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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Teacher, Poet, Quilter, Author


About CYNTHIA. . .

Cynthia Grady is middle school librarian at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. She is also a poet, a quilter, and author of the new book I Lay My Stitches Down: Poems of American Slavery, which is illustrated by Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award winner Michele Wood. Cynthia describes how her love of quilting and her interest in the life experiences of American slaves came together to inspire her first book:

“I’ve been making quilts for more than twenty years and writing poems even longer, but I’d never thought to put the two together. The idea for I Lay My Stitches Down came to me while I was preparing to teach a quilt class to a group of middle school students. While I drafted the pattern for a block called Underground Railroad, a line came to me: ‘the hunter aine no match for this old pilgrim in the woods.’ It was a little weird, but I kept drawing. Then it happened again: ‘my thimble, thread, and needle comfort me.’ This line happens to be perfect iambic pentameter. I became excited, but kept planning my lessons for the quilt class. While I worked on another block my muse visited one more time: ‘The teacher catch us making letters in the dirt with sticks.’  I knew then that I had to write some poems and they had to be about slavery. I would need a minimum of 14-16 poems for a picture book to work, so I made a list of my favorite blocks: Birds in the Air, Anvil, Broken Dishes, Kaleidoscope. And then I listed some fairly obvious choices for a book about slavery times: North Star, Log Cabin, Wagon Wheel. That gave me eight blocks. Not enough for a book, but a start….”

I’ll talk with Cynthia about the beautiful book inspired by her muse:

I Lay My Stitches Down is getting rave reviews–check out what the Washington Post had to say: “[I]n the exceptional ‘I Lay My Stitches Down,’ quilts become an affecting metaphor for the patchwork lives endured by American slaves. Using a structure of 10 lines of 10 syllables to reflect square patches of cloth, D.C. author Cynthia Grady presents 14 poems touching on aspects of slavery, including moments of peace, a terrible lashing and an escape attempt. Grady incorporates references to needlework into every poem: ‘I wait — then thread my way to freedomland’; ‘That overseer cut from the same cloth/as the devil hisself, the very warp/and weft.’ Michele Wood’s vibrant paintings are likewise wrapped up in quilts, each one a gorgeous hodgepodge of images, colors and patterns. In one illustration, showing an escaped slave crossing a river, the blue-green night sky is made of squares and ornamented by the North Star and the moon; the water’s rings seem part of another quilt with a circular pattern embellished by small animals and lily pads. Throughout the book, the interplay between pictures and words, including the poems and succinct historical background, is deeply impressive, as seamless as it is stirring.”

CLICK HERE for Cynthia’s website!

CLICK HERE for Cynthia’s page at Wm B. Eerdmans Publishing Company!



Knitter, Designer, Author, Teacher


About LAURA . . .

Laura Farson is the author of several books and numerous articles on quilting, knitting, and weaving. She has taught extensively at shops and conventions. She makes checked bags, which are handcrafted purses and totes made from recycled seat belts. Under the name “One Quirky Quilter,” Laura has authored three folded-flower quilt books. Now she is “The Entwined Knitter(TM)”! In her spare time, Laura bikes, hikes, skis, and sews. She lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, Russ, with whom she loves to travel.

You won’t wanna miss Laura’s terrific new book of inspired designs for your feet:

Laura’s also the author of:

So many knitted beauties to choose from! Here’s a bevy of Laura’s works:

CLICK HERE for Laura’s website!

CLICK HERE to see lots more of Laura’s designs on ravelry.com!

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Author, Ghostwriter, e-Publisher, Blogger 



Patricia Crisafulli is an accomplished writer and author who has written nearly 20 books, including two non-fiction books of her own.

She is the author of The House of Dimon, a leadership profile of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, published by John Wiley & Sons in early 2009, featuring interviews with JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, former Citigroup Chair Sandy Weill, and many more prominent Wall Street executives and insiders.

A former business journalist, Patricia was a correspondent and deputy equities editor in the Chicago bureau of Reuters America. Her articles appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, and other prestigious national newspapers. She also worked for The Journal of Commerce in Chicago and New York, as well as for specialized business publications owned by McGraw-Hill and Capital Cities/Fairchild Publications in New York.

Patricia’s previously published works include creative essays on Africa, Berlin and Switzerland published in The Christian Science Monitor. In addition, she has written articles for the Leisure & Arts page of The Wall Street Journal.

Much sought after by business leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, Patricia is the co-author and/or ghostwriter of nearly twenty books on business and finance published by John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill, Prentice-Hall, Adams Media, and other companies, with new projects pending. She is also the author of a non-fiction book entitled Remembering Mother, Finding Myself: A Journey of Love and Self-Acceptance, published in 1999 by HCI Books Inc. (under the name Patricia Commins). The success of Remembering Mother, Finding Myself garnered her national recognition, including national and regional television appearances and radio broadcasts on stations across the country.

A full-time writer and an active member of her community, she lives in suburban Chicago with her husband and son. She is also the Founder and Publisher of a monthly e-literary magazine, http://www.FaithHopeandFiction.com, which has a loyal and growing audience of readers and writers who enjoy stories that inspire and entertain. “FaithHopeandFiction is my creative home and my labor of love,” explains Patricia. “I have written stories all my life. As a child, I told myself stories for entertainment, to pass the time, and for comfort. Stories were my way of interpreting and understanding the world around me and to discover the deeper meaning and lessons hidden in even the most ordinary circumstances and relationships.”

Patricia says, “I started writing when I was about seven years old. Growing up in northern New York State, I discovered that having a pencil in my hand was the key to unlocking my imagination and all the stories I told myself. I thought seriously about becoming a writer some day when I was about 12. Of course the journey from dream to reality was a long one—with many twists, turns, and setbacks. The short version of the story is I became a journalist first, specializing in business, and then I went to work for myself 12 years ago as writer-for-hire, working with mostly corporate clients. Becoming a ghostwriter and then a published author followed.”

Patricia and I are talking about her terrific writing–including her inspiring creativity blogs on Huffington Post!

“If you need someone to tell you that, yes, you are creative, then here I am to do the job. You are, you always were, and you always will be. Honestly, though, you don’t need anyone’s invitation to the creative club. You were born a lifetime member.”

CLICK HERE for Patricia’s website!

CLICK HERE for Patricia’s e-lit mag, FaithHopeandFiction!

CLICK HERE to read Patricia’s blogs at The Huffington Post!

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Patricia’s on TWITTER!

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Author, PBS Show Superstar, Quilt Artist, Teacher & Lecturer



Marianne Fons was in her mid-twenties when she discovered quilting through a beginner’s class taught at the Iowa State University Extension Office in Winterset, Iowa. In that class, Marianne met Liz Porter, another young mother looking for something to do at home that would STAY DONE. “When I think back to those years before the rotary cutter came along, when we made cardboard templates and cut each piece out individually with scissors, I’m amazed that I stuck with it. The only explanation is that there wasn’t much besides child care going on in my life at the time!”

Today, Marianne Fons is well known to quilters everywhere who watch Love of Quilting nationwide on public television.  After hosting hundreds of episodes with Liz Porter, she’s currently appearing alongside her daughter Mary Fons.  As a founding editor of the popular magazine Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting, Marianne has written and edited thousands of pages of quilt instructions.  With Liz Porter, she authored Quilter’s Complete Guide, one of the best-selling quilting books of all time.

On her own, Marianne was Iowa winner of the 1986 Great American Quilt Contest with her Lady Liberty Medallion.  Her quilt “World Peace” won Best Overall Workmanship at the first-ever international quilt competition, Quilt Expo Europa in Salzburg, Austria, in 1988.

Currently, she serves on the advisory board of the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska.  As a national volunteer, she assists the Quilts of Valor Foundation, co-producing with Iowa Public Television a documentary about the nonprofit foundation that has coordinated the presentation of over 50,000 quilts to American combat veterans.

Marianne lives in Winterset, Iowa, the county seat of Madison County, home of the famous covered bridges.  Her husband is Mark Davis, and her daughters are Hannah, Mary, and Rebecca Fons.

Marianne and I can’t wait to tell you about her Quilts of Valor documentary!

The Quilts of Valor Foundation has awarded 61,458 handmade quilts to veterans since it began in 2003. Marianne co-produced and hosted Iowa Public Television’s new special, Quilts of Valor, featuring three novice quilters matched with three professionals (see above for the wow! results). Iowa wrestling legend Dan Gable worked with Alex Anderson; I mentored Mary Lou Metzger, a former cast member of The Lawrence Welk Show; and Eleanor Burns assisted Heather Stephenson of Ankeny, IA, whose husband, Matthew, is a member of the Iowa National Guard.

CLICK HERE for a moving excerpt from the show.

Here’s Don Gable piecing his quilt with Alex Anderson:

It was a productive, fun, meaningful day we spent together!

June Moore, executive director of the Quilts of Valor Foundation, explains that wounded veterans from all wars are honored with quilts. It has been difficult to keep up with demand, she says. “We hope to continue this program until we cover all touched by war.”

Proud Quilts of Valor on display at Original Sewing and Quilt Expo last week in Lakeland, FL:

CLICK HERE to connect with the Quilts of Valor Foundation!

CLICK HERE for Marianne’s inspiring essay, “Quilting = National Service”. A must-read!

CLICK HERE to catch up with Fons & Porter publications!

CLICK HERE to follow Fons & Porter on Facebook!


And, when your Mojo listening’s done…

Get your small-quilt thinking caps on (look, mine is fur-lined!!) and make a resolution with me to enter the NEW Alliance for American Quilts contest (the prizes are amazing – and your small quilt isn’t due until JUNE!!!)

The 2012 theme is “Home Is Where the Quilt Is,” celebrating the form and the meaning of Home. All techniques and materials are encouraged. Entries must be 3 layers–top, filling and backing and must conform to our contest guidelines–click here to download the “Home” entry form (3 pages).

THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO QUILTERS FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE (yes, you too, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Poland — anywhere and everywhere there are quilters!)

CLICK HERE to read more about this awesome opportunity to let your craftwork shine! DO IT DO IT DO IT WITH ME, cupcake!!! And thanks! xoxom


If you’ve never used Auriful Thread. . .

. . .  then you haven’t really sewn!

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7 Comments on “Leap into Creative Mojo, February 29, 2012!”

  1. February 29, 2012 at 5:53 AM #



  2. Karen Lieberman
    February 29, 2012 at 6:19 AM #

    Hi Mark,
    I’m looking forward to the show today!! I’m having a mini (solo) retreat at my place in Nashville for “Leap Day”! I’ll be working on the stars for my QOV like yours in the photo above! I love to listen while I sew!


  3. Karen Lieberman
    February 29, 2012 at 6:27 AM #

    PS. And my best buddy Linda Thielfoldt will be quilting my QOV!!! Isn’t that awesome! She’s so talented.


  4. Paule-Marie
    March 2, 2012 at 9:47 PM #

    Hi Mark,
    I’m not seeing this episode on ITunes. It’s the only way I can listen. Is it just me?


  5. Anne Mixon
    April 27, 2012 at 5:14 PM #

    Hi Mark I’m trying to find a pattern for your stars and stripes quilt of valor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



    • April 30, 2012 at 5:56 AM #


      There is a pattern for the quilt that will be published in LOVE OF QUILTING magazine sometime during the summer. Hang tight! It’s coming! xoxomx


  6. Bonnie
    May 23, 2012 at 1:31 PM #

    So glad the pattern will be available. I love that quilt and would like to make one for a special soldier.


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