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Lotsa News from Mark!

7 weeks since my transplant! Here’s what’s been going on. Things have been progressing fairly nicely. There are have been a few uncomfortable stages in the healing process but all in all, I’m still the poster boy for transplantation. My twice weekly appointments at the hospital have been downgraded to 1 time per week (Tuesdays) until June when they will become one appointment every other week through July.

When Mary’s kidney was transplanted in me, nerves were cut (normal) and my right thigh and right side of my trunk were numb. Well, as I healed and about 3-4 weeks in, the nerves began to heal and created a painful, burning neuropathy from the ‘inside’. I ended up in bed for a week to ease the pain. I could have opted for drugs, but I hate taking anything so I opted for a suggestion from Kidney Mary and used a compression belt (and what fatty doesn’t love and adore a compression belt?). That didn’t get rid of the neuropathy but made it manageable. Compression was the way to go. I’m still wearing the belt but the neuropathy is getting better (I’m healing) and I have feeling back in my leg and trunk and now everything is super sensitive. I’ll continue with the belt until I feel better and back to normal, which may be awhile.

Last week, the doctor gave me permission to remove the mask in public but I’m still not allowed around crowds and I have to be very aware of who is around me, etc. I was getting a little creepy from being cooped up. My doc and nurse urged me to go out and I did. I began my daily walking again (I’m back up to an hour and almost where I left off before the operation). Then, I went shopping with a friend to a yarn store (empty), a rug hooking store (empty) and an antiques mall (just a couple of people in a huge space). I’m seeing people at my house and during my walks. I’m still not touching anyone! LOL


Today, after my appointment, I went to the mall (it was early, so no one was there). LIfe still isn’t 100% normal, I still need to watch myself around people and stay away from crowds (or be very vigilant if I’m around people) but I can be in public, maskless! Being allowed out, even in sparsely populated shops and areas has made a huge difference in my head. Walking has put some oxygen back in my blood – which feels so good. I’m back to deep, wonderful transcendental meditations. Little by little my world is coming back to normal.

Given all I’ve been through, THIS is the most worrisome and biggest pain in the ass: Vegetables! I have to wash every veggie I eat with a soap and water solution. I even have to wash bananas and oranges before I peel them. You can imagine what a butt pain my Green Go Go juice is to make – washing little pieces of kale and blueberries. So, I’ve been eating doughnuts and bread instead of veggies. That is my next hurdle. Overcoming my resistance to the veggie wash and my paranoia of possibly becoming contaminated. Sheesh.


Mary is doing well, We have walking dates. And she just returned from, what sounds like, the most fabulous trip to England to surprise her son, Alex! She is amazing.

Thank you for your continued cards, and gifts and sweet thoughts. I’m trying to belt out thank you notes, if I miss you, please let me know. I’m so disorganized now. I’m trying to get that in check as I become stronger. My office looks like the wreck of the Hespas. I keep stacking mail and stuff in there. It’ll take me a week to dig out! LOL

Oh, I’m going to ease back into Creative Mojo again on June 5 when Kidney Mary and I host the show together. We’ll take your questions and advice and will spend a lot of time giving you the blow by blow, plus some wonderful guests.  xoxom

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Writer, Quilter, Craft Shop Owner, Scrapbooker, Genealogist



About NESSA…

Fabricate-int1 Nessa is a memory artist, ranging across scrapbooking, small-scale quilting, decoupage, family history, and writing. She writes young-adult fiction, memoir essays, and poetry. She’s also written for various publications, including Mark Lipinski’s Christmas 365 and Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Trends. And she’s a pop culture maven who owns more than 5,000 vinyl LPs (K-Tels a specialty!) and collects 1960s/70s craft & design books, showbiz bios, Sears catalogs, and cookbooks. Nessa graduated from Bowdoin College dreaming of becoming a jazz deejay, but instead worked as a writer, designer, and editor for 22 years. She’s the proud mom of 4 children, ages 13 to 22, and the proud wife of Peter, a scientist who studies aging. Six male cats have the run of their house—and every Wednesday, while she’s taping Creative Mojo, Nessa needs a Production Assistant to keep the felines at bay!

Nessa co-owns Fabricate, a vibrant crafts shop on Mount Desert Island, Maine. She designs art quilts, scrapbooking papers and embellishments, and hopes to add textiles to this list soon.

CLICK HERE for Nessa’s website!

Nessa blogs HERE!


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Game Designer, Knitter, Author, Teacher




book coverMichelle says, “I’m a systems game designer by trade (previously at Zynga and Firaxis), a family board game designer, and freelance author. About 2 years ago I published my first book (Game Development with Unity), and I occasionally teach online. I also routinely speak at game conferences in Atlanta and Baltimore, such as SIEGE, DragonCon, and DEC.  Originally I hail from the heart of Cajun Country in Louisiana, but now I live up in Owings Mills with my husband James Coburn (no relation to the actor).

I first learned to knit from my grandmother back when I was 8 or so, but promptly forgot most things in a year or two. I didn’t seriously pick it back up again until sophomore year of college when I blew out my knee and found myself with a lot of sedentary time on my hands. Mountain climbing = evil.  Been knitting ever since, and then picked up spinning and crochet along the way.  Still suck at crochet.

AG_logo-300x119In February, Zynga shut down our Baltimore office and laid off everyone who wouldn’t/couldn’t transfer to San Francisco.  After that, I founded Artemic Games where I’ve been working on publishing board games, and also revived my Etsy Store: Fiber Obsessions Firrerreo.  My Knit2Go Cards are a combined love affair between games and the fiber arts, and are published and sold through my Artemic site.”

 fofirrerreo logo

Michelle’s Knit2Go cards cleverly merge play+knitspiration!




537381_10100173766826691_311932945_n 17220_10100173766901541_685609649_n

Michelle’s fibers are totally want-able…
orange yarn rainbow yarn mini skeins

CLICK HERE for Michelle’s games, including Knit2Go!

CLICK HERE for Michelle’s fibers!

Artemic Games is on FACEBOOK!

Firrerreo is on FACEBOOK!



Musician, Songwriter, Playwright, Radio Host



About LARRY…

47logo9781560256441_p0_v2_s260x420Larry Kirwan is the leader, singer/guitarist and composer for the Irish-American rock band Black 47.  Black 47 has released thirteen CDs for both major and independent labels. The band has appeared on Leno, Letterman and O’Brien and been profiled in most major magazines and newspapers in the US.

He has written twelve plays and musicals, five of which are collected in the book Mad AngelsLiverpool Fantasy, his best known play, has been produced Off-Broadway and at the Dublin Theatre Festival.

He has also written a novel version of Liverpool Fantasy (translated into Japanese, Spanish and Greek), and a memoir Green Suede ShoesRockin’ The Bronx, his latest novel, was recently published in the US and UK.

Kirwan hosts and produces Celtic Crush for SiriusXM Satellite Radio and writes a weekly column for the Irish Echo. A political activist, he has long been involved in Irish and American causes.

His dramatic musical, Hard Times, with re-imagined versions of Stephen Foster songs, was the critical hit of the 2012 First Irish Theatre Festival and will re-open in the fall of 2013.

Larry performing with Black 47…



Larry’s latest play, Hard Times, is getting rave reviews!

Hard-Times-Graphic-Irish-Festival-Ecard ht7 ht10 hard-span-articleLarge-1 ht9

CLICK HERE for Black 47’s website!

Larry blogs HERE!

Black 47’s upcoming tour dates are HERE!

Find Black 47’s music HERE!

Larry’s on FACEBOOK!

Black 47’s on FACEBOOK!



Fashion Designer, Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur



About ROBIN…

Robin says, “I am a full time mom, wife, fashion designer, small business owner, artist, Etsy seller, blogger, occasional model, and Madonna lover. I currently live in Northern California with my family. I have an educational background in the visual arts, including photography and collage. My professional experience includes being a gallery director, vintage reseller, and a local arts council board member. I dream of expanding the Dark Pony Designs brand, living in New York, traveling the world, and having my own band!”

Robin’s fashions are feminine and assertive!

pearl 1

“The Gardenia Dress,” photo by Mackenzie Hughes


“The Dietrich” top hat, photo by Faith Cherisse Photography


“Lightning Strikes Twice” eco-felt earrings, photo by Jason Fator


“The Black on Black” 2-piece bustier tutu dress, photo by Jason Fator


“The French Sugar Bustier,” model and photo courtesy of Traci Hines

black gloves

“The Dita” crochet gloves in black, photo by Mackenzie Hughes

Robin’s newest collection brings her style sense to bridalwear!

photos by Mackenzie Hughes


The Floor Length Tutu Skirt in Ivory


The Pearl Bustier in Ivory Lace


The 2-pc Bridal Ensemble in Ivory


The Knee Length Tutu in Champagne


The White Ruffled Bustier with the Floor Length Tutu Skirt in White


The Peaches and Cream Gown


The Peach Blossom Flower Crown

CLICK HERE for Robin’s Dark Pony Designs shop!

Robin blogs HERE!




Thrifty Seamstress and Designer


profile pic!

About HOLLY…

Holly says, “I’m 32, from Northwest Montana. I am a proud mother to 3 boys. Gage is 13, Hudson is 10 and Bo is 20 months. I work part time at night as a Registered Respiratory Therapist at North Valley Hospital in Whitefish, MT. I love my job, but I really love sewing! Ever since I took Home Ec in the 6th grade I knew I would never give it up. “Edge of the foot, edge of the fabric” still goes through my head when I sew! Since I became a mom it’s been my stress relief and my “me time”. After the boys go to bed I can put on a movie and indulge in sewing! I am always looking for new things to sew, but not a quilt–I am not enough of a perfectionist to put one together! Being a mother of 3 boys I try to find thrifty ways to do sewing projects. Whether it’s curtains, bed skirts, pillows or duvet covers I like to do it myself…for cheaper!

When we were expecting our third baby I got inspired to get a little more unique with my projects. I wanted to add more color and excitement to my baby gear. I started by recovering a boring used car-seat with my own Carhartt jeans and hoodie!


It turned out so great I started to make a few as gifts! Then before my youngest son, Bo, arrived, I knew I needed to give my husband a lesson on swaddling. Easier said than done! It was then that I decided to make a few of my own swaddles that had charm and character. They turned out very functional and fun! I decided to call them “Rundle Bundles” because our growing baby would soon be bundled in one.


After Bo was born and since I am the only girl in the house I needed to add a little extra frill to my wardrobe. I started making some hair flare. A simple flower says it all! I can put the flowers on clips, bobby pins or headbands. They have become quite popular with a local newborn photographer, little girls, dance teams and nurses! Through my creative sewing I have had a few expecting mothers ask me to design their nurseries! I have made custom bedding, bumpers, curtains and changing pads.

My latest and toughest creation was the turnout diaper bag. My girlfriend’s husband is a local fireman and she had a pair of his turnouts, so I made her a bag for her new baby! It was a lot of seam ripping but worth it in the end.


I have been keeping busy with enough sewing from moms contacting me via word of mouth and Facebook that I have not had to market anywhere else! I am hoping to get an Etsy page soon and sell in a local Libby, MT and Kalispell, MT business! My goal is to get this done by the end of May. Life is so busy with kids in sports, traveling, school, work and everything in between! I am sure all moms out there know how all goes.”

If you want to contact Holly directly about her products, you can e-mail

Holly’s products are personalized, practical, and pretty!





bundle3bundle2bundle5  bundle9    

Holly’s on FACEBOOK!


And when your MOJO listening’s done. . .

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. . .  then you haven’t really sewn!

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Been Fly-ing Lately?

Your projects will soar with my new fabric line for Andover Fabrics, I CAN FLY!



Many thanks to Nessa Reifsnyder of Fabricate, for assistance with Mark Lipinski’s Blog!


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4 Comments on “Find Your Creative Mojo! May 15, 2013”

  1. May 15, 2013 at 9:35 AM #

    You’re looking great, Mark! So glad to hear you’ll be back on Creative Mojo soon. 🙂

    I can’t believe Mary’s been well enough to travel to England!!! She’s amazing!


  2. May 16, 2013 at 7:43 AM #

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to be on the show! I had so much fun talking to Nessa yesterday. xo


  3. Mary
    May 20, 2013 at 9:40 AM #

    Thanks for posting the last two weeks of Mojo – I’ve down loaded them and will be listening to them as i sew this week.


  4. Darlene
    May 20, 2013 at 2:27 PM #

    Mark, you look so good with all you’ve been through. I found this easy veggi and fruit cleaning recipe on pinterest ( ). I feel your pain! Feel silly for admitting it. My family won’t eat fruits and veggies unless I wash it for them!


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