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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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MEET my co-host . . . 

Fine Artist! Illustrator! Graphic Designer

Nicole Fredrickson


About Nicole . . .

As far back as I can remember in my childhood, having fun almost always involved nature. Nature, and family. And as the area surrounding my home became more developed, eventually I could only experience untainted nature when visiting my grandmother, cousins, aunts and uncles in Minnesota every year.

There was a strong connection between family and nature that was more than just experiencing the outdoors together; I envied their way of life in Northern Minnesota. Being surrounded by the beauty of a pine tree forest was enough to make anyone happy to be alive. The sense of isolation from the world only emphasized the bonds between me and my family. It was a retreat from the fast-paced world of the east coast into a peaceful environment surrounded by friends and family.

At night we sat together eating, drinking, playing cards. We woke up early in the morning — a more eager sort of ‘early in the morning’ than one would experience on a work day. And whether we all decided to snowmobile, shoot rifles, fish, or hike, it all created the same warm feeling that I experience so rarely in the fast-paced life of New Jersey and New York.

I decided in my last trip to Minnesota that it was this experience I wanted to depict in my paintings. This oddly slow-paced and physically isolated way of life would be found intriguing to not only me, but to anyone who is accustomed to living on the east coast. Yet at the same time, it was important to capture the fulfillment that Minnesotans experience living this way. My paintings intend to capture the idiosyncrasies of my family members, while at the same time capturing the beauty of isolation in Northern Minnesota.

Here are a couple of examples of Nicole’s work . . .


Shooter by Nicole Fredricksonhttps://i2.wp.com/ntfredrickson.com/images/paintings/snowmobile_2008.jpghttps://i0.wp.com/ntfredrickson.com/images/paintings/northern_nebula_II_2009.jpghttps://i1.wp.com/ntfredrickson.com/images/paintings/waiting_2008.jpg


CLICK HERE to visit Nicole’s website

CLICK HERE to visit Nicole’s blog

* * * * * *


Meet Master Dyer, Artist and Author

Lynn Koolish

About Lynne . . .

Sewing has been a constant in Lynn’s life ever since her mother taught her to sew when she was old enough to sit at a sewing machine. Lynn has worked in a number of careers, but was thrilled to finally settle down with quilting in the 1990s.
Lynn works in a variety of styles and loves experimenting with new ideas, materials, and techniques. She works full-time editing quilting books and teaches a variety of surface design and quilting classes. Her quilts have appeared in books, magazines, and local and national quilt shows.

CLICK HERE to visit Lynn’s website!

Here are the book by Lynn that we talked about on Creative Mojo today! 

CLICK HERE to order Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing

Watch the Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing trailer!

Here, Lynn teaches you how to print on fabric


* * * * * *

Creative Illustration Workshop

Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists Book NEW Katherine Dunn


Illustrator, Artist, Author

Katherine Dunn


About Katherine . . .

Although she received her BA in Art with an emphasis in ceramics, Katherine did not start painting until her late 30′s. When she did, she chose to work independently as a freelance illustrator for 9 years, working with national clients from her home base in Minneapolis. But she knew she would eventually go the gallery route, and that yearning became more powerful after a Minneapolis gallery invited her to do a solo show in 2001. At the same time, her heart and soul were for some reason pulling her West, and she moved to Portland, Oregon in 2002 where she eventually met her husband, a landscaper.

They now live on Apifera Farm in the Willamette Valley where they farm 3000 lavender plants, and raise sheep. She is grateful to be living out her dreams and internal myths.. Her work is shown in Oregon, Santa Barbara and Santa Fe. She also has a variety of print and card lines.

CLICK HERE to visit Katherine’s website! 

Katherine’s new book is now available to order!

Take a look at the trailer for the Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed Media Artists


CLICK HERE to order Katherine’s book, Creative Illustration Workshop!

* * * * * *


Sew Liberated - Emmeline Apron-sew liberated, emmeline arpon, ladies apron pattern, apron pattern, full apron pattern, reversible apron  pattern


Designer and Author


About Meg  . . .

An internationally certified Montessori teacher and successful sewing pattern designer, author Meg McElwee writes about her adventures with fabric, thread, and motherhood at SewLiberated.typepad.com. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son.

Please join in the discussion about sewing projects from Sew Liberated at the Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/sewliberatedbook/ There you will find photos of completed projects, links to any corrections/errata, and useful tips from other sewists.

Happy Sewing!

From Meg: “Sew Liberated” is a name that I chose because of its many layers of meaning and many possibilities of interpretation. For me, Sew Liberated is a way of looking at craft that is, at once, traditional and completely modern. Depending on who you are and your own preferences, you can find solace in the “traditional crafts” either as a return to a slower lifestyle, or as a fist-held-high statement of non-conformism with today’s commercial culture. Personally? I identify with both reasons and don’t see them as mutually exclusive. In addition, Sew Liberated touches on the personal fulfillment we experience when we create. I know that I get such a rush when I conceive of and bring to life a project, and I’m sure you feel the same.

Here’s Meg’s new book . . .

A little project from Meg’s new book . . .


CLICK HERE to PRE-ORDER Meg’s new book, Growing Up Sew Liberated

Here are just a couple of examples of patterns available from Meg’s Sew Liberated designs . . . .

CLICK HERE for a link to Meg’s blog – subscribe, sign up for her mailing list, etc.

* * * * * *


About  …

Primitive Quilts & Projects is a premium publication dedicated to the primitive quilter, rug hooker, stitcher and more! Each issue will feature up to 15 projects from leading designers across the nation, a helpful advice column “Ask Mom“, product reviews and more!

You will receive 4 magazines per year with your paid subscription. Our newsstand price is $9.99 per issue, but your one-year subscription is only $27.99 – a 30% savings! Our first issue ships in April, 2011. Visit our subscription page to subscribe to Primitive Quilts & Projects Magazine!

**Gift Subscriptions: If you ordered a gift subscription to the magazine for someone, and the recipient has not yet received their first issue, please don’t worry. We are setting up our new software, and will definitely get the records all set ASAP. We will mail out these copies via First Class Mail during the week of April 18, if they have not already been sent. If YOU have received the first issue in error, please keep it or pass it onto another friend.

Meet Owner/Partner

Advertising and Circulation Director

Gretchen Streeter


How did this magazine come about?

How did this come about? Strictly because of a casual comment by one of our Woolen Willow customers who asked “Why isn’t there a magazine focused on primitive quilts & projects?”

Aha! The light bulb came on and we launched into high gear to produce our publishing company, “Homespun Media, LLC”, this national magazine, a website and a 2011 premium quality calendar!

Homespun Media, LLC is a partnership between Jenifer Gaston, Judith Williamson and Gretchen Streeter… all sisters, and all about bringing you the finest publications in the industry. You’ll not only love the look and feel of our beautiful magazines and calendars…but our designs are submitted from some of the most admired in the business. Each issue you will receive up to 15 projects, inspiring show and tell and a fun advice column from our own Mom, Mary Falcsik.

Take a look inside:

CLICK HERE to visit the Primitive Quilts and Projects website!

CLICK HERE to subscribe to  Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine,

* * * * * *

Suck it Up!

Which new vacuum cleaner is tough enough for your artsy crafty lifestyle?

Honestly, I went through vacuums like I went through clean underwear until I finally found one that I loved at Pocono Sew and Vac!   How much does your current vacuum suck?



Gretchen McKay

(Two, yes TWO women named Gretchen on today’s show!)

You know I’m hometown proud — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — and though I haven’t lived there since 1975, I still read the daily newspaper (online, of course).  That’s where I found Grethen McKay and her article, Cleaning Sucks, A Review of Four New Vacuums.  I called her and she’s going to go over what she’s found.  It might be time to spring for a new vacuum.  We all know how we artsy-crafty types can ruin even the mightiest of household appliances.

Here’s a clip of COOKING WITH GRETCHEN (the content is totally unrelated to the vacuum segment but you’ll like her!)

CLICK HERE to visit the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website

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