Creative Mojo’s Back in the Saddle! November 28, 2012


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just log onto for a brand-new,

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Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski!

3 pm -5 pm EST    2 pm – 4 pm CST 1 pm – 3 pm MST    12 pm – 2 pm PST

Call in anytime during the live show with your questions or comments for my guests

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 Neighbor, Crafter, Artist, The Incredibly Generous


(a/k/a Kidney Mary!)

People’s lives…like mine…depend on donors who give us renewed health. Mary and I are awaiting the go-ahead for my upcoming kidney transplant.

What’s hot?? This week’s Mojo topics, that’s what!

1. My health status update…

2. My new Andover fabric line! (CLICK HERE for the deets!)

3. Punch needle! (you know you wanna…)

4. FriXion pens (EVERYBODY’s talkin’!)

5. Embroidery projects…stitchably sweet!

6. and last but not least: The fabulous Quilt Alliance auction!

I promised you cupcakes that I would tell you when the auction for the house-shaped QUILT ALLIANCE works began. Well, dumplings, it’s time! MY quilt is not being auctioned in the current group (it’s coming up in a few weeks) — but you might want to bid on several of these beauties now. Even if you don’t bid, it is so worth taking a peek at the fiber art! CLICK HERE to see ’em!

Look at this up-for-grabs beauty by Lashonne Abel!

Also, I would LOVE to have you join Quilt Alliance with me. Just go to to join.



Art Quilter, Author, Teacher, Restorer, Appraiser


About MARY…

Mary says, “I am an American Quilt Society certified appraiser and an award winning quilter. I grew up in a family of quilters and have been teaching since 1987.  I currently lecture and conduct workshops that focus on quilt history and the preservation of antique textiles. In addition, I am the owner of Pieced of Olde, a small business that specializes in restoration and repair of antique textiles. My husband Ralph and I currently live outside of Washington, DC.

I am an active member of the Professional Appraisers Association for Quilters Textiles (PAAQT), the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG), American Quilters Society, Cabin Branch Quilters, Quilters Unlimited, Mason Dixon QPN, the Virginia Quilt Consortium, the Quilt Professionals Network, MMS, and several quilt dating groups in my area.

I love all things old and cherished; a deep faith, family relationships, good friends, old papers, vintage textiles. I get my energy by taking pieces and scraps from yesterday and making them into new works of art. Each compilation quilt honors those who came before us and celebrates all that we are able to do and be today.

I am truly blessed to be able to work with other quilters and historians in my appraisal practice. I am allowed to play with the vintage quilts and investigate the family stories. I am constantly amazed by the wondrous things my fellow quilters are making today. I am honored to see people’s eyes light up at my lectures and in my workshops. And yes, I also get to quilt!

I am truly blessed.”

Mary’s works embrace and embody the past…


Mary and I are discussing an exciting opportunity for quilters:

Dare to Dance Quilts!

Mary says, “I am thrilled to announce an exciting three-part opportunity for Art Quilters! Come play with me as I present a publishing opportunity and a traveling exhibit. Submissions deadline is February 15, 2013.” Entrants will submit a 18 x 30 art quilt interpreting the theme Dare to Dance: An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy…

CLICK HERE to learn more about Dare to Dance!

CLICK HERE for Mary’s website…so much info about her projects!



Writer, Shopowner, Designer, Genealogist, Memory Artist



About NESSA…

Nessa is a memory artist, ranging across scrapbooking, small-scale handsewn quilting, decoupage, family history, and writing. She writes young-adult fiction, memoir essays, and poetry. She’s also written for various publications, including Mark Lipinski’s Christmas 365 and Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Trends. And she’s a pop culture maven who owns more than 5,000 vinyl LPs (K-Tels a specialty!) and collects 1960s/70s craft & design books, showbiz bios, Sears catalogs, and cookbooks. Nessa graduated from Bowdoin College dreaming of becoming a jazz deejay, but instead worked as a writer, designer, and editor for 22 years.

Nessa says, “Four years ago, after much soul-searching, I took a leap: I resigned from a longtime desk job to open a quilting and scrapbooking shop on Mount Desert Island, Maine with my business partner, Erin Early Ward. This decision was as exhilarating and terrifying as you think it was. Fabricate opened on August 15, 2008, and on that very first day (unbeknownst to us!) the Quilter Magazine’s Cruise for a Cure ship docked in our home port of Bar Harbor.  Nearly sixty customers (and lots of encouragement!) later, we knew we’d made the right choice.”

It’s been a big year for Nessa! In August, she published her first book of poetry, The Reporter Gene (she designed the book, too, and illustrated it with her own photographs). In September, Fabricate launched its first line of 12×12 scrapbooking papers, Vacationland. The papers feature Nessa’s photography, and she designed the line in Photoshop. Maine-themed scrapbooking has never been easier! “As a shopowner,” Nessa summarizes, “I’m busier and dizzier than I’ve ever been (and I say that as a mom of 4 kids!). I meet thousands of crafters a year, and share stories with them about what inspires us. And I love that leap I took!”


Some of Nessa’s craftworks…


Check out Fabricate’s Vacationland papers!

We’ll be chatting about Nessa’s new book!

CLICK HERE for Fabricate’s website!

Find Nessa’s book HERE!

Fabricate’s on FACEBOOK!

Tree Stories is on FACEBOOK!

* * * * * *


Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Social Commenter



About JUSTIN. . .

Justin says, “I can safely say that I’m unlike anyone else you’ll ever meet. I’m rather strange, and I’ve realized that it’s something to take pride in. Normality is bogus.

I’m pretty well anchored down to earth and at the times I float away, gravity’s pretty quick to do a number on me. Music is oxygen – I usually find myself strumming my acoustic guitar singing about the heydays and the heartbreaks…and when I’m not doing that, there’s usually a record blaring. Nothing else makes as much sense.

I’ll admit that I am definitely a work in progress; I’m working out the kinks and smoothing out the edges, but I’ve come to find that dents and scratches can add character. I’m deeper than you’ll give me credit for and I like it that way….. it makes it easier to blow your mind. Dig it.”

On Black Friday, Justin posted a Facebook status that I just adored!

CLICK HERE for FREE downloads of Justin’s music!

Justin’s band, Midas the Crow, is on FACEBOOK!

Justin is on FACEBOOK!

* * * * * *


Designer, Knitter, Crocheter, Author, Teacher


About NICKY…

Nicky Epstein is a world renowned knitwear designer, teacher and author of over 20 bestselling books. Her knitting and crochet books range from highly original resource books, to historical books, to travel books, to Barbie Doll books, to amazingly creative design fashion/pattern books. Her books are “must haves” in the libraries of designers and knitters alike, and she has won the National Independent Book Publisher’s Award for Best Craft Book Of The Year…three times!

Her innovative, fashionable, whimsical and award-winning designs have appeared in every major knitwear magazine, in museums and on television, and she has taught classes to knitters around the world and hosted many Vogue Knitting Tours overseas as well as others.

She has also designed her own beautiful line of silk scarves, buttons and clasps.

She loves to share her expertise and enthusiasm for knitting, with countless fans, who appreciate her imaginative techniques along with her seemingly unending creative designs.

She lives in New York City but travels extensively, bringing her knitting along.

Nicky’s book covers reveal her breathtaking range…

Nicky’s new book is simply sumptuous!

Our universe is filled with circles: the earth, the moon, the sun, sewing and knitting circles, and of course circles of friends. In Nicky Epstein’s latest book, KNITTING IN CIRCLES: 100 Circular Patterns for Sweaters, Bags, Hats, Afghans, and More (Potter Craft, $29.99), Nicky boldly challenges how knitters think about making and using circular shapes to create stunning one-of-a-kind projects.

Nicky offers knitters more than 100 patterns for circles and circular shapes that can be used in 20 attention-grabbing projects for sweaters, dresses, bags, hats, afghans, and more. Each chapter focuses on a specific technique, from basics to ornate, colorwork to cables. Nicky then shows readers how to mix, match, and easily combine the patterns, using the cut-and-paste design templates, to create garments and accessories that are unique and individual.


Check out this behind-the-scenes glimpse of a Knitting in Circles photo shoot!

CLICK HERE for Nicky’s website!

Nicky blogs HERE!

Find Nicky’s new book HERE!


Nicky has a super page at Vogue Knitting!


And when your MOJO listening’s done. . .

If you’ve never used Auriful Thread. . .

. . .  then you haven’t really sewn!

Why not start off with my BASICS ?

Go to my web site to order YOUR collection — CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.

Many thanks to Nessa Reifsnyder of Fabricate, for assistance with Mark Lipinski’s Blog!

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10 Comments on “Creative Mojo’s Back in the Saddle! November 28, 2012”

  1. Sue
    November 23, 2012 at 4:50 PM #

    Mark, I have missed your bubbly personality. It’s great to hear from you again. Welcome back, and keep up that sunny attitude.

    Sue =^..^= X 4 I am only one person. There are many things I cannot do, but there are also many things I can do. I will not let the things I can’t do prevent me from doing the things I can do.


  2. November 23, 2012 at 6:50 PM #

    SQEEEEEE!!!!! You’re back!!! So glad you’re feeling better Head Cupcake. 🙂


  3. Marilyn Weiss
    November 24, 2012 at 5:11 AM #

    Oh happy day! No need to send a Christmas present this year–Creative Mojo back on the air is enough. xxoo

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Marilyn Weiss
    November 24, 2012 at 6:26 AM #

    Just darned some teatowels using my sewing machine. Why throw away perfectly good towels with no stains just because of a few holes? Feelin’ thirfty, nifty and wise. Could be a segment on a future show ??–what listeners are doing to make ends meet. By the way it was very theraputic–almost as good as piecing!


  5. November 24, 2012 at 6:27 AM #

    I’m so happy you are feeling better!! I’ve missed you, the show and chatting with Eric. Looking forward to Wednesday!!!


  6. chrissy
    November 24, 2012 at 6:57 AM #

    Mark, I’m so happy to hear your Mojo is back! I’ve set an alarm to remind me! I’ll be quilting and listening – perfect way to spend a day! I am anxious to hear about your health. My mom is a kidney recipient! Take care, Chrissy


  7. Peggy
    November 24, 2012 at 8:24 AM #

    Mark, I though I was loosing it, because I kept looking for your Creative Mojo program,but was not finding it. I hope it become listed as most popular so it will be easy to find on the I-pad I am learning how to use.


  8. Mary Gross
    November 25, 2012 at 5:59 AM #

    Fabulous!!!!!!! Very happy to hear that you have a donor! Goo luck and God’s speed!!! I pray for speedy recovery for both of you. What a wonderful gift!!!


  9. November 26, 2012 at 8:32 AM #

    Hi Mark, You, your family, and your donor have been in my prayers for a long time. Now I can add the name Mary and her family to my prayers. Praying for all for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Welcome back to what you love.


  10. November 28, 2012 at 2:04 PM #

    So good to hear your voice again, Head Cupcake! You sound great. 🙂

    So sorry that you had to go through so much pain.


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