Rain or Shine, It’s Mojo Time! June 27, 2012


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Art Director, Designer, Mr. Electric Himself


What’s Jeff been up to lately, you ask?

Jeff ran into Savion Glover at the mall last week!

Well, ooookay, within a 15-foot perimeter. But still! EXCITING!

Fun fact: Mr. Electric loooooves eating…

That’s right! Jeff loves him some Sugar Daddy goodness!! 

Sadly, just the SIGHT of one of these sticky delights is enough to crack Jeff’s crowns wide open!

Just say NO to Sugar Daddies, Mr. E! 

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Actor, Writer, Improviser, Cultural Commentator



About MOLLY…

Molly Erdman is an actor, improviser, and writer based in Los Angeles. Raised in Dallas, Molly attended the Greenhill School and co-founded an improv group there during her senior year of high school. From there she headed north to Boston (or pretty close to it) to attend Tufts University, where she majored in Drama and minored in Political Science. After graduating from college, Molly moved to Chicago to pursue acting and improv, ultimately hoping to make it to the famed Second City Mainstage.

Molly with her Second City colleagues

She took classes and performed at iO (formerly Improv Olympic) where she was taught and directed by the late Del Close. She also studied and performed at The Annoyance Theatre and The Second City, where she was hired to the National Touring Company in 2002 and the Mainstage in 2005. On the Second City Mainstage, Molly wrote and performed three revues, including Between Barack and a Hard Place, which she had the honor of performing for then-Senator Barack Obama himself. Her portrayal of Hillary Clinton in the show was featured in a segment on Nightline.

In October 2007, Molly left the Second City and Chicago and headed to Los Angeles to further pursue film and television work. She was featured in commercials for Sonic Drive-In (‘memba?) from 2005 to 2009, and has also appeared on According to Jim; a pilot for MadTV’s Bobby Lee; Jimmy Kimmel Live; In the Flow With Affion Crockett; and in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard starring Jeremy Piven. Molly has worked for Current TV, appearing as a reviewer on The Rotten Tomatoes Show, as well as freelance writing for both Rotten Tomatoes and Infomania.

In 2010, Molly started the blog Catalog Living, which takes a humorous look at the people who live inside home furnishing catalogs. The site has received over 4.3 million hits and has been featured in stories by The Chicago Tribune, NPR’s Marketplace, and The Associated Press. Catalog Living was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 25 Blogs of 2011 and her book, Decorating Takes (Wicker) Balls, was published yesterday by Plume Books! The book features 100% new material, including words of decorating wisdom from Gary & Elaine.

CLICK HERE for Molly’s website!



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Textile and Quilt Designer, Author, Fig Tree Quilt-er



About JOANNA. . .

Joanna says, “My name is Joanna Figueroa. I am a textile designer, a quilt pattern designer and the owner of Fig Tree Quilts. I run the business with the help of my right hand man, my husband, the encouragement of my children and the busy hands of a whole team of wonderful ladies [and a gentleman]. And that’s just my second job! My first job is being a mom to my three kids, Ben-8, Zack-6 and Ella-2. Between these 2 loves of mine, there isn’t much time left for other things, including doing the laundry and doing my hair in the morning. I am currenlty trying to do a better job of balancing all of the things I feel passionate about. The list is long.”

“Things I enjoy today include exploring little towns with my family, going to flea markets, gardening especially in the spring, taking photos of my kids, painting & sketching, pottery- both making it and buying it [my husband says I have an unnatural love of bowls!], reading sentimental books about life in small towns, putting my daughter’s hair in ponytails. And oh, yeah, I love a good glass of iced tea any time of the day!”

Joanna is the owner of Fig Tree & Co, a quilt & sewing pattern company. According to Joanna,”We produce over 150 quilting, sewing and children’s patterns and thematic booklets. We focus our quilting designs on classic patterns with fresh and innovative methods so that they are accessible to every level of sewer. No complicated templates here! Our sewing patterns are made with the beginning and intermediate sewer in mind and focus on using quilting terminology so that quilters do not have to be intimidated to cross over into sewing projects. We compliment our quilting and sewing designs with whimsical and charming accessory and children’s patterns. We love to make little animals and other fun goodies. Think- mice, snails and goldfish! We are addicted to making pincushions as well as purses so you will be able to find something that suits your needs for sure!”

“Each year we design 3 fabric collections of licensed designs for MODA Fabrics and we are currently working on our 24th fabric collection, if you can believe it! We also publish Fresh Vintage™ which is our quarterly style magazine with color and style advice, book reviews, recipes, ideas and at least two full size patterns per issue. We organize year round trunk shows and trade shows of our products and collaborate on books and magazines with our favorite publishers. We work on the Fig Tree Club, which is available in dozens of fabric stores both online and brick & mortar stores nationally.”

Fresh vintage, indeed! Fig Tree is fabulous!

We’ll be chatting about Joanna’s newest book!

CLICK HERE for Joanna’s blog!

CLICK HERE for all things Fig Tree & Co!

Joanna’s on PINTEREST and TWITTER!

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Relationship Columnist, Creative Junkie, Word Wizard, VP of Fun


About AMY…

Amy Chan is a marketing executive and a relationship columnist for Vancouver’s 24 Hours Newspaper. In her spare time, when she’s not making mix tapes or up to general do-gooding, she’s an avid blogger (with the moniker AmyFabulous), food enthusiast and world traveler.

Amy says, “I believe in love, in giving, in giving more than you take, in honesty, in sharing, in empowering, in laughing lots and moving forward and not being stuck in the past. I have experienced a lot of “growing pains” as a child and as a teen – wearing the masks of so many different characters – the popular kid, the kid who got bullied, the party animal, the gangster wannabe, the save all your minimum wage checks to buy a thousand dollar LV bag girl, the boy crazy girl, the student, the worker, the overachiever….

When I look back at how different I was from year over year, I have a sigh of relief that I’m a lot more comfortable with myself now. I also acknowledge how easily I could have been swayed to fall down the wrong path in those tender and vulnerable teenage years. I am fortunate to have a really strong and supportive family and the best friends a girl could ask for.

I love my sisters dearly and have them to thank for so much in my life. I have learned to not associate myself with negative energy. I truly believe in the saying, ‘The 5 people you associate the most with…you become’. I believe that we all have choices – we choose our perception and they way we want to see the world. Unfortunately, sometimes the beliefs that hold so strongly to go unquestioned, even when they are not our own – but passed on from our parents, culture, socialization and interpretation of events. These beliefs dictate every thought we have, every action, every pattern. When we can recognize the beliefs and patterns that are destructive to our peace and well being, and make the effort to change the ingredients in order to see a change in the results…we evolve. We grow past that test the universe has challenged us with.

I write as an outlet to express, to heal, to share… If my writing has touched just one person, has helped someone feel understood or not so alone, then that to me is my success and my reward. I thank you for being a part of my growing process and hope that in some way I can be a part of yours…

A rule I live by is to be as human as you possibly can – live and express. Laugh, cry, love, fall, dance, try, play…. Embrace every minute of your experiences as if there was no next week. I invite you to my world – my experiences, passions,  relationships and lessons learned along the way. Thank you.”

We’ll be talking about Amy’s recent essay on HuffPo:

Amy’s on the road to happiness! Let’s join her!

CLICK HERE for Amy’s website!

Read Amy’s columns at the HUFFPO!


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Author, Journalist


About EYAL…

Eyal Press is a contributing writer at the Nation and a journalist who has written extensively about politics, social issues and the world of ideas. He was a Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation from 2009 to 2011. He His essays, reviews, and feature stories have appeared in the New York Review of Books, The New York Times, the Atlantic MonthlyMother Jones, The Columbia Journalism Review and numerous other publications. His first book, Absolute Convictions, a narrative account of the abortion wars that racked the city of Buffalo, NY, was published by Henry Holt in 2006. His new book examines civil disobedience and acts of conscience, examining the flip side of the “banality of evil,” and was just published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Beautiful Souls is Eyal’s new book…

On the Swiss border with Austria in 1938, a police captain refuses to enforce a law barring Jewish refugees from entering his country. In the Balkans half a century later, a Serb from the war-blasted city of Vukovar defies his superiors in order to save the lives of Croats. At the height of the Second Intifada, a member of Israel’s most elite military unit informs his commander he doesn’t want to serve in the occupied territories.

Fifty years after Hannah Arendt examined the dynamics of conformity in her seminal account of the Eichmann trial, Beautiful Souls explores the flipside of the banality of evil, mapping out what impels ordinary people to defy the sway of authority and convention. Through the dramatic stories of unlikely resisters who feel the flicker of conscience when thrust into morally compromising situations, Eyal Press shows that the boldest acts of dissent are often carried out not by radicals seeking to overthrow the system but by true believers who cling with unusual fierceness to their convictions. Drawing on groundbreaking research by moral psychologists and neuroscientists, Beautiful Souls culminates with the story of a financial industry whistleblower who loses her job after refusing to sell a toxic product she rightly suspects is being misleadingly advertised. At a time of economic calamity and political unrest, this deeply reported work of narrative journalism examines the choices and dilemmas we all face when our principles collide with the loyalties we harbor and the duties we are expected to fulfill.

CLICK HERE for Eyal’s website!

Eyal’s on TWITTER!


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