Hip! Hip! Hooray! It’s a Creative Mojo Day! June 29, 2011

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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* * * * * *

MEET my co-host!

in the Pickle Road Studio . . . 


of the design team

LizzyB Cre8ive

Liz Hawkins

Later in the show

Beth Hawkins,

the other half of the  LizzieB Cre8ive partnership,

joins us . . .

We’ll be talking about  Creative Partnerships!

Are creative partnerships for you?

Is a creative partner what you need?

About LizzieB Cre8ive . . .

Lizzie B Cre8ive started out in the industry as a pattern company created by two women who share a PASSION for quilting.  They have since become award-winning designers in the industry, authors and fabric designers for Henry Glass. Coincidentally, these girls also share the same NAME!

Elizabeth Hawkins…. 

Lizzie – (Liz) resides in Pennsylvania and loves the conception and design side of Lizzie B.  She takes her sketchbook wherever she goes because she never knows when a quilt might pop into her head! She has a background in fine arts, with an emphasis on watercolor. When she’s not sketching, she’s busy stitching, blogging, facebooking, driving kids to and fro, singing, creating culinary delights, and laughing on the phone with Beth.

B – (Beth) resides in Arizona and enjoys the conception and design side of Lizzie B, but is also an amazing pattern writer. She can take even Liz’s chicken scratch sketches and turn them into a work of art. Her background is in business and design. When she’s not writing patterns, she’s busy stitching, driving kids to and fro, facebooking, knitting, keeping her naughty dog out of trouble, and text shopping with Liz.

Cre8ive – Together Liz and Beth have found their niche in the quilting world.  They strive for uniqueness in their designs that take on their fun upbeat approach to life. They look for inspiration in the things that they love and find comfort in (music and umm, chocolate?). They like to dream, laugh, and create…but there’s nothing they like more than doing these things together.

Meet the Lizzie B Girls!

Here’s a short video of the LizzieB girls visiting our friend, Gina Halladay at her shop in Yorba Linda, California

CLICK HERE to visit the LizzieBCre8ive website! 

SHOP some LizzieB Cre8ive!

For amazing patterns, fun & bright LizzieB fabrics, books and more . . .

Check out the LizzieB Cre8ive Store by CLICKING HERE

* * * * *

Experience an Artist’s Success!


Author, Talk Show Host, Quilt Artist, Teacher & Lecturer

(and what a DYNAMO!  We’re going to learn so much!)

Leslie Rieley

About Leslie  . . .

Best known for her Fragment series of small fabric collages, Lesley is also an internationally known quilter and mixed-media artist with a passion for photos, color and the written word.  She has taught extensively in the US and as far away as Italy and Australia. Her art and articles have appeared in numerous publications and juried shows.  In her current position as Contributing Editor of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, Lesley showcases new talent and mixed media art.  Her first book, Quilted Memories, brought new ideas and techniques to quilting and preserving memories.  Lesley’s second book, Fabric Memory Books, combines fabric and innovative ideas with the art of bookmaking. In her latest book, Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur (January 2009) takes a new material to a new level. Lesley defines Lutradur as ‘the magic in the middle’ – an art material that combines the best properties of both fabric and paper. Lesley has filmed instructional DVDs with Creative Catalyst Productions and Quilting Arts. Not one to be camera shy, Lesley has also appeared on three episodes of Quilting Arts TV Season 1. With her art and her website, Lesley aspires to inspire others to find their own voice and share in the magic that is art. In an ongoing effort to find the best ways for quilters and mixed media artists to get permanent photos on fabric, Lesley has introduced Transfer Artist Paper™ affectionately known as TAP™,  the state of the art technology for iron-on transfers to fabric.In 2010 Lesley sold the rights to TAP to her publisher, C&T. In January 2911, AP won The Most Innovative New Product award at the Winter CHA show. Realizing that artists, both new and experienced, often need more than new ideas and techniques to fulfill their art dreams, Lesley founded Artist Success™, where she shares her experience and knowledge as a coach and mentor, providing solutions for the struggling artist. For more info and free articles, visit ArtistSuccess.While not coaching, teaching, writing about or making art, Lesley, a Washington, DC native, loves spending time with her husband, 6 children and 6 granddaughters.

Take a look at this short video promo for one of Leslie’s Exploring Fabric Collage!

CLICK HERE to read about Leslie’s CHA AWARD WINNING Transfer Art Paper!

Ask your local quilt shop or craft or hobby store to order your Transfer Art Paper! 

I love Leslie’s work . . .  take a look at some examples from the artist herself

CLICK HERE to visit Leslie’s website, Artist Success!

* * * * * *


Fold, Cut &  Stitch your Way to a One-of-a-Kind Book


Author & Artist


About Esther . . .

Esther K Smith hand makes artist books and limited editions at Purgatory Pie Press in New York City, collaborating with typographer Dikko Faust and other artists and writers. They have had solo exhibits at Metropolitan Museum of Art and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. International collections include Museum of Modern Art, The National Gallery of Art, London’s Tate, The Walker, and The Whitney Museum. Esther Smith teaches adults at Cooper Union. Her next class is Magic Books & Paper Toys, beginning in March. Her Instant Artist Books class will begin again in June. She is scheduling events in Spacecraft, Brooklyn and at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City.

Take a look at Esther’s books:

I am a HUGE fan of this book and actually bought it at Barnes & Noble ages ago before I even knew I’d ever be talking with  Esther!

How to Make Books; Fold, Cut &  Stitch your Way to a One-of-a-Kind Book

From zines you can fold in a minute to luxurious leather journals and sumptuous sketchbooks, How to Make Books will walk you through the easy basics of bookmaking. Whether you’re a writer, a scrapbooker, a political activist, or a postcard collector, let book artist Esther K. Smith be your guide as you discover your inner bookbinder. Using foolproof illustrations and step-by-step instructions, Smith reveals her time-tested techniques in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

CLICK HERE to purchase Esther’s book:

How to Make Books; Fold, Cut &  Stitch your Way to a One-of-a-Kind Book

CLICK HERE to purchase Esther’s book:  Magic Books & Paper Toys

All about Purgatory Pie Press . . .

Purgatory Pie Press began in 1977 when Dikko Faust pied (spilled) and overfilled California job case of cold metal 8 point Century Oldstyle type.  Instead of leaving town– Madison, Wisconsin where he was studying typography and letterpress in their grad school–he sorted that type for days and nights for weeks and weeks that snowy winter. Faust moved to New York City and became the letterpress printer at the Center for Book Arts. In 1980 Faust married Esther K Smith, and the Press merged with The EK Smith Museum (an museum of found art, including The Apron Collection.)  Their wedding invitation was their first print collaboration. Faust and Smith began making limited editions and artist books collaborating with other artists and writers. Faust hand-sets the type and prints on their 1930’s Vandercook 4. Smith edits and designs, and binds– Their works were purchased by Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, the National Gallery of Art and many other museum, university and library rare book collections.  They had solo exhibitions in the libraries at the Metropolitan Museum and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. Smith teaches Artist Books at Cooper Union’s Continuing Education. One of her former students (who also studied with Faust when he taught there) started working as art director for Random House’s Potter Craft imprint. She asked if Smith would be wiling to write a book about making books. Smith said yes and HOW TO MAKE BOOKS (with Faust’s hand-set type on the cover and display pages) was the result.  Smith next wrote and co-designed MAGIC BOOKS & PAPER TOYS and then THE PAPER BRIDE.

CLICK HERE to visit Esther’s website, Purgatory Pie Press !

* * * * * *

Understanding Why We Keep Secrets



Creative Guru, Artist and Motivational and Inspirational Personality


About ELENA . . .

Elena Brower, founder of Virayoga in New York City, has been featured in the New York TimesYoga Journal, and on Yogaglo.com. Her teaching and writing weaves the methodology of Anusara® yoga with the Handel Method™, creating space for a raw, precise honesty that will light up your practice. Elena teaches large-scale classes at cultural institutions such as the MoMA in New York, the Rubin Museum, and the Great Lawn in Central Park. Writings can be found on Huffington PostCrazy Sexy Life, and her own blog at Art of Attention. She is working on an e-book of inspirational practices and developing an irresistible essential oil scent, proceeds of which will benefit Women for Women

Take a look at a screen shot from the Art of Attention website

Watch this short video of Elena!

CLICK HERE to visit the Art of Attention website!

Take a look at a screen shot from the Virayoga website

Here’s another short clip of Elena being interviewed about VIRAYOGA

CLICK HERE to visit Elena’s VIRAYOGA website!

* * * * * *

Supporting Artists with

Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities

Art is a viable outlet for everyone!


the Executive Director of

The Enola Group


What is the Enola Group?

Established in 1980 as a non-profit organization committed to the expansion of opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   Located in the foothills of Morganton, North Carolina, programs of The Enola Group offer services to individuals and families throughout the state.  Since 1986, The Enola Group has been the fiscal agent for federal, state and private grant funds in Burke and surrounding counties. Included in the role of fiscal agent is all financial reporting to granting agencies. The Enola Group is an accredited organization through The Council on Accreditation. COA is an international, independent, non-profit accrediting organization. COA partners with human service organizations worldwide to improve service delivery outcomes by developing, applying, and promoting accreditation standards. Founded in 1993, Signature Studio and Signature Day Program are an alternative to the traditional Day Program option.  Founded in 1993, Signature Studio is a working-Artist studio designed to provide the space, equipment, tools, and technical assistance in an environment rich in support and encouragement.  The primary role of our employees is to facilitate, not direct the master artists, emerging artists, and others enrolled in the program in the development and production of their work.  Artwork by Signature Studio artists has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.  The Enola Group actively markets the work produced by the Artists through the Signature Studio e-commerce website, exhibitions, and educational opportunities. Signature Day offers creative expression and learning opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  With programs in music, pottery, jewelry, movement, computers, and Life Skills, the Signature Day Program focuses on the possibilities of a person rather than limitations.  Employees of Signature Day work to promote a supportive work environment, assisting people to explore their creative potential, develop their unique talents and gifts, and profit from their experience.  Our goal is to provide meaningful activities that enhance, enrich, and expand a person’s life. The Enola Group’s Signature Living Program serves to divert individuals from an institutional living placement.  For some individuals, this means being discharged from a state institution.  For others, it means diverting them from an inevitable placement in such a setting. Alternative Family Living through the Signature Living Program offers the alternative.Individuals are screened for eligibility and placement in a client specific family home within our community.  Each Enola Group AFL provider is carefully recruited, screened and credentialed.  Our process includes all individual specific training related directly to each individual placement.  Ensuring a positive transition process between our clients and our AFL providers is managed by the qualified professionals of The Enola Group. The Enola Group’s carefully screened process is the key to our program success.  The positive impact the Signature Living Program has on an individual’s life is immeasurable.  The Enola Group has found that individuals in this client specific program often choose to live indefinitely with their family placement.

CLICK HERE to visit the Signature Studio website!



If you’ve never used Auriful Thread. . .

. . .  then you haven’t really sewn!

Why not start off with the BASICS ?



When you purchase of any Aurifil Thread Collection from marklipinski.com!

Go to my web site to order YOUR collection — CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.

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  1. June 29, 2011 at 4:41 PM #

    Good show today, Mark! 🙂


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    Is the Handel Group a cult?


    • July 15, 2011 at 7:51 AM #

      Geez, I have no idea! LOL Have you Googled them? What do you know? Spill! xooxm


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