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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Interior Designer, Quilter, Fundraiser, and Inspirational Activist


About SUSAN . . .

Susan Nordstrom’s love affair with Kenya began in 2001 when she went on safari with her family. Not only was she inspired by the raw beauty of the landscape and the animals in the wild, but also by the people she met along the way. Sue had to find a way to mesh her history and love of volunteering with the country that she had fallen in love with. While on safari, she and her family delivered much needed medical supplies to hospitals in Nairobi that they had collected stateside. But it wasn’t enough. When her cousin and best friend Sarah Brewin asked her to get involved with Friends 4 Kenya, she found her niche.

Brought on board for her background in fundraising, marketing and business, Sue’s love of quilting sealed the deal. She can combine knowledge and interest in one endeavor. She finds that joy of the women she helps brings fulfillment in a very special way.

Friends 4 Kenya began in 2009 as a need to help a group of women and has grown into an organization with three main programs:

The Urembo Basket House, which empowers a group of women who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and living in the poorest of communities, Kibera, just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Participating women learn a trade which they market and use to help support their families. Using authentic African fabrics and decorations, while learning to deal with local community resources and businesses, the women are creating beautiful and functional baskets, shopping bags and place settings.

The Afya Bora Women’s Clinic. As they began work in Kibera, Friends 4 Kenya realized that the women can’t work on the baskets if they aren’t feeling well or if they are concerned about sick loved ones. The Afya Bora Women’s Clinic will focus on delivering primary and ob/gyn care to the women of Kibera, including pre-natal and post-natal care, maternal mortality, the importance of sanitary practices, treatment of dysentery and diarrhea, pneumonia and tuberculosis, all of which are easily treated and crucial to well-being. Additionally, Friends 4 Kenya will bring in medical teams to run specialty clinics during the year.

Mary’s Place Day Care will serve as a safe environment for the children of Kibera while their mothers are working. Children’s day care is a relatively new concept in Africa and there are very few centers in the Kibera community. Friends 4 Kenya plans to provide the children with a balanced meal, a clean facility and a positive learning environment where they can be children.

In addition to her work with Friends 4 Kenya, Sue owns Hidden Treasure Interiors, an interior redesign and staging company. She loves long walks with her dog, is a active member of her church where she is developing a new website, and is an avid quilter and knitter. She resides in NJ with her husband Tom, an orthopedic surgeon.

Heartwarming images show Friends 4 Kenya in action:


CLICK HERE for all the info on Friends 4 Kenya and how you can help!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Sue’s company, Hidden Treasure Interiors!



Artist, Author, Editor, Blogger, Teacher 


About JENNY . . .

Here’s how Jenny describes the marvelous array of art-filled activities she’s engaged in:

“The resounding story that I’ve been able to hear, tell, and live throughout my life is that no matter how scary, no matter how tough, and no matter how dark things get, we can find the light through art. Because art saves. Art is what saved me as a young girl who held onto her yarn and knitting needles on the plane that took her from Korea to the United States. Art is what saved me when my Andrew was a baby and my Monica a toddler … as I learned to wash away the pressures of motherhood through the creation of a rubber stamped card, or a pieced quilt square.

Over the years, readers have showered me with stories of their own, to prove to me that indeed, art saves. In sickness, heartbreak, unemployment, divorce, and more … in the depths of life’s despair, readers have expressed gratitude for how they were saved from their worst nightmares by discovering art.

Many of you know that prior to my work in publishing, I was a social worker. I worked for seven years within child protective services where I interfaced with some of the most intense and radically devastating life stories.

For quite some time, it has been my dream to create a new venture that could harness the strengths of our art community to help expose the truth about the power of art. After six years as editor [of Somerset Studio], I realized that now is the time for me to embrace this change and start a new venture.

In March of 2010, I [launched] — an Online Media Center with a mission to inspire creative passion, authentic community, and focused compassion. This launch [was] made possible with the support of an amazing new team that has convened — educators, business leaders, artists, writers, Web leaders, and more — all who support and believe in CRESCENDOh’s mission. [is] a place to have fun, learn about inspiring projects, shop for unique gifts, check out what’s totally hot, and most importantly, to read and share stories about how art saves. With your support, I will continue to help facilitate the telling of your stories, shine light on your creations, and in the process, help raise awareness of the world around us.

I create books. Here are the ones I’ve made (so far): Journal It! (November, 2012); We Make Dolls! (June, 2012); Hand in Hand (April, 2012); Creative Pilgrimage (January, 2012); Art SavesSignature Styles; and Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration (co-author).

Nothing I do could be done without the love and support of my family. I am married to Gerardo, and together, we have a daughter, Monica, and a son, Andrew. The four of us have a great time together and we also love our Silky Terrier pups, Toby and Scout. I grew up in a highly musical home. I play the cello, piano, guitar, and I’ve been learning to play the ukulele.”

I’ll be talking with Jenny about her just-released book, Creative Pilgrimage!

Next up, in April of 2012, it’s Jenny’s new book Hand-in-Hand:

And feast your eyes on just a few of Jenny’s creations (tutorials are all online at CRESCENDOh): 

CLICK HERE for CRESCENDOh, literally a world of art possibilities with a community of talented contributors!

CLICK HERE for Jenny’s own blog!

CLICK HERE for info on Jenny’s online classes through The Creative Lab!

CLICK HERE to learn about Jenny’s Project Home Ec fundraiser for, bringing attention to the world’s water crisis!

And Jenny’s on TWITTER!

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Culinary Cultivator, Explorer, Chef, Teacher, Storyteller



Monica Bhide is a culinary cultivator, explorer and teacher – as well as her family’s resident chef. When it comes to food, she’s just as curious about the how and the why things are made as the influences that different cultures have in today’s kitchen. A storyteller at heart, Monica combines her love of family, friends and food – along with personal anecdotes highlighted by her Indian heritage – to help people add an exotic, unexpected and most-welcome new element into their lives.

She’s the author of three cookbooks – The Spice is Right: Easy Indian Cooking for Today; The Everything India Cookbook; and Modern Spice. Modern Spice was also customized for the Indian market and published in India by Random House. Additionally, she has been published in national and international publications including The New York Times; Food & Wine; Cooking Light; Bon Appetit; Saveur; Parents; Prevention; Health; SELF; several “Best Food Writing” anthologies; and is a frequent contributor to NPR’s “Kitchen Window.”

Monica was the recipient of the Susan B. Langhorne Scholarship for Food Writers at the Symposium for Professional Food Writers in 2004 and the runner up for the 2005 and 2010 award. She won the full Greenbrier Scholarship in 2011. Monica has done recipe development for the AARP, Health, SELF, MORE, Parents and many other magazines. She has also judged the Greenbrier food writers’ scholarships. In 2010, she was asked to be a cookbook judge for the James Beard Awards.

Monica truly embraces the spice of life. Her mantra is to eat locally but cook globally. Enjoy tradition but search out change. Respect technique while adding a playful twist. And enjoy every opportunity to connect with family and friends through good food.

In a recent interview, Monica explained, “I think I have a very easy going cooking style. I don’t like to cook things that are very complicated and require hours of slaving in the kitchen. I have young kids, a full-time career and this keeps me very busy. My focus is always how to take good ingredients and bring out the best in them without messing with them too much! I don’t like to recreate dishes from restaurants in general preferring mostly to create my own creations. I am a voracious reader and love to browse through books to look for ideas on dishes, usage of herbs or spices and love to be in other people’s kitchens watching them cook. It really is the best way to learn.”

Now we’re cookin’!

Check out just a few of Monica’s mouthwatering specialties:

Monica and I will be discussing how she stays passionate (part of her food writing e-course online)–and all the fantastic tips and teachings on her blog!

CLICK HERE for Monica’s truly delicious website!

CLICK HERE to subscribe to Monica’s Facebook page!

Monica’s on TWITTER!

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Quilt Designer, Author, Teacher


About PAT…

Pat says, “I have firm belief that a person is truly blessed when they have a passion for work that calls to them, challenges them, and grows with them every day. QUILTING IS JUST THAT for me. I have seen and felt first hand the healing, comforting and joyous power of quilting in the lives of many people. I’m grateful to be a link in the chain of quilters from our past and to quilters of the future.”

Living in the suburbs of Atlanta with her wonderful husband of 38 years, Pat and Andy have raised two incredible daughters. Family is the cornerstone of all things wonderful in her life. Quilting is the whipped cream and cherry on top!

Pat graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Studio Art. Following graduation, Pat spent over 20 years in both public and private education. This foundation and experience provided a natural progression into teaching quilting arts in classrooms, guilds and workshops. The classroom is where she loves to be and the title TEACHER will always be a source of pride. As a frequent speaker at guilds, Pat leads many workshops and has two active monthly quilting clubs in the Atlanta area which are inspirations for Pat and are modern day quilting bees!

Taking her first quilting class in 1980, quilting quickly became the center of her artistic interests. After years of learning the craft, Pat began teaching at local quilt shops, building a loyal following that continues to be with her today. Her teaching skills and artistic talent led her to start her own design company, Silver Thimble Quilt Co. Pat has a number of designs on the market and continues to create new ones each year.

Pat and I are talking about her first book for

That Patchwork Place, Spotlight on Neutrals!

CLICK HERE for Pat’s Silver Thimble Quilt Co. website! Shop, chat, and learn!

CLICK HERE to keep up with Pat’s blog!

CLICK HERE for a feature on Pat at her publisher’s website, Martingale & Co.!


And finally…MEET

Journalist, Author, Quilter, and Traditions Expert


About MEG:

Meg says, “Quilting became part of my professional life in 2001, when I began to think there was a book in it and started my research. I’ve approached the quilt world as though I were still at the Wall Street Journal and the editors put me on the “quilt beat.”

In 2005, I accepted an invitation to join the board of the non-profit Alliance for American Quilts, whose mission is to preserve and share the stories of quilts and quilters. This allows me another platform both for learning about the quilt world, and spreading the word on the glory of quilts.

I’m not just interested in the latest quilt products and prize-winners, but also in covering the movers and shakers behind the scenes. I want to know all about the top teachers and quilt businesses, and why 21st century American women find quilting such a blissful, addictive pursuit. I want to know what comes next in this fast-changing, high-tech quilt world. Don’t you?”

Meg and I will be talking about:

Don’t miss it!

CLICK HERE for Meg’s website!

And Meg’s on TWITTER!


And, when your Mojo listening’s done…

Get your small-quilt thinking caps on (look, mine is fur-lined!!) and make a resolution with me to enter the NEW Alliance for American Quilts contest (the prizes are amazing – and your small quilt isn’t due until JUNE!!!)

The 2012 theme is “Home Is Where the Quilt Is,” celebrating the form and the meaning of Home. All techniques and materials are encouraged. Entries must be 3 layers–top, filling and backing and must conform to our contest guidelines–click here to download the “Home” entry form (3 pages).

THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO QUILTERS FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE (yes, you too, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Poland — anywhere and everywhere there are quilters!)

CLICK HERE to read more about this awesome opportunity to let your craftwork shine! DO IT DO IT DO IT WITH ME, cupcake!!! And thanks! xoxom


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  1. Jaye
    February 22, 2012 at 2:02 PM #

    Nice job on the show, Mark. I finally got some peace at work and could listen to part of the show. Keep up the good work!


  2. Darci Bodin
    February 27, 2012 at 4:01 PM #

    Love the Banana Bread recipe.


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