Modern Quilt Design! Embroidery! Cross-Stitch! Patchwork! April 23, 2014

Modern Quilt Design! Embroidery! Cross-Stitch! Patchwork!

April 23, 2014

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Here I am on Eleanor Burns’ QUILT IN A DAY Mystery Quilt webinar last week. Here’s a link where you can watch it:
(Grab the little round “doughnut” on the screen, under the pause/play marker, and slide it to the right until you see the image!)

If you liked the show, would you do me a favor and let Eleanor know in a short email? She works really hard to make creative and fiber folks have fun and would probably really appreciate the feedback! Eleanor can be reached here:

Thanks! xoxom



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Modern Quilt Designer



About Trisch…

Trisch Price has been sewing since middle school. Trisch started quilting in 1993 during graduate school after watching “The Great American Quilt” on PBS. After her first quilt was completed (a Lone Star in true ’90s colors), she joined her local guild. She enjoys the synergy of quilt guilds and continues to be an active participant. She has always leaned toward the more contemporary quilts. Now she is a dedicated modern quilter with an occasional art quilt thrown in.

On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski, Trisch discusses, why her book is important now to even traditional quilters, what constitutes a modern quilt design, and why negative space in modern quilting is so important. She and I talk about whether the modern quilting movement to sustainable or whether we are already seeing traditionally pieced elements in the new modern quilt. Trisch also talks about her theory, the rule of thirds, plus the six different negative space design techniques covered in her book.


Trisch Price left QuiltCon 2013 inspired. She was intrigued by the negative space in modern quilts, seeing it as not empty space but room for positive design. She returned to her studio full of ideas. Eighteen dynamic quilts are the result. Join Trisch as she explores six aspects of negative space design: gradation, reversal, interruption, negative form, ghosting and piecing. Each category features three original quilt designs. Trisch takes you through her thought process and guides you to accentuate the negative in your next quilt.


Here is a sampling of just some of the quilt projects from Trisch Prices’s book:








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 Author, Teacher and Cross Stitch Designers




About Vickie and Maegan…

The only thing better than a wonderful daughter-in-law is a wonderful daughter-in-law who stitches! To Vickie’s delight, Maegan one day asked the question, “Would you take a look at the project I made for Niles? It’s nothing like what you stitch and I’m not sure I’m good at it, but before I frame it, I want to be sure it’s something you would like to hang in your house.” Vickie imagined a basic little pattern, maybe with a few words and a motif or two. Much to her pleasant surprise, Maegan delivered an amazingly detailed scene of a man fishing dock-side, his yellow lab nearby, with an inviting lake and forest in the background. Vickie was blown away and ever since, she and Maegan have been a team in NeedleWorkPress, a home-based business that produces all sorts of printed products and charts related to historic needlework. When you have a minute, please visit us at

Vickie’s early years were spent in York, Pa., moving to Arizona as a teenager. Other than venturing to Iowa for college, Arizona has been her home ever since, and is where she and husband Niles raised two sons, Willy and Patrick (a.k.a. Maegan’s husband). Vickie has been writing as long as she can remember   — probably as soon as she could hold a pencil and form letters on paper. In fact her Nursery School book bag still hangs in her office today. Her first book with Kansas City Star Books, Sonoran Borders: Threads of Friendship, was printed in 2013. She isa frequent writer for Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly and Just Cross Stitch. Grandchildren Hooper, Van and Zoe bring her delight every day.

Maegan is a native of Carnation, Wash., where she grew up appreciating her faith, family and the splendor of the Northwest. Love of design and art has always been a passion of Maegan’s. It was her creative interests that led her to a bachelor’s degree in technical theatre with an emphasis in lighting design as well as a minor in art. After several years working in theatre, she moved to Arizona with Patrick and learned more about the fine art of needlework while working at Attic Needlework in Mesa. She is now mother to Zoe Gene (and her two beagles Hazel & Twain), as well as aunt to a niece and three nephews. She also stitches as both a pleasure and a profession and looks forward to teaching Zoe about the needlearts … and dancing, singing and laughing.

On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski,  Vickie and Maegan talk with me about the perils and rewards of working with in-laws,  the inspiration for the 12 cross stitch projects that they designed, and the internal benefits of learning to cross stitch.  we also chat about cross stitching on linen versus Aida cloth, the types of threads they prefer to use, and how they are blessed with friends who supported them through the book’s designing, stitching, and writing process.

Vickie and Maegan’s book, A Schoolroom Alphabet

Enter the world of the one-room school to discover 12 delightful needlework lessons, all inspired by an antique alphabet handkerchief once owned by Eunice Bacon. The mother and daughter-in-law team of Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett and Maegan Jennett captured the handkerchief’s charm in projects that are both decorative and functional. The handkerchief’s central image can be traced to the early 19th century. A large alphabet sampler is accompanied by projects that decorate tote bags and backpacks, cover your e-reader and carry your tools.


Here is a sampling of just some of the cross-stitch projects from Vickie and Maegan’s book:







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Author, Teacher, Designer



About Janice…

Janice Vaine-seamstress, quilter, appliqué enthusiast, pattern designer, and teacher-enjoys sharing her love of needlearts with her students. Her teaching credentials include the past 6 years at The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy, the International Quilt Festival, Texas quilt guilds, and quilt and sewing shops for over 20 years. Janice is author of The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery, Embellishment and Appliqué and Appliqué & Embroidery Fundamentals.  Visit her website at:  Graham Cracker Collection

On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski,  Janice and I talk about our Pittsburgh roots,  her work with  The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy,  and the benefits of waiting so long after her initial inspiration to create a book based on the will that inspired her.     Jan also discusses the challenge of freeing   oneself to enjoy the process of crazy quilting as well as how she deals with other challenges in her life.

Janice’s book, Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited

Inspired by antique quilts – revisited to celebrate hand-stitching today, Jan Vaine s new book is a must-have for everyone who admires the timeless beauty of hand embroidery. Beginning with   In the classroom with Jan teacher, author and embroidery expert Jan Vaine walks you step-by-step through all you need to know. Piecing the sampler block including patchwork block templates. Embroidering the sampler block including supplies and techniques. Stitching illustrations for each of the 16 basic stitches. Small practice projects. Patterns for blocks, stitch combinations and embroidery motifs. Spectacular quilt projects clearly show how embroidery enhances and complements curved and straight-edged piecing and appliqué in a way that s both orderly and engaging. Prepared with precision for all skill levels. Basic stitches beautifully illustrated. Filled with design ideas and stitch patterns. For all skill levels. Small and large projects. Ideas and inspiration for all hand-stitchers.


Here is a sampling of just some of Janice’s work and the quilt from her book:







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