Stir Up Some Mojo! May 16, 2012


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Art Director, Designer, Mr. Electric Himself


What’s Jeff been up to lately, you ask?

Mr. Electric himself has just designed a new line of fabrics for Mark Lipinski (moi!) to be available from Andover Fabrics in the fall of 2012! YOW!!

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Artist, Writer, Mindful Blogger 


Listen to the interview by clicking here

About LISA…

Lisa Renee Wilson is an Awareness Artist, inviting everyone into mindful experience of this moment.  By exploring different perspectives beyond judgment (using art, writing, yoga, the dirty dishes), Lisa practices her way into and out of a peaceful, compassionate life…and inspires others to do the same. Named one of the “21 Artists to Watch in 2012” (, Lisa enjoys living up to this honor while running her business, LifeUnity, and parenting two children alongside her husband in beautiful Bloomington, IN.

In Lisa’s own words:  “After several years of studying psychology, holistic wellness, life coaching, and getting various degrees and certifications, I decided to stop trying to find a path that fit my life and to simply live it.

Out of this new way of living arose what I coined, ‘Awareness Arts’.  Awareness Art is integrated with everyday life: It is a LIVED ART.  That means I use traditional artist’s tools – painting, sewing, drawing, writing, dancing, sculpting – but that my practice doesn’t end when I leave the studio.  I still practice my art while doing the dishes, dealing with the person tailgating me in rush hour traffic, and while reacting to stepping on the Lego that my kids left out.

I create art pieces – primarily encaustics and mixed media – and experience artful movement through yoga.  My focus isn’t the medium, however.  Whether I’m sketching, stretching, or painting, my primary focus is on an intention of  awareness.  Some days it is a self-awareness I am trying to practice; other days it is an awareness into a particular situation; sometimes it is on a philosophical conundrum.  (Sometimes it is just trying to keep my awareness on the hot wax near my finger tips while my children play some unique game of who can make the most disgusting and annoying sound.)

Currently, I am also leading a free online mindfulness class based on the book, How To Train A Wild Elephant and Other Adventures in Mindfulness by Jan Chozen Bays.  Each week, participants are given a new practice (designed by Jan and her colleagues) intended to enhance mindful awareness.  You can learn more and sign up at I do all of this through my business, LifeUnity, where I write regularly and encourage YOU to look differently at your own life.  It all begins with awareness….”

(By the way, on her blog, Lisa recently shared her emotions about today’s podcast—you just gotta read it!)

Lisa’s artwork conveys her honest passion:

(P.S. This gorgeous encaustic work, Nothing More Than a Story, will be awarded to one lucky winner…find out how, here!)

About this piece, Lisa says, “Nothing More Than A Story originated from inspiration by a Pema Chodron quote.  It is comprised of SEVERAL layers of stories – each one inscribed into the wax and then layered over.”

More of Lisa’s visual feasts…

CLICK HERE for Lisa’s website, brimful with meditations and guidance!


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Jewelry Designers, Co-Authors, Teachers, Bead Artists




Listen to the interview by clicking here

About ERIN…

Erin Siegel is an accomplished jewelry designer, instructor, and ceramic bead artist. Her jewelry projects have been published in the beading magazines Stringing and Bead Trends. She lives in Massachusetts. About herself, Erin says:I’m a wife and a mom. I am also a jewelry designer, instructor and author. I’ve been making beaded jewelry for over 7 years. I love creating my own jewelry and I love passing on the joy of beading to others through tutorials, classes and workshops.”


Lorelei Eurto runs a successful Etsy jewelry business. She has been published in Stringing, Bead Style, Bead Trends, Step by Step Beads, Creative Jewelry 2009 and 2010, and in the books Chain Style and Enchanted Adornments (both Interweave). She lives in upstate New York. Lorelei says, “Creating jewelry is my creative outlet and it took me a very long time to find it. My motivation comes from wanting to be successful and wanting people to be happy when they buy my jewelry. I love asymmetrical design, and each of my pieces includes a bit of whimsy and funky flair.”

Erin and Lorelei are good friends AND co-authors of this gorgeous new book from Interweave!

Intricate and individual adornments!

by Erin…

 by Lorelei…

CLICK HERE for Erin’s blog!

CLICK HERE for Lorelei’s blog!

Check out A Jewelry Accord, their shared BLOG, for tutorials and ideas!


Lorelei’s on FACEBOOK and PINTEREST!



Editor, Author, Crafter 


Listen to the interview by clicking here

(pictured with her co-author and husband, Robert Grayson)

About DIANA…

Diana Drew is the editorial director of Stella Hart Public Relations and has edited several books on crafting. Diana is also co-president of the National Council of Jewish Women’s West Morris, NJ section—and this role inspired her new book, Jewish Threads: A Hands-On Guide to Stitching Spiritual Intention into Jewish Fabric Crafts, when the NCJW members worked on fabricating a huppa as a group project.

Diana spent more than a year choosing from a range of projects from the United States and Israel. At the heart of her book lie the artists’ own stories: how they came to fabric crafts, what the medium has come to mean to them, and the intersections among their art, community and Jewish identity. Diana told the NJ Jewish News that she sought “to get into the spiritual intention behind why people were making these crafts.” The difficult part was narrowing her focus down to the 30 choices that appear in Jewish Threads, co-written with her husband, Robert Grayson. “I chose the ones that I felt had important and meaningful stories,” Diana explains. “The pieces in the book were more difficult and more sophisticated than my level of skill, and I felt these were marvelous pieces that I wanted to showcase.” To make the works in Jewish Threads, “you need to have some basic sewing skills,” as well as knitting and felting. “You need a basic background in fabric craft, but not a lot.”

In this book, you’ll journey along with talented Jewish fabric craft artists as they retrace their steps in the creative process used to make evocative projects. Tap into your inner creativity by following step-by-step instructions to fashion family heirlooms with your own personal flair. Inspirational and motivational, these projects and stories will resonate with your artistic soul and awaken a desire to hand-craft Jewish fabric keepsakes to pass down from generation to generation.

Diana’s husband, Robert, told the NJ Jewish News that he and Diana had an “ulterior motive” for publishing the book: “We would like people who may have older relatives involved in craftwork to seek them out and learn about it. We felt that with a lot of the technology today it’s becoming a dying art and we were hoping we would find people interested in learning the old ways, whether through a hallah cover or a tallit. I love seeing the heart and soul they put into these crafts. I guess I’m old enough to remember my grandmother doing it and even working with my aunts. You don’t see that much anymore.”

Diana Drew and Robert Grayson live in Randolph, NJ.

Here’s some delightful works from Jewish Threads

Find Diana’s book HERE!


And, when your Mojo listening’s done…

Get your small-quilt thinking caps on (mine is total haute couture, mais oui!) and make a resolution with me to enter the NEW Alliance for American Quilts contest (the prizes are amazing – and your small quilt isn’t due until JUNE!!!)

The 2012 theme is “Home Is Where the Quilt Is,” celebrating the form and the meaning of Home. All techniques and materials are encouraged. Entries must be 3 layers–top, filling and backing and must conform to our contest guidelines–click here to download the “Home” entry form (3 pages).

THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO QUILTERS FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE (yes, you too, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Poland — anywhere and everywhere there are quilters!)

CLICK HERE to read more about this awesome opportunity to let your craftwork shine! DO IT DO IT DO IT WITH ME, cupcake!!! And thanks! xoxom


If you’ve never used Auriful Thread. . .

. . .  then you haven’t really sewn!

Why not start off with my BASICS ?

Go to my web site to order YOUR collection — CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.

Many thanks to Nessa Reifsnyder of Fabricate, for assistance with Mark Lipinski’s Blog!

Listen to a re-broadcast of all of my shows by CLICKING HERE.

You can also subscribe to Creative Mojo at!

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8 Comments on “Stir Up Some Mojo! May 16, 2012”

  1. Karen Lieberman
    May 16, 2012 at 9:12 AM #

    Yay! Can’t wait to see the new fabric line! I’m hanging out with Frankie today on my nice little deck here in Nashville. It’s 80 and sunny! I have a nice shady spot to sit and listen to the show! Maybe I’ll bring my sewing machine out here today, it’s perfect.


  2. May 16, 2012 at 9:40 AM #

    Some of Lisa’s paintings would make great paper for mixed-media or scrapbooks.


  3. May 16, 2012 at 4:37 PM #

    Great show today, Mark! I love it when Jeff co-hosts. I think you should have him as a permanent co-host and have guest co-hosts every now and then.


  4. May 17, 2012 at 3:24 PM #

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for having me and Lorelei on your show yesterday! I feel honored you like the book we created and I appreciate all your wonderful comments about it! Means a lot!
    I enjoyed listening to the show. Thanks, again.



  5. May 17, 2012 at 3:44 PM #

    Great suggestion Jaye! I’ve used paper and photos in my work, but have never taken a print and gone from there…. (And CelticRose – I have to agree. Jeff is a great co-host!)


  6. Becky
    May 18, 2012 at 7:39 PM #

    Loving me some Jeff…just sayin’


    • May 19, 2012 at 12:03 PM #

      Jeff Turner is totally the best, and I LOVE him as my co-host. Both Jeff and I wish he could be here every Wednesday, for every Creative Mojo show! xoxom


  7. Becky
    May 20, 2012 at 9:09 AM #

    Back atcha baby!


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