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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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My co-host is my old friend and most creative jewelry designer!


the funny and fabulous

Lois Griffin

 NO! Not THAT Lois Griffin!  

THIS Lois Griffin!

Lois Griffin

About Lois Griffin

Art and creating things by hand have fed my soul since early childhood. My maternal grandparents Tom and Madeline Barragan had a home full of wonderful art and interesting curiosities everywhere one looked. I was encouraged from an early age to make things – creating was a natural part of my life.

Beginning with a crochet hook and yarn in the 60s, moving on to stringing peace necklaces and sewing my own clothes in the 70s to quilting and embellishing said quilts in the 80s and 90s, fiber and beads have always been my chosen mediums. I incorporate my hand-dyed and hand-painted fabrics with beads, dichroic glass cabochons and bead embroidery to produce distinctive pieces of jewelry.I have always been facinated with color and detail, and these facinations are reflected in my work. I find great inspiration in each step of the process of creating a new piece from choosing the base fabric and cabochons to gathering the beads to the beadweaving and embriodery. I hope you find pleasure in them as well.

Here are some examples of Lois’ beautiful artwork 


And that’s not to mention her QUILTING! 

 CLICK HERE to visit Lois’ website

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Make real art by being playful and experimental!

Meet Artist

Danny Mansmith

About Danny . . .

self taught mixed media artist Working with my hands has saved my life.Instead of being the fastest or the smartest I found my strength, sanctuary and cushion from the world in making art.My grandma gave me my first art lessons when I was very young. She sewed my clothes growing up and this influenced me to later teach myself how to use the sewing machine – allowing imperfections, emotions, and child like energies to fuel and inspire me to create.I want to push myself to make art with the things around me, to be resourceful and to follow my heart’s inspiration.Making something wearable, drawing with sharpies or the sewing machine, sculpting, to creating installations that incorporate all of these elements has become my spirituality – my survival.

“I was the sensitive redhead growing up: the one that was picked on. So, from the very beginning, I was sort of pushed upon a path of feeling different and apart from others…”

It took almost all of the ‘90’s to develop a way of sewing that looks naive and disheveled, but still well made.There’s this really hard work ethic I have. But working and making art is my joy and freedom. It’s my survival.”

CLICK HERE to visit Danny’s Etsy site!

Here are some examples of Danny’s work

Danny’s studio —

* * * * * *

Learn How to Market Yourself

Whether you’re a professional artist, business  — or not!

You know me, I’m always a day late and a dollar short. Once again, I was going through some of my magazines that I hadn’t had a chance to look through yet and found a really terrific article in the current issue, May/June 2011, Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine.

The article by Colleen Exline, who is the associate editor for Creative Machine Embroidery, wrote an article called Marketing,  all about branding, promotion, selling, services, distribution, products, and the rest.

Now before you go switching off your computer and stop listening to this because you have no dreams of becoming a world-famous artist or designer, I think it’s important that you know some the ins and outs of the business if ever you want to create a pattern, or write a book, or an article for a magazine. Yes, that stuff might not be on your radar today that it might be in the future–especially in this volatile economy, you never know where your next paycheck might be coming from and you may need to rely on your creative talents and abilities.

As Colleen wrote her article, ”Marketing is essential in order to promote products and services to current and potential customers. Use clever marketing strategies in order to make a profit and satisfy your target market.”


The Associate Editor for

Creative Machine Embroidery magazine.

Colleen Exline

About Colleen . . .

Colleen Exline is the Associate Editor for Creative Machine Embroidery magazine.  Creative Machine Embroidery imparts machine embroidery enthusiasts of every age and skill level withthe toools they need and the inspiration they crave to further their craft.

CLICK HERE for a link to the Creative Machine Embroidery website!

CLICK HERE for a link to the Creative Machine Embroidery blog!

CLICK HERE to join the Creative Machine Embroidery Facebook page.

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Indulge, baby!


Modern Paper Crafts!

HGTV Design Happens blog - Modern Paper Crafts by Margaret Van Sicklen


The self-described “origami swami,” and author of Joy of Origami and the bestselling Origami Page-A-Day calendar. 

Designer & Author

Margaret Van Sicklen

I love Margaret’s new book! 

About Modern Paper Crafts . . .
In Modern Paper Crafts, well known origami guru Margaret Van Sicklen blows the dust off of traditional origami and paper crafting, presenting more than 20 projects that rely on classic paper craft techniques, but are suited to 21st-century style and aesthetics. The suite of contemporary projects in Modern Paper Crafts ranges from gift wrap, holiday ornaments, and notecards to frames, boxes, bowls, silhouettes, wall art, mobiles and even a folding screen. Projects are divided into 5 chapters: folding, cutting, scoring and sculpting, pleating and recycling. Each chapter begins with an overview and step-by-step photo tuturials of basic techniques. Each project includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations. A variety of papers are used for the projects, from standard cardstock and scrapbooking paper to art papers and recycled corrugated cardboard. All of the projects are accessible to the novice paper crafter but will also appeal to the more advanced crafter.

CLICK HERE for a link to purchase Modern Paper Crafts from

CLICK HERE for a link to the Modern Paper Crafts website

You might have one of these Van Sicklen’s siting on your desk today!

Origami by Margaret Van Sicklen 2011 Desk Calendar

Product Details

* * * * * *

Dark Canvas

It seems innocent enough at first, thought Kira McGovern-mixing her dead mother’s ashes with paint to create a tribute painting. What a way to personalize and immortalize her mom’s memory! The idea so ensnares her that she forms a new business, Canvas of Life, to do just that for others. As she begins with her first clients, something inexplicable occurs: Kira experiences segments of the dead person’s life. In dreams and visions she begins to receive images, some are gratifying, some unpleasant and some of them are downright deadly. Sean Easton is a Kansas farm boy with a special talent he is just beginning to understand. His father, too, has recently died, but something sinister still lingers on the farm. When he takes his father’s ashes to Kira as a pretense to meet her, he not only falls in love but makes some startling discoveries about his own life as well, and as Kira begins to paint with Sean’s father’s ashes the real terror begins In Dark Canvas, join Kira and Sean as they realize they must quickly find the meaning and the source of her dreams and visions before both their love and their lives are destroyed.

Meet Novelist

Jody Summers

About Jody:

Born in New Orleans Jody Summers’ life has been filled with unconventionality. The adopted son of a prominent Texas restaurateur, Jody grew up in New Orleans, Memphis and then Houston, learning the restaurant business while he built a career as a competitive gymnast that propelled him to a scholarship at the University of Kansas.

After college, Jody followed in his father’s footsteps owning, at one point, three 24 hour restaurant franchises along with four tanning salons in Tulsa. Finally leaving that business, he turned his entrepreneurial skills to everything from a patent in the Pet Industry to a Single’s website.

A restaurateur, a gymnast, a stunt man, an entrepreneur, a pilot, skydiver, scuba diver, and an accomplished martial artist for twenty-five years, Jody Summers has tried it all. Now he brings all those experiences to paper in his first novel, DARK CANVAS.

I have pleged a portion of all the proceeds from the sales of DARK CANVAS to various Fibromyalgia Associations including the International Fibromyalgia Coalition and the National Fibromyalgia Association

CLICK HERE to visit Jody’s website!

* * * * * *

Art Journaling-on-the-Go! 

. . .  Never leave home without being creativly inspired and you won’t be sorry! 


Mixed Media Artist

Kate Crane

I have often said that I would be nowhere without the power of journaling. Now listen folks, when I say journaling I don’t necessarily mean  by a line to diary, a good 10, and pouring your heart out by writing prose and poetry––Although that is one way to journal.

Creative types like us can journal in a gazillion kind of ways.  If you’re a watercolorist you might want to buy a book watercolor paper and record your day to day experiences and feelings in watercolor. If you’re a stained-glass artist you might want to create a series of glass journals that would reflect what’s going on in your life. If you’re a textile artist or quilter you might want to create fabric postcards are 12 x 12” mini quilts or decoupaged fabrics into sketchbooks.

A journal, no matter how you created, has rewards and benefits that are boundless. The journal will help clarify your goals. It will add meaning and power to your creative life. A journal will help you speak out even if you don’t have the words. It will empower you.

Now if you’re contemplating starting a written journal with tendon words, that is certainly easy enough to total around with you but what if you are a mixed media artist? A textile artist? A painter? Then journaling on the go can be somewhat daunting, and a royal pain in the butt.

 I was in Barnes & Noble the other day and picked up the Somerset Studio, Art Journaling magazine, more specifically the winter 2011 issue.   It is an article by Kate Crane called, Journaling on the Go and I had to have her on Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski!

About Kate . . .

Married with two children,living in a rural village in the North of England, UK. I am a school teacher specialising in music. I am a crafts tutor. I contribute regularly to Craft Stamper magazine (UK), and I’m proud to be on the design team for Dylusions (Art from the Heart, UK), and Stampotique (USA). I am a musician and play in a ceilidh band. I am the QUEEN of MESSING ABOUT! I love nothing more than playing with paper, acrylic paint, old texts, rubber stamps etc etc etc! I also love wine and chocolate and plenty of it.

Lionesses have no manes. How do they know when they’ve grown up?

When they wear matching socks 😉

CLICK HERE to visit Kate’s blog, The Kathryn Wheel

Before you go, take a look at some of Kate’s work . . .

* * * * * *

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

Quilt Out Loud is now available on DVD!

. . . Get your copy of the first season of Quilt Out Loudfrom my Mark Lipinski store by clicking on this link:!

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