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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Art Director, Designer, Mr. Electric Himself


About JEFF…

Now, I’m not gonna drag him through the mud…

[’cause I already did!]

…but–here’s a little-known factaroo about our beloved Man of Electricity.

As a kid growing up in California,

[cue this]

Jeff did a whole lotta this!

Hairdressing, you ask?

Indeed! For the Horsey Set!

Jeff’s clients strutted their stuff in THIS extravaganza!

Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah!

* * * * * *


Author, Teacher, Coach, Artist, Hippie 



Author of the Barefoot Living Guide, Danielle Nelson is a hippie, teacher, artist, business coach and signal-booster. In addition to spreading the message of universal awesomeness, she helps entrepreneurs and creative spirits get unstuck, clear, and focused, pointed in the right direction, and use the momentum from previous successes. On her website,, you’ll discover a wealth of resources, guides, and knowledge created to help you build a better business and a better life.

About her mission and purpose, Dani says, “I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade, and for roughly half of that I ran a web design and development firm. What I saw there was that a great number of folks don’t need a new website, or even a better marketing plan…what they need is clarity. A way to wrap their head around not just their goals and vision, but all of the pieces and parts that go into creating a business and helping it grow – and to not feel like crap in the process. Learning that changed my life.

“I don’t make websites anymore. Instead, I write, teach, poke things with sticks, and revel in the questions that you might not want to hear. Because it’s not about doing the “right thing”, or following Ten Easy Steps to Success. It’s about eschewing expectations, getting connected to what you already know, and skipping down the path laid out before you hand-in-hand with fear. It’s about universal awesomeness, and believing that you have amazing things to share with the world. I’m out to help you get there.”

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 Teacher, Writer, Coach, Consultant, Dad



About MATT. . .

In Matt’s own words:

“I like to stay busy.

  • I learn.
  • I lead classes.
  • I design and develop computer database programs.
  • I investigate and research emotional intelligence.
  • I am actively involved with my kids and grandkids.
  • I stay involved with past students from New Directions.
  • I have lots of friends and family whom I stay in touch with.
  • I try to play racquetball 2-3x / week. (and I just won a B-doubles tournament!)
  • I referee high school soccer games and tournaments.
  • I have an active blog.
  • I am active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • I run a non-profit mental health agency.
  • I have a coach and I am a coach.
  • I run an online business selling Eucalyptus products.
  • I volunteer for 3 non-profits.
  • I built a 2-story garage and workshop.
  • I live in some of the most beautiful country on the planet.
  • I manage 4 businesses.
  • I like to stay busy.”

“People might argue with me,” Matt says, “but I believe that the #1 best thing we could do for ourselves, as a society, is to OPEN our right-brain, and allow our creativity, love, and passion to come thru.  Our left-brain logical thinking side (IQ) has been king for hundreds of years, while our right-brain creative feeling side (EQ) has been denied, lied about and generally disrespected.  That means people are making daily decisions based on one part of their brain, and therefore not getting the whole picture.  This phenomenon is, in my opinion, the fundamental flaw in our society — leading to stress, depression, rage, abuse, violence, crime, mental health issues, addictions (including Almost Alcoholics), divorce, suicide, even war. The good news is that we can change it!  We are finding that EQ awareness and training allows people to change at a fundamental, foundational level.”

Matt cites extensive stats on how EQ has helped:
• To the heart:  self-esteem, belonging, life satisfaction, happiness, relationships, success
• Emotional healing:  anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, shame, fear, pain, power and control issues, violation, trauma, recovery… even physical healing(!)
• Kids in school: confidence, cooperation, commitment, anti-bullying
• People at work: communication skills, customer service, employee retention, team-building, even sales results!
• Families: communications, “I” messages, active listening, intention, language of feelings
• Teams everywhere:  cooperation, teamwork, success, camaraderie
In summary, Matt declares: “I believe that a focus on Emotional Literacy awareness and training could very possibly CHANGE THE WORLD, so I have made a person mission to show the world the wonder and joy of having a high EQ!”

Turn this:

Into this:

Matt knows the way!

Matt says, “EQ is FREE! – Totally, completely, absolutely, 100% Free! Take as much as you want, for as long as you live, every moment of every day!”

CLICK HERE for EQ Rocks on the Web!

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Matt’s blog is HERE!

Test your Emotional Intelligence HERE!


* * * * * *


Installation Artist, Visual Revelationist, Weathermaker



Berndnaut Smilde currently resides in Amsterdam. His work consists of installations, sculptures and photos. Using his daily surroundings and spaces as motives, Berndnaut is interested in the moment of friction between construction and deconstruction. With this he refers to both the physical state of a building as well as a moment of revelation that depicts hope or perishableness. Berndnaut analyses spaces and their appearance and takes them apart to work with details. The choices he makes are often situations that deal with duality. They question: inside and outside, temporality, size, the function of materials and architectural elements.

Berndnaut holds an MA from the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen. His awards include a start stipend form The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. He was a resident artist at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 2008.

Selected exhibitions:

Out of Focus: Photography, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK  (2012)

ManifestAanwezig, kasteel D’Aspremont-Lynden, Rekem, BE (2012)

Kammerspiele, Mischpoke, Mönchengladbach, DE (2011)

Galerie West, The Hague, NL (2010)

Automatic, Auto Italia South East, London, UK (2009)

Process Room, Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, IE (2008)

Breathtaking, uplifting artworks…

Berndnaut’s exhibit at Mercer Union in Toronto opens this week!

CLICK HERE for Berndnaut’s website!

CLICK HERE for his artist’s profile!

Check out the Washington Post’s ARTICLE about Berndnaut!


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5 Comments on “Creative Mojo’s Callin’! June 13, 2012”

  1. June 13, 2012 at 1:04 PM #

    Great show, Mark! Loved hearing you and Mr. Electric. 🙂

    On the toilet lid issue: When you flush your toilet, thousands of tiny germ-laden droplets spray all over your bathroom. So, put the lid down first and then flush!


  2. June 13, 2012 at 1:04 PM #

    Oh my gosh. I’ve been seeing Mr. Smilde’s work all over pinterest, but thought they were photoshop pieces. I had NO idea. Amazing. And a great interview. Your description really captured my imagination.


    • June 13, 2012 at 5:06 PM #

      Isn’t his work incredible? I’ve never been more moved. There is just something so romantic and dramatic about the clouds! xoxom


  3. Marilyn Weiss
    June 15, 2012 at 6:06 AM #


    To add to what’s already been said, numerous studies have been done about the amount of fecal bacteria found on toothbrushes in bathrooms where toilet covers are left in the up position when flushed. It has nothing to do with all men in household or all women or all giraffes. Think about this the next time you flush and then reach for your toothbrush…. I’m definitely a lid down person. Lovin’ the show, still listening on my podcast. As always, you and Mr. Electric are the bomb.
    Marilyn Weiss


  4. Marilyn Weiss
    June 19, 2012 at 7:40 AM #


    Just finished hearing the podcast interview with Berndnaut and now I’m really blown away. I thought that they were some sort of fiber that he created and hung to look like clouds. Didn’t realize that he was actually producing indoor clouds. Sure is creativity at it’s best. Jeff also brought up a good point of how amazing the photos are and the talent it takes so capture something so fleeting so beautifully.


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