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To Thank You


You have been lifesavers to my family and me.

As I sit down to write this note the tears are already filling my eyes which is a sign that I made a better decision to write to you than to video this message as I had originally planned. You have been lifesavers to my family and me.

A week after I was released from the hospital in December, my dear friend Liza Lucy (loaded with several variations of her homemade chicken soup recipes filling a 60 pound bag) came to visit me at Pickle Road. Liza brought a surprise along with her, our dear, dear friend Meg Cox. Other than Mr. Electric and the gazillion doctors and nurses, Liza and Meg were the only two human faces that I saw and had the opportunity to speak with face-to-face since being admitted to the St. Barnabas Transplant Unit in mid-October as I was in isolation due to ‘white blood cell minus’ and was in tremendously vulnerable to any bacteria or virus.

After a few much-needed laughs and catching up, the conversation became very serious. Liza and Meg had discussed the financial burden of being hospitalized for almost 3 months. I had been so ill, even thinking about finances never even entered my head.

Yes, I do have medical insurance through Mr. Electric’s job, but Meg and Liza assured me that even with good insurance the co-pays for specialist after specialist, operations, medications, etc. would be astronomical. With me not being able to work and even contribute to just buying food at this point, they worried whether we would lose our house.

One of my personality defects is that I can be very prideful and have, throughout my life, refused to accept anything from anybody. It’s difficult for me to even ask someone for or accept a simple favor. Maybe it’s growing up in the Rust Belt? Maybe it’s because I started working at a very young age? Maybe it’s because I’m so darned independent, what Liza and Meg had been planning, then proposed, literally stopped me in my tracks and made me face my worst nightmare–I had little to no control of my health, my ability to make a living, and and how I might pay these exorbitant bills. I was embarrassed. Meg and Liza wanted to start a GoFundMe MARK LIPINSKI’S RECOVERY FUND campaign to help us out. After much stomach churning and a lump in my throat I acquiesced.


Mr. Electric, protecting me from stress and to help me heal, did not want me to worry about the money and wouldn’t share with me any of the bills that were from oncologists to surgeons to medications. One day, I opened one of the many bills that I found in a pile on the kitchen table – – just my room and board was well over $100,000 than what we paid for our house! Liza and Meg were right. The bills, huge bills, keep rolling in.

It was hard for me to imagine and difficult for me to swallow that anyone would want to, but did, contribute generously to the GoFundMe MARK LIPINSKI’S RECOVERY FUND campaign. This has been an important lesson in accepting help and gratitude. It has also taught me a lot about my own spirit of giving.

Many of the donations were given anonymously. I don’t know who you are, yet you contributed to my well-being. How do you even begin to thank the myriad of strangers, friends, current and former co-workers, former students, organizations, fellow teachers and fiber artists, and Facebook friends for this kind of generosity? And the comments . . .

I have tried many times to read the comments that were left with the donations, and I can’t get through the first couple of pages without great emotion. I will read all of them, I promise, as soon as I can.

I am so grateful to those of you who were able to give with an open heart. I can’t tell you how much that means on both an emotional and practical level.

Just know that all of the ‘Thank You’s” in the world will never be enough. So I will end this note, with great humility and love, as I began it:

You have been lifesavers to my family and me.   xoxom




Artists or art that turns me on and feeds my muse! Like it or dislike it, what about this art inspires your own art or creativity?  This painting is by artist, Mexican artist Alejandro Colunga. For more about the artist, Click here:




Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really angry. She told him “Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE!”

The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up, she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway. Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale.


Bob has been missing since Friday.




Toronto, Canada

Look around you. Design is everywhere! How can you incorporate the beauty that surrounds you into your art or craft? Doorknobs on a clothes shop on Queen W, Toronto, Canada.



Toronto doorknob



I love embroidering French knots and I love Colonial knots, as well. Here is a little lesson in the art of candlewicking, that is just making a bunch of embroidered knots to create wonderful designs on fabric. Here’s where to begin:




Beer-Braised Baby Back Ribs with Orange-Tamarind Sauce



  • bottles of lager
  • racks baby back ribs
  • carrots
  • celery ribs
  • onion
  • bacon fat
  • onion
  • garlic cloves
  • fresh ginger
  • orange juice
  • ketchup
  • cider vinegar
  • light brown sugar
  • strong-brewed coffee
  • sambal oelek or other Asian chile sauce
  • unsulfured molasses
  • tamarind concentrate
  • Dijon mustard
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
  • Vegetable oil, for brushing


 FOR THE FULL RECIPE, CLICK HERE:  http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/beer-braised-baby-back-ribs-with-orange-tamarind-sauce




I love blogger Abby Glassenberg although I don’t think I have never met her. Abby is that new generation of fabric sewist/maker/author who calls it as it is, sometime sweetly and sometimes in your face, confronting issues that need to be discussed within the sewist/quilting/designer industry (which I just love and find totally refreshing).  This cute, heart–holding frog is from Abby’s blog, While She Naps.  Here is how to make one for the little boy or girl in your life as a Valentine surprise:





The Classic Mai Tai



A prep time of approximately 5 minutes is required to make the Mai Tai. After mixing all the ingredients together, we suggest chilling it in the refrigerator for approximately 3 hours. Feel free to serve your Mai Tai over crushed ice, and to garnish it with a mint sprig.

For the Full Recipe Click Here:  http://amorettiblog.com/retro-cocktail-recipe-the-classic-mai-tai/



Several months ago, Facebook, without warning, had implemented a new business model. As a result, the vast majority of “LIKErs” who have been faithful readers of this Fan Page have been blocked from receiving my posts, time and time again, from getting all or a few of the postings onto their timeline feed.

The reason is, Facebook would like pages like, Mark Lipinski’s Fan Page, to pay money every day, and on every post, in order to advertise and lure readers like you, onto the Fan Page.

With out “BOOSTING” a post, only about 5% of people who clicked LIKE on MARK LIPINSKI’S FAN PAGE are actually seeing anything I post — and it could be random – sometimes you get a post, and sometimes not. Basically, it sucks for all of us. I am finding that we are all better served if I posted my tips, ideas, links, and jokes, etc. to this blog. You can subscribe to this blog (only if you want to) to get an email each time I post a grouping of ideas, links, etc. and never miss a chance at inspiration.  




“Give this heart-shaped Scrubby to make their dishwashing or bathing a time to remember that they are loved. Choose from any of the wonderful shades of this yarn…no one says crochet hearts have to be red!”

Click here for the free crocheted pattern: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/valentine-scrubby






Wow! I went gaga over this taffeta Oscar de la Renta floral embroidered gown. I immediately put my shoes on and thought about heading out to my local silk ribbon joint to do a little living embroidery myself. Since I am flat broke, I decided against it animal just have to rummage through my stash to find the silk ribbons that I already have! This dress costs a mere $8,490.00.  Unless you, your self are going to run out for yardage of taffeta and silk ribbons, you may order the dress here:



This idea might be really crappy for your chompers but I’m going to try it anyway. After all it can’t be any worse for your teeth and gums and than those damn whitening trays and megadoses of peroxide whatever. For all of you in the dental industry out there, I know you’re cringing. For the recipe to whiten your teeth, click on the link below:






What a way to address update a sweater or T-shirt with a little weaving. I love the look of this and we have just about enough of winter left to be able to complete this project and look ultra stylish and hip into spring. For how to do this just click on the link below:





Yes, I’m all rug junkie too. This is a terrific way to recycle your unwanted stash and have something to show for it rather than just reorganizing you’re selling space for the millionth time. Take a little time during the remainder of the grey weather to create a little woven rag rug. You will find a tutorial by clicking on the link below:




Lemon Coconut Quick Breadlemon coconut bread 2 5 of 6.jpg~original



  • unbleached, all-purpose flour*
  •  Imperial Sugar Extra Fine Granulated Sugar
  • baking powder
  • kosher salt
  • salted butter, melted and cooled
  • sour cream (not fat free)
  • eggs
  • lemon
  • lemon juice
  • lemon extract
  • coconut extract
  • sweetened shredded coconut


lemon coconut bread 2 6 of 6.jpg~original.jpeg

FOR THE FULL RECIPE, CLICK THE LINK:   http://www.imperialsugar.com/recipes/category/breads/Lemon-Coconut-Quick-Bread


It’s Mason Reese! He was a pretty big name about 50 years ago an was all over television. I remember coming home from school and he was co-hosting The Mike Douglas Show! He was most popular, however for his Underwood deviled ham commercials. Memba’ him?

mason reese.jpg




I loved this little cat as soon as I saw it. Make yourself a whole litter out of many different colored fabrics. It will cure  your longing for a dozen new kitties, and save you some bucks on Fancy Feast and tons of litter.  For a pattern and directions, Just click on the link below:








A girl’s dance coat*; made from blue/black (indigo dyed?) wool cloth; tabby woven (warp faced) by hand. The flared ‘skirt’ is made from 15 narrow panels. The sleeves are open at the underside, reaching to the elbow. The centre front opening, sleeves and the upper back contain geometric embroidery, chiefly lines of linked diamonds, worked in cross stitch, using white, orange, purple, green (2 tones) and black silk threads. The sleeves are also decorated with lines of applied triangles, cut from coloured, tabby woven wool fabric and other applied fabrics. Clear glass (?) beads are stitched to the sleeve hem and opening. Embroidery on the upper back, centre, includes a predominantly red embroidered cross, framed by two predominantly green crosses. Each of the pleats is emphasised by an embroidered chevron pattern. The lower centre front and the hem have applied bands and triangular shapes, in both cotton and wool cloth: predominantly red and green. Small vents at each side. Braiding stitched to all edges; applied gold-coloured metal wrapped thread (and ribbon made from same material on each sleeve). [* woman’s jacket?]   http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?assetId=258448001&objectId=1672201&partId=1









Get ready for Labor Day, Autumn, Halloween, Christmas and more by adding interesting borders onto panels, or simply learn the technique to make beautiful and themed borders for your own quilt designs or to change up a pattern.



In All About Prairie Points with Mark Lipinski!, Mark Lipinski – fabric designer and quilter extraordinaire – shows you how to add prairie points to the borders of your quilts for a fun and exciting finish! Prairie points may look intimidating, but really, they’re simply folded triangles added into the border of your quilt. Learn how to add prairie points to your quilts with and without binding, as well as prairie points that are staggered and saw-tooth prairie points. Tune in for this wealth of prairie point information!

You’ll Love This Quilting Video If You:

  • Want to add excitement to any quilt
  • Would like to learn more about adding prairie points to your quilts

In All About Prairie Points with Mark Lipinski!, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Cut and fold your prairie points
  • Add variety to your quilts with different styles and sizes of prairie points
  • Sew prairie points onto a quilt without binding
  • Adjust prairie points on your quilt top for a balanced design
  • Pin appropriately for easy sewing of prairie points
  • Add traditional binding to a quilt with prairie points
  • Stagger prairie points along a border




Easy Borders, Pt. 1: Braided & Cathedral Window Borders


In Easy Borders, Pt. 1: Braided & Cathedral Window BordersMark Lipinski – nationally known quilt teacher and former cohost of Quilt Out Loud – shows two deceptively simple and addictive borders, the Cathedral Window and the Braid. Instead of adding plain borders, elevate even the simplest quilt top to a work of art. Mark uses humor and creativity to teach both borders step-by-step, making this a great video for beginning and advanced quilters. After you learn these borders, you will want to make them again and again.

You Will Love This Video If You:

  • Want to add new borders to your skill set
  • Enjoy making your own artistic choices
  • Have been intimated by the Cathedral Widow or the Braid

In Easy Borders, Pt. 1: Braided & Cathedral Window Borders, You Will Learn How To:

  • Make beautiful braided borders
  • Utilize two methods for piecing Cathedral Windows
  • Use a basting stitch

Techniques Demonstrated In This Video:

  • Strip-piecing
  • Creative fabric folding
  • Hand-piecing


Easy Borders, Pt. 1: Braided & Cathedral Window Borders


Scalloped Edges, Wavy Edges and Bias Bindings


In Scalloped Edges, Wavy Edges and Bias Bindings, Mark Lipinski – fabric designer and quilter extraordinaire – shows you how to approach curves, scallops and wavy edge bindings with your quilts. Not only will you learn tips on how to add bindings, you’ll also learn how to cut your fabric properly, use a bias binding and embellish your binding. Mark will give you an educational and entertaining lesson on all things curvy binding! What a treat!

You’ll Love This Quilting Video If You:

  • You’ve made a quilt but are unsure how to bind it
  • Want to add something special to a quilt with a bias, curvy or wave binding

In Scalloped Edges, Wavy Edges and Bias Bindings with Mark Lipinski, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Work a curved corner
  • Tell the difference between a scallop and a wave
  • Choose between a straight and bias binding
  • Learn when and why to use a bias binding
  • Approach bindings in a whole new way


Scalloped Edges, Wavy Edges and Bias Bindings with Mark Lipinski

And now a word from our sponsor . . .





This knitted bird caught my eye and I love it. If only I were a better knitter. As it stands, my knitting needles have become tools to prop up my spring tomato plants. I don’t know how anyone could resist knitting this feathery friend. If you were so inclined to knit yourself a gaggle of Tippy Hendren nightmares, click on the link below for instructions:







  • egg whites
  • cream of tartar
  • peppermint extract (OR almond or clear vanilla extract)
  • sugar
  • disposable decorating bag(s)
  • size 1M tip(s)
  • paint brushes
  • food coloring (rainbow colors)
  • white candy melts
  • disposable decorating bag
  • lollipop sticks

FOR THE FULL RECIPE, CLICK HERE:   http://thedecoratedcookie.com/2016/01/rainbow-meringue-cookie-pops/




While I was in the hospital recently I have never had so many people praying for me in my life! It must work, because here I am (keep praying, it’s not over yet). When I came across these a little prayer boxes made from Altoid tins, I thought it worthy of passing on. What I really love about this project is that it includes a small pad of paper and a pen so you can write your prayers out on paper. Writing things out has a way of clarifying and solidifying your intent whether are are you are a prayerful person or not. Here is how to make your own prayer box:





This 18k Rock Candy Sofia Fall Rainbow Necklace is from the Rock Candy® Collection necklace by Ippolita.  It’s made from colorful gems like clear quartz, amethyst, blue topaz, green gold citrine, mother-of-pearl, London blue topaz, peridot, pink tourmaline, green amethyst and turquoise. The cost for this regal beaut is $10,000.00. To order one for yourself (or to direct your hubby to a Valentine’s gift), click on the link below:



This quilt definitely caught my eye. It’s made from Robert Kaufman fabrics and it’s called Kona Crossing. I love the placement of all the colors and the haphazard look of the crosses. I am never make a quilt using someone else’s pattern but this might be the exception. Here is the link to be able to download this pattern from the Kaufman site:






PHOTO CREDIT:  http://www.theglassmagazine.com/tabitha-simmons-floral-designs-for-ss16/

PHOTO CREDIT:http://footwearnews.com/2015/fashion/designers/tabitha-simmons-spring-2016-shoe-line-photos-159606/


Here’s the pattern for simple embroidery for making these Valentine paisley hearts, to hang or to simply Frame as a trilogy of hand embroidery. For the embroidery pattern click on the link below:



Immortalize your little Boots or Spot by turning their image into a little pillow. This is such an easy and fast project. I’m no longer have a cat, because of my kidney transplant, but I might consider making colors of my dogs, Tulip, Petunia, and Violet — and add to the mix, the smiling pillowed faces of Mr.Electric, our son, and myself.  Here’s how you make one:









Whip up several of these little felt and fabric heart sachets for your drawers and closets. I love the look of these. Oh, to hell with her drawers and closets, I think these hearts would be pretty  hanging from doorknobs, arranged in a bowl or basket, or even as ornaments for a Valentines Day “tree” or  Christmas tree ornaments.  Click on the link for the tutorial:







Warm Chocolate and Caramel Cakes



  • butter
  • good-quality caramel sauce
  • cake flour
  • Dutch-process cocoa
  • baking soda
  • sugar
  • salt
  • Strong brewed coffee
  • light olive oil
  • vanilla extract
  • balsamic vinegar





You can never have too many pincushions. Seeing this tutorial made me wonder why I don’t have a different pincushion for every holiday?  There is no reason we can’t start with a valentine pin cushion, is there?  You could always make a bunch of them and create a bean bag or a tic tac toe game for the family. Of course, if your kids are like my brother and me, they will end up whipping your quilted hearts at each other until someone puts an eye out. Here’s how you make this delicious little candy pincushion:






You don’t have to worry about using WIRE HANGERS once you learn how to make them work to actually hold onto your clothes. It’s a simple project and much less expensive Dan even the plastic hangers you’re find at Walmart or the Dollar Store. Give it a crack by checking out the tutorial by clicking on the link below:






I think I may have to get this in DIY clock that I found on the Think Geek website. Isn’t it totally groovy? Here’s how to order one for yourself or as a gift:





Get ready for Labor Day, Autumn, Halloween, Christmas and more by adding interesting borders onto panels, or simply learn the technique to make beautiful and themed borders for your own quilt designs or to change up a pattern.

CLICK HERE FORSimple Bindings for Sensational Quilts with Mark Lipinski



In “Simple Bindings for Sensational Quilts with Mark Lipinski,” Mark Lipinski – fabric designer and quilter extraordinaire – shows you how to approach simple bindings with your quilts. Not only will you learn tips on how to add bindings, you’ll also learn how to cut your fabric properly, utilize either hand-stitched or machine-stitched binding and embellish your binding. Mark, and special guest Marie Bostwick – New York Times bestselling author of many quilting novels – pair up to give you an educational and entertaining lesson on all things binding! What a treat!

You’ll Love This Quilting Video If You:

  • You’ve made a quilt but are unsure how to bind it
  • Want to add some special adornments to your quilt

In Simple Bindings for Sensational Quilts with Mark Lipinski, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Make a perfect seam when sewing binding strips together
  • Pin your binding to your quilt top, including mitered corners
  • Hand stitch binding using a blind or whip stitch
  • Machine stitch binding
  • Make and add prairie points to the inside of quilt binding
  • Attach embellishment to binding such as rickrack, pompoms, and lace ruffles


Simple Bindings for Sensational Quilts with Mark Lipinski





I have been looking for a yarn bowl for quite some time and nothing really appealed to me. They all looked alike. Finally, I have filed an artist, Lucky Stradley,   who makes these really creepy and interesting yarn bowls.  These are definitely something I would want for my yarn stash. Check out Lucky’s, website here:






blogger, Julie, hosted a mini quilt along with the end result being this Nordic Valentine quilted wall hanging. I love red and white quilts so this really appeals to me. Start following the pattern and tutorial by clicking the link:




Quilting Arts TV Series 1600


I have two segments on this DVD:

1602: Take it Slow – Watch as Lynn Krawczyk explores artful wool felt color studies with hand stitching. Then, let Mark Lipinski explain the philosophy of the Slow Stitching Movement.

1607: Make it Special  Mark Lipinski shares a variety of SLOW STITCHING legacy quilts, along with his own, to show how to leave a bit of yourself behind. See how Tammie Bowser makes fusible appliqué “Jazz Quilts” from photos. Then, learn how to take your quilts beyond the ordinary when Susan Brubaker Knapp offers tips for machine stitching tiny motifs.





when I cross stitch I usually end up buying a gigantic pattern that takes me years to finish. Here are a few easy and fast cross stitch patterns to whip up for your Valentine. Take a look:





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    January 17, 2016 at 3:10 PM #

    So so happy to see this and hear from you again. The prayers will continue!!


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    I can’t tell you how nice it is to see you blogging again! I’ve missed you SOOO much!

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      Thanks,Sally. I’m a little rusty. It took forever! LOL


  3. January 17, 2016 at 4:34 PM #

    Mark – as always back to razor sharp you! Publishing away with new and wonderful ideas on your blog…and have I missed it!!! We love the hearts, prayer box, and video’s… Food…(Well, we really love it all!) Hopefully, we can pass some of these ideas around at our next powwow and at after school enrichment with the high school crowd!
    God bless you, you witty, wonderful, man!!! We pray and dance for you, always! ! My newest jingle dress has prayers for you rolled up in it for this year’s Powwow’s!
    (We hope you skype with your friends so you’ll still have lots of interaction without sharing things you don’t need – and stay away from the germs!)
    We are so glad to see this blog – we Dance! Missed you!
    All our love, your friends,
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    Mark…….I love the versatility of your blog………..always interesting!


  6. January 17, 2016 at 8:04 PM #

    This post was awesome – so many wonderful ideas and patterns – it was terrific seeing the post in my inbox again – it’s been a long time!


  7. quiltipatti
    January 17, 2016 at 10:39 PM #

    mark, i was so excited to see your blog. i’m surprised you are back at it so soon but you have been sorely missed. and you even showed me a kitty. (I’m missing my kitties like crazy – i just don’t know if a towel kitty will snuggle – after all i’m not 3 y.o. any more) i always have to read most of your blog to my husband. the jokes are so funny and the things you find are fantastic. i am so glad you are better and able to be at home. now listen to the doctors and pretend like they know what they are doing. prayers will continue for your continued well being. take care of yourself. hugs, patti in florida (formerly of dj fame from years ago)


  8. January 18, 2016 at 7:47 AM #

    I also discovered you about the time you were ill. Glad you are back up and running.


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    I have missed your blog and I’m thrilled you are back at it!


  10. January 18, 2016 at 7:21 PM #

    Mark, I am a new follower on your blog, but have liked you and your style since I saw you on Simply Quilts (I miss that show!) thank you for all your ideas you blogged on today, going to give some of them a try and have facebooked & pinterest some of them already.

    I shared them with my sister, Cathy, and let her know about your illness. She wanted to be sure that you take care of yourself.

    We all had histoplasmosis when we were young (our younger brother included) about ages 4, 5, and 6. She had it the worst and unfortunately she had a relapse when she was 21 years old. We were too young to remember much about the illness, let alone, what it was called and it’s symptoms or to connect the dots.

    So it took the German hospitals several months to figure out what was wrong. She started getting ill in May of that year, (she had a baby girl who turned 1 year old in June) then Cathy was pregnant and miscarried in August and was hospitalized in August and finally in December that hospital transferred to a different hospital, there she was diagnosed properly, but caught rheumatic fever and transferred to a third hospital. She was finally released in May.

    She looked like walking death when she got out and it took over 9 months to recover from that. She missed almost a whole year of her toddler’s young life.

    Thank God, that they were able to get you on the road to recovery much sooner. We wish we could help with your medical bills, but I left my job to be a caregiver to both my husband and sister who have COPD and congestive heart failure [both are doing with with all the meds.:)]

    Anyway-we both wish you well and you are in our thoughts!


  11. Susan Brewer
    January 18, 2016 at 8:01 PM #

    Glad to see you back here in cyber space land!
    Lots to read here!! I’ll be back tomorrow to take in more ideas!!
    Welcome back, keep treating yourself well, and thanks for your post! :O)


  12. Mary Ann
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    I am so happy you are feeling well enough to blog again! I have missed all the fun, create and silly things you find for us!


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    So great to see your blog again. Love you to pieces.


  14. Shelly Hoffman
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    Glad to see you blogging again..so many fun ideas! Health to you!!


  15. January 19, 2016 at 11:27 AM #

    Bless St. Barnabas and their amazing medical care! So happy to see you bouncing (at least mentally – LOL) back. Keep nurturing yourself – we love you. I, for one, wish I could have given more to your fund – but I know that every little bit has added up. Hooray!


  16. SuzKuhns
    January 19, 2016 at 1:29 PM #

    great ideas – I’ve really missed this blog! I loved Joan’s photo with the no-slip hangers, although I bet there are some who won’t get the connection. LOL


  17. January 19, 2016 at 8:39 PM #

    It is absolutely positively wonderful to hear from you! You are an amazing, creative, thoughtful and caring human being who deserves our prayers and help. Keep taking care of yourself so we can enjoy seeing you in person once again! I’m a big fan and former student who considers herself lucky to be a ‘follower’ of yours. Continued prayers for your complete recovery. Diane


  18. grannygeri6
    January 21, 2016 at 7:41 PM #

    I am so glad that you are back. I have missed reading your blog.


  19. Margo
    January 21, 2016 at 10:05 PM #

    Hi Mark, You don’t know me from a hole in the ground [and I’m ok with that!] We are all part of this fabulous community called Quilting. I am happy to hear that you are on the mend! Six months ago I was on my own journey with a thumb reconstruction. All was not good and I feared for the worst. Just your words of “Get well Margo” meant the world to me. Not that I didn’t have family and friends close to me, but that a “stranger”sending along wishes to anyone else but us “quilters” , would be considered quite strange! ha ha! I’ve been sending positive thoughts and it looks like all those thoughts from all of us and your loved one’s is helping you turn a corner! I am now back to “slow stitchin” along with doses of morphine, but hey! The vacation is pretty cheap considering! lol God Bless! So nice to hear from you again!


  20. July 21, 2016 at 3:37 AM #

    Wow! Thank you! I permanently needed to write on my blog something like that. Can I include a fragment of your post to my website?


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