Creative Mojo’s Ready for Our Close-up! August 22, 2012


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Painter, Author, Teacher



Sharon Finmark is the author of 600 Watercolor Mixes and the new 500 Acrylic Mixes, among other books. She trained at St. Martin’s College of Art and currently teaches drawing, painting, and the history of color in contemporary art at the City Lit College in London. She writes for The Artist magazine and has published several books. She lives in England.

On her website, Sharon says, “I was appointed Artist-in-Residence for BBC Radio’s 4’s Today programme in 2001 and previously have worked backstage at the National Theatre and with The Royal Shakespeare Company, sketching actors such as Robert Lindsay, Ian Holm and Barbara Flyn. My sketch of Robert Lindsay was shortlisted for the prestigious Garrick Milne Prize.”

Sharon’s works strongly convey mood and place…

Sharon’s new book is an acrylic painter’s must-have!

Color is fundamental to painting and the ability to mix and reproduce specific hues is a key skill. Color theory can be dull and complicated; but in 500 Acrylic Mixes experienced artist and teacher Sharon Finmark demonstrates color mixing with acrylic paints in a practical and easy-to-follow way. A variety of color-mixing techniques are covered, including palette mixing, impasto, and overlaying.

In addition to being an extensive visual sourcebook to more than 500 acrylic paint color mixes, paintings are featured throughout, each of which is accompanied by a breakdown of the colors, mixes, and techniques used to achieve a specific effect.

Whether you’re a longtime student of the studio or simply searching for a few perfect hues, 500 Acrylic Mixes will show you how to create color palettes you’ll love!

Sharon’s also authored…

CLICK HERE for Sharon’s website!

Find Sharon’s book HERE!

Sharon’s on FACEBOOK!

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Artist, Author, Teacher, Master Threadster



About LISA…

Lisa says, “Born to a Japanese mother and a Caucasian American father, hybridization is at the root of my art making. I am quite intrigued by the fusing of elements that may at first glance appear to be unrelated. I also am drawn to found objects – altering them conceptually so that their meanings and original uses or intents are re-purposed. I like when seemingly disparate things are amalgamated i.e.: doilies “monumentalized” on a wall, tanks made of bright felt generating pretty patterns, sewing onto paper, environmental toxins molecularly rendered in doilies, sewing without thread (the act of mending with out its mending capabilities), the back side of embroidery shown as the front, etc.

I am interested in gender identity – what are the parameters we use to place and name things within a masculine or a feminine sphere? What occurs when triggers and cues are misplaced purposefully confusing our vision?

I consider the differences and contrasts between hand made and machine made. How culturally the positions of their desirability have flipped flopped over time. How things generated in a time consuming hand made manner blend with the ideas of work ethic, and work that never gets done. What happens when you pair something that’s obviously machine manufactured with an element that is obviously hand crafted?

I am intrinsically interested in pattern and repetitive behaviors. How recurring imagery can alter our view of something… re-framing and re-purposing it.

I am also interested in history and references. How do we re-interpret the past? How do we generate new paradigms and belief systems? What are the historical references that shape me as an artist, a woman, a mother?

I am often drawn to objects and images of childhood and things that read as nostalgic. This is partially because I am intrigued by their narrative nature, but also because I sincerely believe that your fundamental ideals, morals, ethics, and societatal roles are all formulated during childhood – do you resist that? Acknowledge it? Embrace it in order to subvert it? Is childhood the cornerstone of innocence? Isn’t childhood also full of awkwardness? Is it as we age that our youth takes on a sentimental, wistful, or bittersweet hue? If something has a nostalgic element to it how does that change your reaction to it? Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and as a society I believe we have a love/hate relationship with it. How can I re-interpret nostalgia? How can I use nostalgia as a lens to re-focus old and new ideas?

I like leaving long threads as a tribute to the process. They often make me think of memory, of the passage of time. I can use the thread to highlight and signify relationships, longings and desires. I love the fact that the threads become a random element – a tribute to process. They will never lay exactly the same way… there is always a possibility for change. I also gravitate toward the dimensionality of them. They instantly pull a drawing off of the wall and force something flat into space.

I labor within the framework of antiquated crafts to better understand and mend cultural and societal divides. I apply myself to humble household tasks (such sewing, mending, crochet) and then perform this task with an often-obsessive repetition until the functionality is stripped away and the work has metastasized into a beautiful, organic chaos.  I attempt to generate a new product or “fabric” to use as a tool, rearranging the pieces to create larger, recognizable patterns and structures that question the true nature of order by the very sum of their parts.

To an end, I’m following in the traditions of the women in my family as a method to explore my own context in a modern world. For the generations that came before me, the tasks I use in my art practice may have been viewed as menial. However, I believe that by looking to the past for inspiration my own action of re-purposing these women’s time-honored techniques functions as the DNA of my own contemporary identity. I’m also questioning the notions surrounding ART & CRAFT – are they compatible? Linked? Interchangeable?

I think that my work is fundamentally tied to the practice of drawing. Mine are drawings that incorporate thread and wire, traditional painting materials, fabric and felt, walls, as well as paper and canvas. My “drawings” have seemingly found a place between 2-D and 3-D, shown on the wall, and yet concurrently existing and yearning to be off of it. In this tenuous position my work is, in many senses of the phrase, ‘between states.'”

Lisa’s new book is stitch-perational!

Knot Thread Stitch presents a modern, experimental, and creative approach to thread and embroidery projects. You’ll find fun and surprising project ideas, a unique artistic approach, and uncoventional mixed-media materials such as stamps, paint, sequins, paper, and shrinky dinks. These projects are designed to be quick, fun, abstract, and creative, and many offer clever ideas for personal customization. With easy-to-follow steps and project variations, this book also includes project contributions and embroidery patterns from a long and stellar list of renowned artists and bloggers.

Lisa writes,i really just wanted to make a book that had cool projects that used embroidery in an interesting and hopefully retro/contemporary way. i thought a lot about how i use my own EXTENSIVE craft book library — i tend to look at the pretty pictures and then figure out a way to incorporate a technique or idea in my own way. i dreamed about handing off my projects to a bunch of my über talented friends – and just seeing what they did with simple parameters. so i gave them project titles and a few ideas but very little other direction. i thought it would be fun to see our wildly different and personal takes side by side – and indeed it really was a treat to see the gorgeous work my friends and colleagues made.”

Lisa’s works perceive, sparingly and beautifully…

CLICK HERE for Lisa’s website…much gorgeous artwork there!

CLICK HERE for Lisa’s blog!

Find Lisa’s other web projects HERE and HERE!

Get Lisa’s book HERE!


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Author, Motivational Speaker, Dreamer/Inspirer



About MARCIA. . .

As Founder and CEO of Dream University, Marcia Wieder travels the world – an ambassador for making dreams real. She’s known for giving inspiring and moving talks to notable companies such as AT&T, The Gap and American Express.

Stage PhotoIn addition to being a charismatic speaker, she’s the renowned author of fourteen books dedicated to achieving your dreams: Making Your Dreams Come True®Life is But a DreamDreams are Whispers From the Soul and Doing Less and Having More. She’s also a syndicated columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, in which she urges readers to take “The Great Dream Challenge”- a call to arms for dreamers from all walks of life.

Appearing several times on Oprah and The Today Show, she’s shared her message of a “passion-filled life” with millions of viewers. Equally exciting, was the PBS featured national television special, Making Your Dreams Come True®, the namesake of her popular selling book, which has also been translated into numerous languages.

Making Your Dreams Come True VideoInterestingly enough, while serving as the President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, she was often invited to the White House. During her time living in Washington D.C., she had the honor of meeting former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.

With a growing world-wide audience, receptive and eager to achieve their dreams and support others in doing the same, Marcia foundedDream University, where she has certified over 1000 Dream Coaches to lead her masterful work. Many have their own successful practices, and others have brought her powerful message into their companies, communities, and even schools.

As the founder of Dream University, her live events include: the Dream Coach Certificationprogram, How to be An Inspiring Speaker Workshop, and Create Your Future Now.

The universal content of her keynotes and workshops appeal to a wide range of audiences. Whether she’s teaching at the Stanford Business School, speaking to executives in China or Prague, or addressing a group of young women gathered at Girl Scout Camp, her belief that “each of our personal dreams matter, and are worth achieving” strikes a chord in everyone, everywhere.

Dream it! Be remarkable!

CLICK HERE for Dream University’s website!

DreamU’s on FACEBOOK & TWITTER (with a stream of inspiring advice!)

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Seamstress, Teacher, Designer, Author


About LONDA…

Londa says, “After obtaining my B.S. in Home Economics from the University of Illinois, I worked in interior design, then managed a craft store – and along the way started to offer dressmaking as a way to sell more of the fabric I was selling from my home through Leiter’s Designer Fabrics and House of Laird fabrics.

All of  that led to publishing my own line of patterns featuring heirloom sewing for women in the late 80’s. From there, 1990 found me opening my own fabric store/sewing machine dealership in 1990. Thirteen years later, I decided to ‘come home again’ – to live the normal life of a non-retail storefront owner, opting for the internet mode of retailing instead.

I now offer my ‘cherry-picked’ top quality needle art-related products worldwide through my website–condensed in early 2009 from 5 more narrowly-defined websites.

Along the way, realizing fashion was morphing into a very casual style, I have developed a love for creating very stylish jackets from top quality, comfy sweatshirts. The compliment I hear over and over is ‘I can’t BELIEVE that is a sweatshirt!’  To me – a sweatshirt is nothing but fabric and matching ribbing – and very comfy fabric at that!

I’ve published my designs and techniques in a CD, then a DVD, printed book, and patterns. Oddly enough, I almost love to write and record directions as much as I do creating my looks in the first place!

Now I also stay ‘hopping’ as I travel the country to vend and teach at various sewing expos, sharing my ‘Creative Sweatshirt Jacket’ techniques.

Above all, I love most to teach and share my designs and the techniques I’ve developed. I strive to do that and to offer top quality sewing products with friendly, honest, ‘old-fashioned’ personal service.   My customers are my friends – and I LOVE to chat with you!!!”

Look at Londa’s fab fashions!

We’re chatting about Londa’s new book…

About her new book, Londa says, “I REALLY have found in developing my style and techniques, that you NEED a GOOD TOP QUALITY sweatshirt or you’ll really, really be wasting your time!  And remember…time IS money!  The thing is – why waste your time and create something gorgeous only to have it pill and shrink??  If you use a 50 cotton 50 poly commonly-available sweatshirt, THAT is what you’ll have – a shrunken, PILLED jacket.  Why will it PILL?  Because pills are really what you see in your dryer lint trap – that have NOT let go because the fibers are so strong – like POLYESTER.  AND, SHORT, hairy fibers are what was used to be twisted into the yarns that were then knitted into the 50 cotton 50 poly sweatshirt, so the fabric itself  has many more ‘hairs’ on it.  I hoe that makes sense…it is TRUE!  For my jackets, I insist on 80% cotton, 20% polyester, and ‘see’ it as ‘FABRIC AND MATCHING RIBBING’.  You’re really only using a comfortable, top quality ‘fabric’ as the base on which to do some awesome wearable art.  I love the top quality – yet affordable – sweatshirts that are (at least) DYED IN THE USA!  These are the USA Comfort Color Brand and can be found at my website HERE.   I carry more scrumptious, wonderful colors of sweatshirts than you can find ANYWHERE – I promise, and at just $28.95 each, that is a great deal!  Just figure – even IF you could find this quality of sweatshirt ‘fabric’, it would be say $8.95/yard…and THEN – could you find matching RIBBING as well?  Sew…you see, a sweatshirt is JUST comfortable ‘fabric’ and matching ribbing’.   On the jacket as shown above from the front cover, the belt is created of the lower ribbing and zipper coil yardage!  In the book, you’ll also learn how to create a neck-hugging collar from the lower ribbing.”

CLICK HERE for Londa’s website!

Londa blogs HERE!

Check out C&T’s Sweatshirt-y giveaway HERE!

“Learn with Londa” HERE!



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  1. August 22, 2012 at 10:39 AM #

    Well allrightie…locking the quilt shop door…have a bambino quilt to bind…let’s get on with the show!


  2. August 22, 2012 at 3:43 PM #

    Mark, it breaks my heart to hear how much you’ve been suffering. Hope you do get that new kidney soon so you can start healing, Head Cupcake.

    Great show, btw. Have you tried activated charcoal for the smell?


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