide you through each step of the creative process from beginning to end.  Our goal is to work with you to design and create a cake that will perfectly fit your style, budget, and taste.

Tastings last about an hour and are by appointment only.  Please call Zilly at the studio at 716-883-0365 to schedule a tasting, or send an email

CLICK HERE for a link to Zilly’s website, Zillycakes!

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Do you need an interior designer?



Deborah Wecselman

Here’s a little about Deborah . . .

For the most part I think that Pickle Road is a pretty comfortable place to live. It’s not fancy. The furniture is eclectic.  And it generally works for those of us who live here. But there are days when I walk around the rooms of Pickle Road and I’d like to throw everything away and start over again.

Over the years I’ve had friends who employed interior designers. When I would do room makeovers for “that other magazine” I would use the help of an interior decorator. So I’ve had some experience with both seeing rooms done by designers and in working with designers myself.

I have a fantasy that someday I will hire an interior designer and they will come in and redo my  home but then I asked the question, “What makes their creative vision different than my creative vision?   What do they know about color and design that we, as crafters and quilters and artists, don’t? Do I have to be made of money in order to get a design consultation? And what can I do to freshen up my home, my studio, or just a corner of a room without having to shell out a million bucks?”

Deborah Wecselman is a distinguished interior designer and tastemaker best known for her enchanting take on interiors and the luxury lifestyle. As the visionary behind her design studio, Deborah has brought to life the design experiences for her local and international clientele in Florida, New York and the Bahamas.

The award-winning interior designer is not only highly regarded among her peers, but she is also widely recognized in the press. Wecselman has been featured in various interior design magazines throughout Florida, New York, Central and Latin America.

Deborah was born in Lima, Peru and completed her BFA in Environmental Design from Parson’s School of Design in New York. She then began her formal training as design associate in the store development department at Polo Ralph Lauren. She quickly rose to senior Director of International store design responsible for the creation of more than 5000 shop in shops and stores internationally where she worked with many of New York’s finest designers around the world.

In 2000 Deborah established DWD, Inc to provide clients with interior and architectural design of the highest quality. DWD is a small firm, which she believes is the only way to be your best and be most available to clients. Deborah’s talent lies in her ability to mix elements from all different eras, styles and periods. There’s a certain bravery in what she does that verges on over-the-top, but always stands just back from the edge.

“We believe that a well designed space reflects people’s needs and way of life is one full of passionate and artistic work,” she says. “We enjoy our work, from the birth of an idea to the culmination of a story that evolves with real life interaction. Though good design never happens without inspiration and imagination, great design celebrates reality as well. We must never forget how long a client will live with our ideas.”

Take a look at some of Deborah’s work!

CLICK HERE for a link to Deborah’s website

* * * * * *

Mr. X, I presume?

NO!  Mr. X Stitch!

Contemporary Embroidery and Needlecraft


Jamie Chalmers

A little about Jamie . . .

Mr X Stitch is the number one contemporary embroidery and needlecraft blog on the planet!  Everyday, there are posts about people who are pushing boundaries of the threadiverse; people who make amazing art using the power of stitch.

Jamie Chalmers, also known as Mr X Stitch and he’s on a mission is to bring the world of cross stitch and embroidery to a whole new audience.

I love this quote from the Mr Xstitch website:  “Mr X Stitch was started in 2008 as a way of highlighting cross stitch patterns that he was excited about, and has evolved into a terrific resource showcasing the best in new needlecraft and textiles. His position as a premier manbroiderer both excites and frightens him, but he is embracing the craft with both tattooed arms…”

Fine Cell Work's Tattoo Inspired Cushions

CLICK HERE to visit the Mr X Stitch website (you’ll fall in love with it!)

* * * * * *

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

Quilt Out Loud is now available on DVD!

. . . Get your copy of the first season of Quilt Out Loudfrom my Mark Lipinski store by clicking on this link:!

CLICK HERE to sign up for Quilt Out Loud on

A GOT MOJO? COFFEE MUG!Get the same mugs my guests and I use during the show in three fab-o colors . . .



and Mojo LIME

To purchase any or all  of the Got Mojo? mugs visit the Mark Lipinski store at

Here’s what’s on the newsstands!



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