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Hello Mark

News from Mark!

So late last week, I met with the surgeon who doesn’t seem to be all that alarmed about the abdominal pain I’ve been feeling. He seems to think that what I am experiencing is either a muscle strain and/or regeneration of cut nerves to cause a form of neuropathy. He wants me to just take it easy and keep my eye on it.

As it stands, he was not the least bit worried about my creatinine levels inching upward. If they continue to go up, I will have to have an ultrasound and if there is fluid building around the kidney–which is not all that uncommon–I would need a minor operation to release the fluid. So no news is good news, I guess. Thank you all, again, for the cards and letters and surprises and online support. I so, so appreciate it! xoxom

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Writer, Quilter, Craft Shop Owner, Scrapbooker, Genealogist



About NESSA…

Fabricate-int1 Nessa is a memory artist, ranging across scrapbooking, small-scale quilting, decoupage, family history, and writing. She writes young-adult fiction, memoir essays, and poetry. She’s also written for various publications, including Mark Lipinski’s Christmas 365 and Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Trends. And she’s a pop culture maven who owns more than 5,000 vinyl LPs (K-Tels a specialty!) and collects 1960s/70s craft & design books, showbiz bios, Sears catalogs, and cookbooks. Nessa graduated from Bowdoin College dreaming of becoming a jazz deejay, but instead worked as a writer, designer, and editor for 22 years. She’s the proud mom of 4 children, ages 13 to 22, and the proud wife of Peter, a scientist who studies aging. Six male cats have the run of their house—and every Wednesday, while she’s taping Creative Mojo, Nessa needs a Production Assistant to keep the felines at bay!

Nessa co-owns Fabricate, a vibrant crafts shop on Mount Desert Island, Maine.

Among the random things on Nessa’s mind this week:

1. Microwave ovens…


2. Plungers?!


And, from Nessa’s Bottomless Vinyl Vault…


CLICK HERE for Nessa’s website!


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Fashion and Fair-Trade Entrepreneur



About WENDY…

Wendy says, “My background is in international trade.  I’m an attorney and licensed Customs broker.  I worked for 15 years in the Customs and Export compliance field for a high tech company and then for an energy company.

In April of last year, I left my job to pursue a patent for a new handbag design and to begin working with marginalized artisans around the world.  I wanted to make a difference both with the sustainable design of our bag and also by plugging fair trade work into the design.  I knew something about manufacturing but very little about the fashion accessories/ sewn products markets, so the past year has been a huge learning experience for me!

Our product is a patent-pending handbag featuring interchangeable, machine-washable (greensleeves™) exteriors over a lightweight semi-rigid (plastic) handbag interior.  This functionality enables customers to machine-wash or replace a handbag exterior instead of tossing a dirty or tired bag in a landfill.  Our exteriors are currently available in six colors – each color reverses to black for double the number of looks.



Our pora bags also feature interchangeable, reversible decorative bands crafted by artisans in developing countries around the world.  The bands utilize a simple design that empowers marginalized artisans to independently design and create handwork that ties in easily to our bags. We’re currently working with artisans in Cambodia, China, Guatemala, Mongolia, Palestine, and Ukraine – with new partnerships developing in India and Africa.  Our goal is to expand to all countries where marginalized artisans exist.  We believe this first-of-its-kind collaboration between artisans and traditional manufacturing opens the door to enormous opportunity for mainstreaming and accelerating fair trade.”


Artisans all over the world are crafting beautiful embellishments for pora bags!





pora bags have so many different looks! Here’s a few of them…


Zyw39xGgQsD4Ee8nIgUWGNtP5rHt1tztt4GTj44UIKEzijeYZ6SjVn-Ga3YfooLpvDn9HS_z5A7AX7AFA9onwU   UltEd9IuRCn91T8qwC3mpm7e3ORN8uzoz318R8bdBX8QmlR_bwOK6ou47ExBHAgcWZ96qUEtScQwrXdigpTiaoW20w7n-VDk5CKSlb6vr-eDgjCosZ7_H_QAS4eY3iUQ4 KU8DqiC80JV00AHyhite0DyVG6RQFRI9J5kJKtvl6Ng

CLICK HERE for the pora bags website!

CLICK HERE for a “lookbook” of pora designs!




Quilter, Artist, Memoirist




Glenda says, “Creating is both a joyfully solitary pursuit and a kindred connectedness like nothing else. I’m so thankful to have inherited an inclination to create and to have been raised by parents who gave great value to unstructured time; and who fanned the flames of passion for working with my hands and heart. Because of this very practical upbringing, it never occurred to me that there was anything I couldn’t try. Therefore, I drew and painted, stitched and quilted my way into adulthood.

I began a blog four years ago intending to review books, and unexpectedly discovered a love of writing. Seeing life as a continuing story, as something to share with others, to laugh and ponder, has always been a part of my life, and became even more pronounced when my elderly parents moved in with us a number of years ago. Telling stories was a way to connect my father to the larger world as his own diminished; to entertain my family around the supper table. Writing has fostered such a sense of gratitude, gratitude for all of the gifts of life; connectedness, belonging, beauty, purpose.

There are so many sources of joy in my life; the love of God and family and friends and all things creative.”

Glenda’s works celebrate the natural world… 




someoneweknowthewatersfineP1040174 P1040086 P1030290a

For the work below, Glenda adapted her own painting [inset] into a quilt…


Glenda writes evocative essays about treasured family photos…


CLICK HERE for Glenda’s blog!

Glenda’s on PINTEREST!



Actor, Musician, Voiceover Artist, Radio Host




RistttRobbie Rist has been a multi-hyphenate since childhood. From playing piano and violin at 3 to his first acting job at 6 to even directing his first movie at 7, Robbie knew that he liked entertainment. All of it. He has been part of successful television series’ (Brady Bunch, Kidd Video, Galactica 1980, Naruto, and currently the voice of Stuffy in Disney Jr.’s wildly successful Doc McStuffins), movies (Iron Eagle as well as the voice of Michaelangelo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films) and radio (over 600 radio spots and counting).

d78fc0a398a0e78555bc0210_L__AA240_He has also enjoyed a successful music career as front man for 90s pop/punk progenitors Wonderboy, guitarist and singer for power pop sensations The Andersons!, as well as producer and recording engineer for 70s teen heartthrobs (and Avril Levigne copyright challengers) The Rubinoos, and Spanish pop gods Suzy and Los Quattro.

Robbie is a proud resident of the Los Angeles area (or, as he says, “Los Angeleno by birth, San Fernando Valley by the grace of God”) and believes everyone who thinks people from Los Angeles are jerks have only talked to the morons who move there and think they “have to act all L.A.”.



Get Robbie’s music HERE and HERE!

Robbie’s radio show, The Spoon, is on FACEBOOK!

Doc McStuffins is on FACEBOOK!

Robbie’s on TWITTER!



Educators, Labor Advocates


Andi & Joel

About ANDI…

Adrienne Andi Sosin chairs the education committee of the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition. She co-authored The New York City Triangle Factory Fire, a 2011 Arcadia Images of America book, and co-edited and authored chapters in Organizing the Curriculum: Perspectives on Teaching the American Labor Movement (Sense Publishers, 2009). Andi taught English Language Arts and Social Studies in New York City’s middle and high schools, and Literacy Education at Pace University, the City College of New York, and Adelphi University. She earned her Ed.D. in Higher & Adult Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, an M.S. in Industrial Relations at Pace University, an M.S. in Reading Education at Queens College, CUNY, and a B.A. in History and Education at SUNY StonyBrook.

About JOEL…

Joel Sosinsky is an attorney and founding board member and currently serves as Secretary of the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition. Now retired from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and New York City government, he co-authored The New York City Triangle Factory Fire and contributed to Organizing the Curriculum: Perspectives on Teaching the American Labor Movement. He earned his J.D. at St. John’s University School of Law, an M.P.A. at New York University, and a B.A. in Economics at SUNY StonyBrook.


About Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition…

The Triangle Waist Company was located one block east of New York City’s Washington Square Park. On March 25, 1911 a fire broke out on the 8th floor. The workers ran to the fire escape. It collapsed, dropping many to their death. On the 9th floor a critical exit was locked. People on the street watched as the workers began to jump out the windows to their death. Fire trucks arrived but their ladders only reached the 6th floor. The elevators ran as long as they could, workers pressed into the cars; some tumbled down the elevator shaft.

146 people perished, mostly young immigrant women. There was a trial but the owners, long known for their anti-union activities, were acquitted. The fire galvanized a movement for social justice and became a rallying cry for the rights of workers, women and immigrants. Many of the fire safety laws that protect us to this day were created in response to this tragic event.


According to their website, “The mission of The Coalition is to raise public awareness of the Triangle Fire and its legacy. Each year we remember the victims, mostly immigrant, mostly young, and mostly women, who died in the tragic fire. The Coalition also celebrates activism and the continued fight for workers’ rights. In partnership with family members, friends, and members of the community committed to honoring those who died needlessly, we will create a vertical urban memorial.

“We remember because we are still fighting for social justice for all.”




MG_0414481311_10151506241881421_1834897332_nMG_1036_low1 MG_1038_low

CLICK HERE for the Coalition’s website!

CLICK HERE to donate to the Coalition!

Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition is on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE!


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