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EXTRA! EXTRA! Health Update!!

Home again, home again! It’s been two full weeks since my kidney transplant (can you believe it?!) I’m starting to feel like my old self (not that that’s a good thing! LOL).

Hello Mark


As a treat for not screaming loudly enough to frighten the other patients, Mr. Electric just bought me 12 Klondike’s!

I was cleared to take my first shower in two weeks yesterday. It felt great! The hospital called on Monday after my blood work to adjust one of my meds. So I’m taking a slightly smaller dose. Looks like Mary’s kidney is doing the trick and, for the first time in 30 years, I do not have high blood pressure and am being taken from my blood pressure tablets. !!!

The drainage ball that had been inserted in my side was removed Monday without a hitch (although I could feel it moving deep inside of my body, there was no real feeling near the very tiny incision). I’ve just got a bandaid on it now. I was able to sleep on my side for the first time since the transplant!

The team also told me that I am probably ready to start driving again (although I’m not allowed near groups of people, LOL…one visitor at a time — and sparingly at that). Large incision staples come out next week.

And best of all, the urethral stent is now only a faint memory! It took all of 30 seconds to remove but it was the most intense, wild feeling I’ve ever experienced! Like pain and pleasure and orgasm and gonorrhea… LOL. Just totally, totally weird. That said, I am so happy that it is over!

Thank you everybody for asking how I’m doing, and for all of the cards, letters and gifties! xoxom

* * * * * *


Writer, Quilter, Craft Shop Owner, Scrapbooker, Genealogist



About NESSA…

Fabricate-int1 Nessa is a memory artist, ranging across scrapbooking, small-scale handsewn quilting, decoupage, family history, and writing. She writes young-adult fiction, memoir essays, and poetry. She’s also written for various publications, including Mark Lipinski’s Christmas 365 and Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Trends. And she’s a pop culture maven who owns more than 5,000 vinyl LPs (K-Tels a specialty!) and collects 1960s/70s craft & design books, showbiz bios, Sears catalogs, and cookbooks. Nessa graduated from Bowdoin College dreaming of becoming a jazz deejay, but instead worked as a writer, designer, and editor for 22 years. Nessa co-owns Fabricate, a vibrant crafts shop on Mount Desert Island, Maine. “Fabricate opened on August 15, 2008,” she says, “and on that very first day (unbeknownst to us!) the Quilter Magazine’s Cruise for a Cure ship docked in our home port of Bar Harbor. Nearly sixty customers (and lots of encouragement!) later, we knew we’d made the right choice.”

Among the random things on Nessa’s mind this week:

1. Pride and glee…


2. Supercouple 4E…


3. What will she…


…do to these?!

512px-Drakes-Ring-DingsSONY DSC

Plus, from Nessa’s Bottomless Vinyl Vault…


(Who are these guys?)

CLICK HERE for Nessa’s website!


* * * * * *


Quilter, Designer, Entrepreneur, Author 




b912_cCheryl Brown started her creative life as a commercial interior designer, where she worked with colors, textures and fabric. She started quilting around 20 years ago, when a sweet baby boy came into her family, and later a sweet baby girl, and she needed a creative outlet.

She worked for a local quilt shop for several years, where she learned how to machine quilt. She bought her own long-arm machine and opened her own business, QuilterChic in 2006, when she also started designing quilts. This is Cheryl’s second book. Her first book was “Fresh and Fabulous Quilts,” also published by Martingale & Co.

Cheryl lives in Centerville, Utah, with her husband, Neil, and her two children, Adrian and Natalie. She also has two little kitties, Twinkie and Zinger, that keep life interesting!

Cheryl’s latest book will bring out the batik in you!


It’s easy to see why batiks are so popular–they’re beautiful! And this collection of fabulous patterns can help you make the most of these richly colorful quilt fabrics.

  • Choose from 12 inspiring, traditional projects, each with a suggested quilting design
  • Discover new ways to show off batiks or other favorite fabrics in quilts using precut strips, fat quarters, and/or yardage
  • Learn fascinating tidbits about batik fabrics, including their history, waxing and dyeing techniques, colorways, and more

Color pops, blends, and blossoms in Cheryl’s designs


B1141_4ths.inddB1141_4ths.indd B1141_4ths.indd   B1141_4ths.indd B1141_4ths.indd B1141_4ths.indd

CLICK HERE for Cheryl’s website!

CLICK HERE for Cheryl’s book (and a nifty video tute!)




Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Bandleader


Ari sings Jersey Babes

About ARI…

Unbeknownst to the world, Todd Rundgren and Laura Nyro had a secret daughter, Ari Shagal. Okay, so maybe Ari’s parents aren’t literally Todd and Laura, but musically speaking, they might as well be! She grew up to be as wacky, comedic, and as immune to musical categorization as her father, while her pianistic style, vocal range, and physical appearance clearly indicated who her mother was. And, like both her parents, she became a composer, a lyricist, and a public eccentric! These days, Ari leads a NYC band called the Summarily Dismissed, which includes lead vocalists Matthew Lomeo and Ferima Faye. The band’s initials are S.D., just like Steely Dan; that’s no accident!

The Summarily Dismissed released their debut CD in 2012:


There was Ari, in New York, ready to parade her bizarrely eclectic work before the ears of the listening public . . . but, in order to do so, she needed the right vocalists. Well, she lucked out, big time, when she happened upon the golden soprano voice of Ferima Faye, a native New Yorker whose incredible vocal talents are rivaled only by her incredibly creative and visionary fashion design; and Matthew Lomeo, a soulful baritone whose raw, magnetic voice continually made his native town of Utica sit bolt upright and shake its collective booty. Together, these three whippersnappers teamed up with producer and guitarist Joe Davi (known for his work with Ne-Yo, Mya, and Jay-Z), bassist Pat O’Leary (a member of Bob Dorough’s trio), and drummer Eric Halvorson (a frequent member of Ute Lemper’s touring ensemble). The resulting album, To Each!, also features an appearance by the illustrious jazz vocalist Kenny Washington, whose talents are incredible beyond description, in addition to conga and bongo work by percussionist Nydia Mata, who was, for many years, a constant member of Laura Nyro’s band.

Group Shot

Live at the Parkside  Lomeo bros

Cheetari at the piano

CLICK HERE for Ari’s website!


To Each! is available on iTunes!



Artist, Art History Professor, Rock Climber, Boulderer, Author



About PETER…

Peter Beal has been climbing for more than 30 years and has focused on the sport of bouldering from the very start. Although he has bouldered at most of the major areas in the United States, he can most often be found climbing in his home state of Colorado, where he lives in Boulder with his family. A previous contributor to Rock and Ice, Climbing, Alpinist, and, you can follow his writing at

Peter has been teaching in the area of art history and humanities for over a decade, working with students at University of Colorado-Denver, University of Colorado-Boulder and Front Range Community College. Peter states his teaching philosophy as follows: “I like to see students begin to really think for themselves, using ideas and facts to understand themselves and their place in the world.”

Peter ‘s own artwork focuses on lush, expansive landscape paintings, most recently exhibited at The SPOT in Boulder, CO.

Peter’s book is a guide and inspiration for boulderers…


The latest addition to the Mountaineers Outdoor Expert Series, Bouldering: Movement, Tactics, and Problem Solving demonstrates not just the basics of how to boulder, but also how to get better at it and take it to the next level. Whether you’re a beginning climber who just started at the local gym, a competitive sport climber looking for a new challenge, or an aging alpinist who needs to take a season off from high-altitude, this guidebook offers something for everyone pursuing the art of bouldering. 


Climbing6 Climbing7  Climbing10

Peter’s paintings depict wide open spaces:

Moonrise invite back Beal-9 Beal-7 Beal-3 Beal-2 Beal-1

CLICK HERE for Peter’s website!

CLICK HERE for a preview of Peter’s book!

Buy Peter’s book HERE!

Peter is on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE!


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    Lookin’ good, Head Cupcake! Glad you’re feeling better. 🙂


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