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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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MEET my co-host . . .

Author, Art Quilter, Long Armer, Designer


About Barbara . . .

Barbara is an author, pattern designer and award winner quilt artist.  She was born in New Jersey where her mother taught her and each of her 4 sisters how to sew.  Her first quilt was made using cardboard templates and making traditional blocks.  In the last 35 years she has grown as a quilt designer and her quilts look nothing like the first traditional quilts she made with her mother.
Barbara now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons.  She has always been a working mom but started working from home in 2000 when quilting went from being a hobby to a full-time job and she started her own business as a Longarm Quilter.  Her business quickly grew because her customers appreciated her unique ability to develop quilting designs that highlighted the personality of their quilts.   Her imagination for quilting designs grew from having the opportunity to work for quilters with wide varieties of interests and styles.  Barbara enjoys the challenge of providing her customers with creative machine quilting designs that are as distinctive as the unique style of each of her customers.  Embracing this challenge became the beginning of her quilting approach “I work for the quilt”.
She is thankful to her clients for giving her so much inspiration as a quilter.  Barbara will tell you that each quilt she works on provides a new learning experience that enhances her abilities.  She is amazed at what she can accomplish when pushed to work outside of her own comfort zone.

In 2006 Barbara again started a new venture.  In addition to her Longarm Quilting business, she started a pattern company with her sister, Mary Hoover, named 4th & 6th Designs.  Mary lives in  NY and shares Barbara’s love of quilting.  Their patterns have been featured in Keepsake Quilting as well as in many other national quilting magazines.

Together, Barbara and Mary wrote the book, StrataVarious Quilts, published by C&T publishing, and have been teaching and lecturing at numerous venues since its launch.

Despite a hectic schedule Barbara still continues to find time for her dedicated clients and enjoys every minute of collaboration with them.  She still loves to spend all day running her Longarm Machine.

Take a look at some of Barbara’s work . . .

THIS is the quilt that will be displayed at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall! 

Barbara’s book . . . .

CLICK HERE to buy Barbara’s book:

StrataVarious Quilts;9 Fabulous Strip Quilts from Fat Quarters 

CLICK HERE to visit Barbara’s website

* * * * * *



Artist & Sculptor

Patrick Dougherty

About Patrick . . .

Combining his carpentry skills with his love of nature, Patrick Dougherty began to learn about primitive techniques of building and to experiment with tree saplings as construction material. Beginning about 1980 with small works, fashioned in his backyard, he quickly moved from single pieces on conventional pedestals to monumental site-specific installations that require sticks by the truckload. To date he has built over two hundred such massive sculptures all over the world.

His home base is his handmade house of log in Chapel Hill, NC where he lives with his wife Linda and son Sam.

Take a look at some examples of Patrick’s sculptural work:

Patrick’s work has been featured in this book, STICKWORK

CLICK HERE to purchase Patrick’s book, Stickwork


* * * * * *




About “Helen” . . .

“Helen” (not her real name) who is a an avid quilter, teacher and quilt shop owner somewhere in the United states. “Helen” is keeping her anonymity because she is one of the hundreds of thousands of women in these United States who has maintained a long term sobriety in her recovery for alcoholism. “Helen” is one of the lucky women who is living one day at a time as a sober and grateful recovering alcoholic, but there are many women, creative women, some even listening to Creative Mojo today, who are either are still struggling with the illness of alcoholism or knows someone who is.

CLICK HERE for a link to Alcoholics Anonymous

CLICK HERE for a link to Al-Anon

Are you suffering?

If you or someone you know is abusing alcohol or suffering with alcoholism, know the you don’t have to be in this alone. There is help for you if you reach out.

Of course, this next part could be the very hardest part to do. If you or a loved one needs help with your drinking, logon to to find enough collects anonymous meeting in your area. If someone you know and love his struggling with alcoholism, there is help for you too. Log on to

 To afraid to make the call? 

Then call me and I’ll make the call with you.  If I’m in your area, I’ll attend your first meeting with you.  It’s that important, and I feel that strongly about it.  My phone number is 908/876-1208.

* * * * * *

Journal Spilling


Author, Designer, Teacher & Artist


About Diana  . . .

Diana Trout is a painter, book artist and teacher. She studied painting at the University of the Arts and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

She has shown her work at craft shows and galleries in the Philadelphia area, New York and New Jersey. Diana has taught classes and workshops in painting, art journaling, general art and book arts to children and adults at art centers, libraries and national venues, as well as from her studio.

Take a look at some of Diana’s work . . .

CLICK HERE to order Diana’s book,

Journal Spilling; Mixed Media Techniques for Free Expression.

CLICK HERE to order Diana’s “Workshop”

Playful Paper Backgrounds

Other ways to contact Diana!

  • FaceBook:  DianaTroutArtist
  • Twitter:  DianaTrout
  • Pinterest: DianaTrout

CLICK HERE to visit Diana’s JAM PACKED website!


* * * * * *



SeamedUp Co-Founder


About Allison . . .

Allison is an accountant by training and a quilter by design.  Now home full time with her 4 year old twins, she had been thinking for a long time about starting her own business. Having done the ebay, etsy, and craft fair thing she knew that wasn’t the best fit for her.

So she decided to use her business degree and knowledge of quilting to build a new website that she had been searching for but couldn’t find.

Somewhere to track her (enormous and growning!) fabric stash, patterns, notions, books and anything else she uses for her craft. She also needed something better than ‘bookmarking’ to keep track of the WIP’s, projects in process, and all of the fleeting grand ideas in 1 place especially developed for that purpose within her niche.

She called a podcasting buddy (Brye from Sew Stitch Create) whom she has STILL NEVER MET and through 14 phone calls a day over the last 18 months – has been developed and is constantly evolving and developing.

What is SeamedUP? . . .

SeamedUP is a one-stop destination for all things quilting and sewing. Created by quilters for quilters. SeamedUP Includes a comprehensive database of fabrics, books, patterns and notions that allow quilters to explore what’s new or find a use for something a quilter might already on. A claim that the best part is that the members themselves help to define the community, whether it’s quilting, home, decor, softies, accessories, or any fabric-based creativity.

 CLICK HERE to visit the SeamedUP website!



ways to get in touch with SeamedUP!

Podcast on itunes = seamedup

twitter = seamedup!/SeamedUp

facebook page = seamedup

google plus id = seamedup

flikr id = seamedup


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