Reinvent Yourself with Creative Mojo! January 15, 2014

Reinvent Yourself with Creative Mojo! 

January 15, 2014

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Designers, Fiber Artists, Owners of Woolin Rouge




About Sylvia…

Montana and Wyoming have always been home to Sylvia Gauthier. She was born in Roundup, Montana. Her Great Grandfather ran a stage coach stop between Roundup and Billings Montana called Thirty Mile. A town grew there called Buckey, Montana, named after her Great Grandfather who owned the post office, boarding house, and bar. The town no longer exists but the legends of west that her family established in the western frontier live on. She now resides in Cody, Wyoming with her husband Alan, her children, grandchildren, and dog Joey.
Sewing by hand and machine is something Sylvia was born to do. Her mother taught her how to do hand work when she was old enough to hold a needle and Sylvia started sewing on the sewing machine when she was 5 or 6 years old. Sylvia started quilting over 35 years ago. She won the first quilt competition she ever entered and continued to win many more
After teaching quilting for years, she started making quilt shop models for shops in Montana and Wyoming, which brought her to Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. During the time she made trunk shows for BBCC she developed a relationship, over the phone, with Traci Suzanne Marvel.  After seeing Traci’s art work, Sylvia thought her sketches would look great in wool, which lead to the beginning of Woolin Rouge Designs.
When Sylvia decided Woolin Rouge Designs needed their own palette of wool to create with, she came up with her own recipes of 335 different colors of wool.  But that wasn’t enough. She decided their customers should have 8 different wool designs to have it custom dyed on. That’s 2680 choices!
 Take one look at Sylvia’s work and you’ll find her passion for wool is obvious. From felting to dyeing to applique to rug hooking Sylvia loves creating with wool. Fair warning, if you bring up the subject of wool, be prepared to listen to her go on and on and on… .

993810_10200942054969129_610307501_nAbout Traci…

Traci Suzanne Marvel started out in the Bay Area, growing up in a creative family replete with singers and dancers — including godfather Jack Haley who played  the Tin Man in “The Wizard of Oz” — which sparked an ember of creativity inside the budding artist.
Soon after graduating from high school, she fanned that flame by striking out virtually alone — in true gypsy fashion — moving to Northwestern Montana and living in a teepee for two years after gaining inspiration from the journals of Lewis and Clark and movies like “Jeremiah Johnson” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”
After becoming a flight attendant based in Washington, D.C., years ago, Marvel ended up at the Smithsonian’s National Gallery of Art and was “mesmerized” by the art she saw there. She soon quit her job and decided to go back to school to pursue a career in art — all the while retaining her eye for finding the wonder, simplicity and quietude of everyday life which shows in her artwork.
Although her first love is creating art, Traci also is a bit of a marketing guru.  For the past seven years, Traci has represented the Bigfork Bay Cotton Company as their Sales/Marketing Director.  She has taught the fusible web applique technique to quilt shops and guilds worldwide. The Bigfork Bay Cotton Company is where she met and partnered with Sylvia Gauthier and the two created Woolin Rouge Designs.
It was the Bigfork Bay Cotton Company that launched Woolin Rouge Designs by licensing and manufacturing their first six patterns and put them in the spotlight.  In the spring of 2013, Traci and Sylvia felt the urge to grow the Woolin Rouge brand. With Bigfork Bay Cotton Company’s blessings they have established a signature wool line and they have a plethora of applique’, stitchery and rug hooking patterns in development.
 Traci currently resides in Eureka, Montana with her husband  — situated five minutes from the Canadian border and complete with a small lake, grassy hills and snow-capped mountains which is a great inspiration for her artwork.

On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski Traci and Sylvia talk with me about how they crossed paths and began an online hand-dyed wool and notions business. Woolin Rouge. having only actually met, face-to-face only about 4 times! We also discuss how to buy fabric online and choosing color.  What kinds of threads to use, and stitches, when appliquéing with wool.  The need for different wools for different mediums, such as embroidery, rug hooking, penny rug making, etc.  Prewash or not to prewash hand-dyed wools.


A PARTIAL Screen Shot of a Wool Selection Page


Aurifil Lana Wool Thread


MY FAVORITE MUST HAVE: The Little Whisker Handmade Whisk Broom


Wool Embroidery Patterns




Rug Hooking Patterns



To visit the WOOLIN ROUGE online store and products, CLICK HERE

To join the WOOLIN ROUGE Facebook community, CLICK HERE 


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 Author, Designer, Quilter, Teacher



About Pat…

“In getting to know me you would have to know the most important parts of my family. I have the best husband and soul mate of 37 years. Together we have raised two incredible and beautiful daughters. They ARE the centers of my universe. Their support, encouragement and unconditional love are the greatest gifts of my life. It is because of them that I enjoy everything else life has offered me.

I entered college as a studio art major and graduated with a major in Education and a minor in Art. I have been a career first grade teacher, teaching public school kindergarten and first grade for 20 years. I loved teaching school and the progression from public school education to teaching in quilting classrooms and guilds has been a natural process for me. I am now and will always be a TEACHER and I am proud of that title!

I took my first quilting class in 1980 while raising a family and teaching young children; quilting was always the center of my artistic interests and what a magnificent obsession it has proven to be! I learned to quilt in a time that we pieced our quilts by hand, quilted by hand and spent hours drafting out templates on file folders and cardboard! I learned to use a thimble as a novice quilter and have a Silver Thimble that I wear in a beautiful thimble cage. My dear friend Suzanne gave me the idea to name my new company after the thimble I so proudly wear! What could be more perfect than that?

I believe that a person is truly blessed when they have a passion and work that calls to them, challenges them to be better, changes and grows with everyday. QUILTING IS JUST THAT FOR ME. I have seen and felt first hand the healing, comforting, and joyous power of quilting in many peoples lives and I believe that getting involved in a hobby that becomes a passion and even the daily work you choose to do is the BEST gift we can give ourselves. I am grateful to be a link in the chain of quilters from our past and the quilt industry of the future. Won’t it be fun to see what the world of quilting will bring us in the future?”

On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski, I get a chance to talk with the colorful and wonderful, Pat Wys, about her new book, Knockout Neturals.  We discuss exactly what a natural is, how to choose your neutrals, neutrals as a focus fabric, making oversized block units, and Pat’s favorite tool, The Tucker Trimmer, plus lots and lots more!


Here is a sampling of just some of the quilt projects from Pat’s book:

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

Pat’s first book  . . .


To buy  Pat Wys’s books, CLICK HERE


Visit Pat Wys’ website, Silver Thimble Quilt Company, by CLICKING HERE

Visit Pat Wys’ blog by CLICKING HERE


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Cartoonist, Author, Professor, Publisher



About Robyn…

Robyn Chapman is a publisher, cartoonist and an educator. Her cartooning workshops have brought her to classrooms at The Center for Cartoon Studies, The School of Visual Art, The New School, Wellesley College and The University of Iowa. She is currently an assistant editor at Graphic Universe, the graphic novel imprint of Lerner Publishing Group. She also runs a mini-comics publishing house called Paper Rocket. Her first book, “Drawing Comics Lab,” is available at bookstores and online NOW.


Do you dream of becoming a comic artist? Drawing Comics Lab covers all of the basic steps necessary to produce a comic, from the first doodle to the finished publication. This easy-to-follow book is designed for the beginning or aspiring cartoonist; both children and adults will find the techniques to be engaging and highly accessible.

Here is a video sampling of Robyn Chapman’s book, Drawing Comics Lab:

On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski, I get a chance to talk with Robyn Chapman about her new book, Drawing Comics Lab from Quarry Press.  We talk about how learning the art of cartooning and storytelling is also applicable to other mediums such as, quilting, appliqué, clay, fiber art, wood work, etc.



Visit Robin Chapman’s website by CLICKING HERE


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