Who Are You? (Creativity can answer that!)

When you actually surrender to your creative impulses, meaning that you begin to create on a visceral and intuitive level, rather than following a pattern or a familiar style, you will begin to discover who you really are – not just as an artist, but as a human being.

That means digging!  Digging into yourself to excavate your history, your feelings, your knowledge, skill and the textures of your creative soul, and then transforming those experiences, through your medium, and into your art with transparency!

Digging into your psyche and learning how to translate what you find into your work is what will make you an artist and elevate you from being merely a skilled technician!  Using your art as a tool to promote your further growth, your emotional healing, and to clarify your place in the world, will enable you to become more conscious and rigorously involved in your day-to-day living!

Once you are in charge of your art, you will most likely find it much easier to take charge of other areas of your life – those areas where you have been unsure, uncertain, indecisive, and fearful.

When you identify who you are as an artist, no matter what the medium you’re using, then, and only then, can you can begin to answer the question, “Who am I?”

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8 Comments on “Who Are You? (Creativity can answer that!)”

  1. Ida
    August 4, 2011 at 4:38 AM #

    I have found that I am my most creative when I allow myself to “feel”. By that I mean I am not busy burying my feelings so I can cope and get on with the business of life. When I feel, the most unusual ideas come to me, especially in my dreams. Sometimes getting to those feelings means digging and allowing the “ugly” to come out before it can be transformed into beauty.


  2. Sally Rasmusson
    August 4, 2011 at 6:57 AM #

    I am a basic quilter…I love simple patterns that let the fabric do the speaking. I’ll start there, then add on if needed…and many times, the simple borders I add just do the trick. I love and appreciate applique, very complex patterns, etc…but I know what I love, what moves my soul, and what gives me the most pleasure when making quilts. If I don’t enjoy it, I’m not gonna do it…so might as well do what fills me up. I don’t ever look at a pattern, even a simple 4 patch, and think it’s boring. Why? Because different fabric can make that come alive…which means more quilts, many for charity. I’ve been sewing since I was about 10, quilting about 12 years…and it is my passion, and has gotten me through some pretty rough times. So, bring on the simple patterns and let me go with them…it’s my joy…


  3. shelia rae
    August 4, 2011 at 8:03 AM #

    For real Dude


  4. August 4, 2011 at 8:11 AM #

    I find that I am my most creative when I allow myself time alone with my thoughts. I get the best ideas when I am 1) running/walking/cycling, 2) cooking, or 3) in the shower, which I think is icky. I feel like a cat sometimes. Let me sit in the sunshine and don’t bother me. Eventually I will get up and do something amazing. Or I will amuse you.


  5. August 6, 2011 at 5:23 AM #

    so true. and it is those moments when I write from the place of who i am at my core, that people respond with joy.
    walk in beauty.


  6. Maggie Magee
    August 6, 2011 at 12:07 PM #

    The best happens when you let it happen! I’ve experienced the most joy when starting a project–maybe with an idea, and letting it develop and change as things go along. Things work well and in harmony from inception to completion–even running into problems which resolve themselves when you let them, and the result brings new facets to the piece.


  7. shelia rae
    August 7, 2011 at 9:27 PM #

    It’s like my hands are not really mine – I call it GodFire- and at times i am so not paying attention and then “come to” and stand back and look and I am surprised at what I did. Kind of odd.


  8. August 11, 2011 at 9:07 AM #

    Wow! This post really hit home for me today! I am in the process of truly allowing myself to THINK of myself as an artist, and with that permission has come the courage to explore beyond my comfort zone. As I do, so many new avenues of growth are opening up for me – personally, artistically, and in the “real” work that I do. You were right on with this one, Mark!


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