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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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My Funny & Fabulous Co-Host . . .


Talk Show Host and Personality

Jill Battenfield Hickey

From a simple email list to family and friends far away, to a website to 2 radio shows and a national following, Jill Hickey is the NotSoSoccerMom.

About Jill . . .

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ARTISTS!  Take the Sting out of Rejection! 

Meet Multi-Media Artist

Mary McBride


About Mary . . .

Artist’s Statement 
I work in all media from paper and paints to metal and fiber.  I enjoy the tactile values of the different materials and combine them in the same works whenever possible.  Although I’ve sewn since early childhood, building artwork with fibers came slowly as I first made quilts of paper, wire, and clay.  I collage the fabrics by fusing and then hand stitching to add a homey feeling to them.  My works are usually stories that I’ve been told and I am passing them on, or they are new dialogs I wish to share with the public.

Working Artist
As well as playing with my own art, I curate exhibitions, jury shows, run retreats, do lectures and workshops, and continue to be active in the art world.  I am currently curating exhibitions at the Gateway Center for the Arts, DeBary and the Peabody Auditorium Rose Room, Daytona Beach.  I am the FL/GA SAQA representative for fiber artists and mentor to the representatives.

On-Line Exhibitions
2008 SAQA.com, Member Auction, “Good Bones; Bad Moves” SOLD
2005-2006 SAQA.com, professional artist, “Profit Margin” and “There’s another damn frog at the door”
2005 Why is the Sky Blue, art quilt “Snowbirds in a November Sky”
Make Quilts Not War, art quilt “Profit Margin”
Name Challenge, “Ms. Gorgon: Goddess of multimedia…”
Black and White, “Shelia-na-gee meets Mrs. Gorgon”
Soul Holes, “”Vietnam Soul Holes” http://www.quiltart.com/challenges/soulhole/

Art Festivals
Art in the Park, Ormond Beach, 1995, 1996
DeLand Art Festival, 1983-1995
Manatee Art Festival, DeLand 1981-1986

Current Professional Associations
Artists Workshop, New Smyrna Beach, 2004
ArtsEtc, New Smyrna Beach, founder 2004
Gateway Art League, DeBary, 2008
Florida Society of Gold Smiths, 2003
Florida Craftsmen, 1997
Florida Committee, National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2005
Pioneer Fiber Arts Guild, Barberville Settlement for the Arts, 2000
Studio Art Quilt Associates, SAQA FL/GA representative, professional artist, 2005
Women’s Caucus for Art, 2003

SAQA Journal, June/July 2008, full page on fiber art retreats
SAQA Portfolio 13, 2007, full page photo of “Snowbirds in a November Sky”
SAQA Journal, Oct 2005, ½ page article w/photos
I Remember Mama, book published 2005, ½ page for quilt plus shared cover
Quilter’s Newsletter, Oct/Nov 2005, “My Dear Sainted Mother…” image w/article about exhibition
American Affenpincher Journal, Nov 2005, “My Dear Sainted Mother…” image and story about the one-eyed dog

CLICK HERE for a link to Mary’s website

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Take or Give On-Line Classes and the Creative Soul

I was cruising the Internet not so long ago when I came across a really interesting new site (well, new to me) that I hadn’t visited before called, collageartist.com.   It’s collage artist and illustrator, Claudine Hellmuth’s site, who is a creative talent past the point of being called an “emerging artist” and more like a “pop culture” artist who has been seen on shows like Martha Stewart, HGTV”S I Want That, DYI’s Craft Lab!! And The Carol Duvall Show (she’s young so I’m not sure how that happened?).

Claudine Hellmuth is the author of Collage Discovery Workshop, Collage Discovery Workshop- Beyond the Unexpected: New Techniques Using Color, Personal Imagery and Creative Surfaces, and 12.

She has a line of products under the name, Claudine Hellmuth Studio.  She has produced several DVD’s, her newest called, Beeswax Collage. How could I not ask her to chat with us?

Meet Collage Artist

Claudine Hellmuth

CLAUDINE HELLMUTH : Hip Art for Playful Hearts : Mixed media Collage and Custom Commissioned Artwork

About Claudine . . .

Where are you located?
I now live in Washington DC in the U Street area with my husband Paul with our cat Mabel and our dog Maggie. Of course I can never resist posting photo of my babies to my blog, so you’re sure to seetons of pet photos there!What is your studio like?
Right now my studio is the second bedroom of our apartment. It’s a combined studio/office with a computer on one side and all my mess on the other!How old are you? Do you have any siblings?
I was born in 1974 (you do the math!) and I am an only child.What do you create?
I create mixed media collages that incorporate paper, paint, fabric, pen and photocopies. I would describe my work as whimsical and colorful with a dash of retro.You use a lot of photos in your work. Where do you get your images?
When I am not creating custom artworks for clients, I use my own family photos and also my friends family photos. When I run out of those or when they aren’t suitable, I “create” my own photo heads by combining 3 or 4 photo images together to “make” my own people. For example, I’ll purchase retro stock photos and then combine a nose from one person with eyes of another and a hair style of another person until I arrive at the look I want. This has been a lot of fun and it’s very useful because then I can make sure the photo image fits with the context of the artwork.What made you decide to become an artist?
I have been working full time as an artist since 2001, but art has always been a part of my life. I come from a creative and artistic family, so I think it was pretty much expected that I would be an artist of some sort. There was never a point where I actually “got started” in it. I was encouraged to create from the first time I could roll around and paint with finger paints. I was always at one type of art lesson or another. I enjoyed it all — sculpting, drawing, painting etc. Working in all these different mediums while I was so young is probably the reason that I enjoy mixed media so much. I like all of it, and now I don’t have to leave anything out.Do you have a degree in art?
I graduated in 1997 from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington DC (right across the street from The Whitehouse!) with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree. My concentration was in painting, but in my senior year I began doing more mixed media work which led me to collage.Where do you see your art going in the future?
Oh so many things I want to do! I hope to expand further intoillustration and also licensing more of my artwork in the gift industry. I would love to animate my artwork, more advanced animation than what I have done for my ecards. Something with a whole story! Also I have always wanted to illustrate children’s books, so that is a goal that I hope is in my future.You work on many different projects (custom artwork, workshops, illustration, licensing, books, dvds, etc). Which do you like best?
I like all of the above for different reasons. I love creating custom artworks, working with other people’s photos and their stories is so exciting and refreshing. I get a thrill knowing I am making something that will be treasured. The workshops and classes I enjoy for the social aspect and helping others find their creative voice. The only thing I don’t like about the workshops is being away from home and the travel. I hate the travel part. I wish I could just beam myself there. The books have been a joy to create and it’s thrilling to be a published author! I really enjoy illustration because I love the challenge of working with a theme and combining my vision with the needs of the assignment.What kind of music do you listen to when you create?
I listen to NPR. I love This American Life and All Things Considered. I also love it when I can catch Car Talk. Even though I know nothing about cars, those guys are hilarious.What’s a typical day like for you?
8:30am – get up, eat breakfast, check email
9:30am – do yoga
10:00am – check email and go to studio and start working
12:00 – eat lunch, work in the studio until 6pm 7:00pm – dinner time, check email, update blog
8:30-10pm – relax and watch TV with Paul
10-11pm – check email one last time, finish up any other work
Midnight -get to sleep!
That is sort of a typical day. But my “typical day” can vary greatly with more time being spent on biz stuff like email and packing and shipping and paperwork and less time in the studio etc. I really end up doing what ever needs to be done at the time so each day is wildly different from the next and that’s what I love!Where do you sell your artwork?
I would like to get my work into more fine craft galleries so if you know of any, send me an email! I also sell some of my original artworks on my Etsy shop.I would like to take a workshop with you, where are you teaching?
I am reducing my workshop schedule and only teaching a few locations. You can find out where I am teaching on my workshop page.

I would like to have you create a custom artwork for me with my photos. How do I get started?
I would love to create an artwork for you. Visit the custom artwork section of my web site for more info.Why do you call your artwork Poppets®?
I began creating the Poppet® artworks in late 2002 after a long dry spell in my art making. I was stuck and wanted to try something new. After about a year of experimentation, and finally, a break through the creative block, I arrived at the Poppet® style of collage.

I decided that these new works needed a name and I wanted the name to be a little silly and unusual.

My English grandmother used to use the word “poppet” as a term of endearment saying to me “don’t worry little poppet everything is going to be OK.” And since these artworks make me feel happy, safe and young — the name fit perfectly.

This new way of working, beckoned me back into the creative process and the thrill of creating simply for fun. I hope that these artworks bring you the joy that they have brought to me!

CLICK HERE for a link to Claudine’s website

* * * * * *

I want to be Teacher’s Pet!

I LOVE this new book! 

Discover 16 stunning quilts that are easy enough for anyone to make. Just stitch strip sets and cut them using the Creative Grids 90-degree Double-Strip Ruler (or another right-angle triangle ruler with appropriate markings) to create each mesmerizing design.* Presents a super-easy triangle technique from the popular author of  Take 5
* Provides options–quilters can start with precut strips, fat quarters, or yardage
* Makes it possible to create either scrappy quilts or designs with a more controlled look

Meet designer & author

and creator of The Teacher’s Pet patterns (including Take 5)

Kathy Brown

About Kathy . . .

Kathy Brown has designed 12 fabric lines and self-published more than 125 patterns and seven booklets. Her work has also been featured in numerous quilting magazines. Her projects are designed to be made in a day or a weekend, allowing quilters instant gratification! Kathy enjoys teaching and lecturing all across the United States.

CLICK HERE for a link to Kathy’s website

* * * * * *

Your Creative Garden

Start your vegetable garden — NOW!

Meet author and organic gardener

Kenny Pointe!

Want to Grow Your Own Fruits and Veggies, but Don’t Know Where to Begin?
Discover the Simple Steps to Starting an Incredible Organic Garden…
Even if You’ve Never Grown Anything in Your Entire Life!

Downlaod Kenny’s FREE eBook 

Veggie Garden Primer Cover3 The Veggie Garden Primer eBook

CLICK HERE to start downloading Kenny Pointe’s FREE ebook! 

About Kenny:

Gardening is a talent and a gift that I’ve developed the hard way… through trial and error. I was introduced to the world of gardening by my mother when I was about ten years old. Thanks Mom!

After switching to organic growing practices in the early 80’s, I abandoned the use of chemicals and began applying natural gardening techniques to my gardens.

In 1985, a few years after graduating from college, I resigned from a great job with the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C. and moved to Pennsylvania to accept an internship on a forty acre organic farm.

At the time, many of my friends and family thought it was a crazy idea, but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. During a few short years on the farm I learned an incredible amount about gardening, nature, and self sufficiency.

It’s been over fifteen years since I left the farm, but I’ve continued to raise organic vegetable gardens and explore nature. I’ve recognized that you can never truly master a garden and that each season will bring its share of new experiences and surprising discoveries.

One thing that has never changed is the connection and awareness of God’s presence and grandeur when I observe the forces at work in even the simplest vegetable plot. And a well tended garden never ceases to be inspiring.

I garden for the enjoyment and satisfaction that it provides. I write about gardening to share that joy and to hopefully spare you from some of the trials and mistakes. My biggest desire is that you’ll discern and feel that same Inspiration as you look out over your own gardens.

Kenny has a tremendous gardening website!

CLICK HERE to visit Kenny’s website, Veggie Gardening Tips!

* * * * * *

Pure Poetry

. . .  A poem is never finished, only abandoned

Meet Poet


This is Rod’s new book of poetry

About Rod . . .

Rod Cockrum is a Minnesota State Mankato graduate who is now lucky enough to have the title of author. His first book, Immediacy, includes 32 poems with diverse subjects, such as Cockrum’s internal thoughts and reactions to his personal experiences.

“Some are just pure word play and my imagination,” Cockrum said.

It is written in, what he likes to call, “psychological style.”

“I think what makes it unique is the emotional content,” he said.

The book focuses on subjects such as art, time and man’s disconnection with nature.

According to Cockrum, Immediacy is about living the moment.

“No matter what we do, good or bad happens to us,” he said. “Eventually we are brought back to the immediate moment and we have to continue from there.”

It took Cockrum from 1995 to 2005 to complete Immediacy, but he has already started working on another book of poems.

Cockrum attended MSU in the early `90s.

“I have very good memories of Mankato State, as we used to call it,” Cockrum said. “Lots of the poems from Immediacy were written while I lived in Mankato, and what I learned in school I then applied directly to my writing, and still do.”

Cockrum majored in mass communications with a minor in theater, but he started writing songs in his basement when he was a teenager and used his guitar to bring the songs to life.

“When I got into my first two years of college I found that researching and making essays and reading-it’s fascinating,” he said. “I found a lot of purpose in literature. Literature takes us on a journey and brings us back a moment.”

Cockrum said he believes reading a good poem or looking at a painting are not just things to admire, but can also have incredible meaning.

“The hardest thing about writing in an entertaining piece of song or short story is individuality,” he said. “You don’t want to repeat what someone else has done. I learned at Mankato State to stay away from that. Sometimes you sit there for 20 minutes and try to say it in a different way.”

Cockrum said his major challenge is working in marketing. His publisher allows him to be very involved in the process.

“I design my own book, I design my cover, I format the book, I turn it over to them and they make it,” he said.

But what is most difficult, according to Cockrum, is maintaining a high-quality standard with his poems and writing.

“Another challenge is writing about something that is not very pleasant, like losing a job or losing a lover,” he said.

His advice for new MSU writers is to manage time well.

“Don’t let people convince you it’s odd or weird,” Cockrum said. “It is a process. It is self-expression, keep it up [and] give it value.”

* * * * * *

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

Quilt Out Loud is now available on DVD!

. . . Get your copy of the first season of Quilt Out Loudfrom my Mark Lipinski store by clicking on this link:  http://store.marklipinski.com!

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