Whimsical Lettering! Intentional Fabric Surface Design! May 14, 2004

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May 14, 2014

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Artist, Author, Teacher




About Joanne…

“Whimsical art maker” Joanne Sharpe is a colorful mixed media artist and enthusiastic teacher with creative savvy in art journaling, doodling and illustration. She is well known for her signature style of distinctive hand lettering and love of bright, bold colors.   Whether teaching with paper and pens, paints or a sewing machine, Joanne encourages others to nurture their own personal creativity and artistic expression.
Mom of four “twenty-something” kids, a golden retriever, a shih tzu and sibling Bengal cats, Joanne and husband Tom reside in a sleepy little suburb of Rochester, New York, between the two snowiest cities in the United States.
Look for her first book “The Art of Whimsical Lettering” from Interweave to debut in early 2014.  Experience Joanne’s playful art, high energy, and masterful art making techniques in several online classes or in person workshops and retreats nationwide.  Find all the artful scoop on her “Whimspirations” blog: joannezsharpe.blogspot.com

Joanne’s New Book!


A “font” of information on lettering styles!

The Art of Whimsical Lettering is an artful instruction book on creating stylized fonts and expressive artwork with personal handwriting skills. Author Joanne Sharpe shows you how to create exuberant and personalized writing styles for your artwork–whether it be a journal, canvas art, or other projects that use text.

After an overview of Joanne’s favorite tools and surfaces, take a peek into Joanne’s personal lettering journal to discover how you too can collect inspiration, hone your lettering skills, and tap into your natural creativity. Joanne then demonstrates twenty art techniques for creating a variety of lettering styles using many different tools. She provides you with fifteen basic alphabets, ranging from simple pen-and-ink renditions to increasingly elaborated texts that reference calligraphy, vintage fonts, and doodle art, among other styles. Joanne also teaches you how to turn prosaic lettering into page art itself, merging text into illustration, or ornamenting words with decorative drawings.


Here is a sampling of just some of Joanne’s art:











And just a quick doodle while we were on the phone  . . .


Joanne has also filmed an instructional DVD for Cloth, Paper, Scissors


Fall in love with your own handwriting to create an authentic personal lettering style. Join artist Joanne Sharpe to learn 12 fresh writing, design, and drawing techniques. Experience and master the features and functionality of assorted pens, inks, brushes, markers, parallel pens, and paints for art journaling and mixed-media projects. Embrace your “inner font,” and be inspired by printing and cursive lettering, vintage alphabets, and calligraphy concepts illustrated in a variety of art journals and canvas wall art.

Visit Joanne Sharpe’s BLOG by CLICKING HERE

Take a look at  Joanne Sharpe’s ONLINE CLASSES by CLICKING HERE

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Fabric Surface-Design Artist, Fabric Designer, Author, Teacher



Lynn K photo


About Lynn…

 I am a surface design artist that creates textile collages from my printed fabric. I’m also a writer, writing regularly for various magazines and I’ve just released my first book, “Intentional Printing.” I teach through DVD workshops, have appeared on Quilting Arts TV several times and firmly believe that art will heal the world. My business, Smudged Textiles Studio, focuses on empowering textile artists to find their own voices through tutorials and tips on how to infuse creativity into daily life.


Lynn’s New Book!


 Draw, stamp, screen print, and more to create gorgeous art cloth!

Intentional Printing walks you through a two-part approach to fabric design. Author Lynn Krawczyk starts by showing you how to develop your own distinct printing style by first identifying the colors, themes, and processes that speak to you and then using those ideas repeatedly to explore your furthest possibilities. At the same time, Lynn urges you to think beyond simply printing fabric and consider how the finished cloth will be used.

She demonstrates a variety of printing, stamping, painting, and color techniques, encouraging you to identify what draws you back again and again and to push your personal themes as far as possible. Using examples of her work, Lynn then shows how she adapts her own preferred imagery to projects, explaining what works and what does not. You emerge with a solid knowledge of basic printing techniques, an understanding of how to apply them for maximum impact, and an appreciation of your own personal creative voice.


Here is a sampling of just some of Lynn’s art:


Lynn the big orange chair white background



Lynn K one the line 2

Lynn K adding layers fcea181204d36f2b60d248550109e4db





Her personal stash of hand-designed fabrics . . . dbc85449641347a2ebc59c7ec32c9f7d

Lynn has also filmed an instructional DVD for Quilting Arts TV


Learn how to create gorgeous hand-printed fabrics…and learn how to successfully showcase these fabrics in your finished artwork. Surface design artist Lynn Krawczyk provides thorough demos of her favorite surface design methods, including Thermofax® screen printing, soy wax batik, and the use of freezer-paper stencils. Viewers will learn how to successfully accomplish background printing on fabric using all of these techniques, as well as how to add focal images to hand-printed fabrics. Next, Lynn guides viewers through the process of incorporating hand-printed fabrics into a unique abstract composition. Discover options for arranging the fabrics and how to use hand stitching as a design element. Finally, Lynn shows how to attach the completed piece to a fabric-covered canvas and reviews hanging methods.


Visit Lynn Krawczyk’s website by CLICKING HERE


Visit Lynn Krawczyk’s  blog by CLICKING HERE

LIKE Lynn Krawczyk’s Facebook page by CLICKING HERE

Tweet with Lynn by CLICKING HERE


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