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Painter, Mixed-Media Artist, Writer, Farmer


Katherine Dunn has been a full time artist since 1996, and moved from Minneapolis to Oregon in 2002 where she met her landscaper husband. They soon moved to their farm where they raise sheep and grow lavender.

While her early illustration career allowed her to work with clients such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Hallmark and others, it was only after moving to her Apifera Farm where her writing and art merged. Her popular blog posts of illustrated encounters with the creatures of Apifera have won her loyal following and she regularly raises money from her art to help abused donkeys and old animals.

Katherine’s first book, Creative Illustration Workshop [Quarry Books, November, 2010] is ranked 3rd in Arts/Photography Books 2010 by the Editors of Amazon. Her paintings are collected internationally and are also showcased on Sundance Online. She is currently working on an illustrated memoir.

Katherine will be talking about her current project,

Misfits of Love:

She writes: “Animal lovers, photo/art people and farm dreamers. And pug lovers too. A beautiful book of narratives, photos and art is trying to get out into the world. Misfits of Love is a collection of illustrated stories about the old and neglected animals that end up in the Apifera barnyard. In a world where the old and weary are tossed out or left behind, this quiet little book has stories that deserve to have a wider audience. Kickstarter lets you pledge [with a reward offered by me] and you only pay if the project is fully funded.

Misfits of Love is a book idea I have been working on in one way or another since I first moved to our Apifera Farm back in 2004. Here is a slideshow of how the book will look and ‘feel”. My farm is a final home to many of the misfits – the old ones and the crippled ones, creatures that were neglected, abused or left as useless. Their hearts live here with me and their stories are worthy of print.

Funds will be used [see specifics below] to get this quiet little book ready for publication. NOTE: Awards are sent if and only if the project is 100% funded. If it does not fund, you pay none of your pledge.

Ever since I can remember, I have had empathy for the elderly creatures, or the ‘discarded”, and that includes humans. Upon moving to the farm, my barnyard seemed to be a natural settling ground for wandering abandoned roosters, old donkeys, misplaced ducks and a variety of old and challenged goats. Oh, and a pig that came with a goat. And old mice in love. Many of the creatures were adopted from bad situations, rescued by another and then sent to Apifera- but some dropped out of the sky, so to speak.

We live in such a throw away society where old is not valued by the masses – but I see the beauty and soul in ‘old’ every day here….be it in the eyes of an old, misused donkey or the curve in the crippled legs of a handicapped goat.

When my father was dying in hospice, many states away, I was unable to go to him. Taking care of my old creatures took on an even more symbolic meaning for me. As I rubbed oil on the pig’s very dry skin each day, I was reminded of my father’s 85 year old legs and how dry and sore they were for him. I couldn’t help him, but I could soothe this pig with my hands and she in turn soothed me with her charm and pig beauty.

This fundraising stage is to get Misfits of Love ‘print-ready’, and having done that before, I can tell you it takes time, energy and money. I plan to work with the same editorial consultant who was a former editor at Chronicle Books to get the manuscript in tip-top shape. With 144 pages and $125 hour consulting fee, it is a major expense – but very important.  Funds will also help me get the layouts of the book prepped. Each chapter focuses on a different animal with a narrative, emotive sepia photographs and one full color art spread of a painting. Promo copies will be made at about $50 each that will be used to generate interest from publishers or help determine if self publishing is needed. My goal is to have the manuscript ready for first edits by January and first layouts will begin at the same time. I will be doing the layouts, but will need some expertise on proofs/layout print prep from consultants.

  • consulting with editor, copy edits, proofing $3000+
  • small run of promo copies $500
  • layout/design/type/proofs $3500+
  • cost of gifts for donors and s/h $2000+
  • Paypal and Kickstarter fees will come out of the total too [10% for both]

You can read more about the old animals, and my farm, and all the animal work I do there at my blog.

The world is full of old beauty – help me share it with a larger audience. And thank you in advance if you help.”

CLICK HERE to view the Kickstarter website that is gathering funds for Katherine Dunn’s Misfits of Love

CLICK HERE for Katherine’s Apifera Farm blog

CLICK HERE to read Katherine’s articles at the Huffington Post

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Designer, Author, Seamstress, Crafter


of V and Co. and Make It Sew Modern!

About Vanessa . . .

Vanessa Christenson is a mom of four who likes to quilt, sew, decorate, and organize the death out of anything. Her astro sign’s Scorpio, she’s a stay-at-home momma who loves sewing, socializing, walking, reading, thrifting, decorating…and all those interests are beautifully represented in her designs and her first book for Martingale and Company, Make It Sew Modern!

Vanessa recently wrote, “If you are expecting me to say that I started sewing at age 3 or that I watched my mother sew as I grew up, you are wrong. My mom doesn’t own a sewing machine and I started sewing 9 years ago. See, I had the fear of failing at something that I wanted so badly to be good at. So I put it off and put it off, till one day I decided “Enough!” I asked a friend to help me make a slip cover for a pillow. I failed miserably. Well, let’s just say it was less than pretty to be nice. Yet I was determined to press on, unpick and re-do.

Since then I’ve been in the stitchery pattern business and have slowly added making patterns for quilts, home goods, and clothing. It’s amazing once you get over the fear of making mistakes, and just knowing that you will because it’s part of the process… how much your creative world will open up.  I now am constantly creating patterns in my head at all times as life in general inspires me. A billboard that catches my eye with it’s color combination, or watering my plants and taking note of the leaves shapes. These have both inspired me in the past.

No I’m not here to tell you that I’ve been creating like this all my life, I’m here to tell you that I started creating like this when I finally decided that I could learn from my mistakes, press on, unpick and re-do.

A world is waiting for you to discover it if you just give it a chance.”

Be inspired by Vanessa’s designwork! Here’s some fab examples:

CLICK HERE to visit Vanessa’s website, where you’ll find tons of tutorials and ideas!

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CLICK HERE for Vanessa’s “Recipes” at the Moda Bake Shop!

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Photographer, Author, Crafter, Collector


About Heidi . . .

Heidi is a photographer, crafter and author who lives in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Heidi’s first book, “The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photographs” is newly released in the US (and there’s a UK edition too!). This book is the ultimate reference for crafters and bloggers looking to improve their photography on a budget!

Heidi established her photography business and range of Good Will Bunting just a few years ago in London, UK. She is 31 years old and now lives in Newcastle, Australia, with her husband, Will. Heidi specializes in portrait photography of children and families. Her service is a modern take on family photo shoots and portraiture, and is ideal for busy and budget-savvy parents who want to receive all of their fully-edited photographs on CD at a reasonable price. On-location shoots take place in the Hunter Valley on a weekly basis, monthly in Sydney, and other states of Australia and in Europe (United Kingdom and Sweden) on an annual basis, time permitting. Heidi’s photography has been exhibited at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London, UK. She was also a semi-finalist in the Natural History Museum and BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, 2008. In addition to her private clients and personal projects, Heidi’s portfolio includes photography for the NSPCC and Etsy.

Take a look at some of Heidi’s scrumptious shots!

And of course, after my own heart:

By the way, a little Internet bird told us that Heidi just married her Prince Charming, Will, a few months ago in Australia. Aren’t they adorable?!

CLICK HERE to visit Heidi’s website, where you’ll find a feast of images and design tips!

CLICK HERE for Heidi’s blog!

CLICK HERE to see Heidi’s craft goods and images for sale!

CLICK HERE for Heidi’s Flickr gallery!

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AND for our final segment, do we ever have a HOT topic!

You will NOT want to miss:

The State of Sewing and Quilting Through the Eyes of 

[Designer, Writer, Crafter, Publisher, Entrepreneur, 

founder of Indygo Junction and The Vintage Workshop]


About Amy . . .

I am an author, entrepreneur, and designer with a relentless passion for all things vintage—particularly sewing and fashion.

I was lucky enough to grow up immersed in the sewing and crafting business, as my mother owned a creative arts shop in West Des Moines, Iowa. Even in high school I knew the direction my life would take – running my own Teddy Bear business. After graduating from the University of Kansas (Go Hawks!) with a degree in art and design, I knew I wanted to make craft and art my life’s work and founded Indygo Junction, a fabric arts publishing company, to showcase the talent of leading sewing and craft designers. Over the years I have teamed up with innovative artists to publish over 800 pattern titles and write over 80 books.

My mother also passed on her “collector gene,” bringing me to local flea markets, tag sales and antique shops. She instilled a life-long love of the hunt for vintage treasures. Over time, I amassed a vast collection of period artwork, especially vintage images. In 2002, I founded The Vintage Workshop so I could share my favorite images with other crafters.

One of the aspects of my business life that I have genuinely come to treasure is the entrepreneurial piece of what I do. I have always been inspired by what people can make, using their own two hands, simple materials and of course, a creative spirit. I have, along with my talented staff, had tremendous good fortune – and a little luck – identifying dozens of designers whose work is simply exceptional. Over the years, we’ve licensed their work, given them a marketplace at and featured them at trade shows. I was even fortunate to have this activity recognized by Country Living Magazine, which recently selected me as one of America’s most creative entrepreneurs. This side of me has become so integral to who I am that I’m exploring new ways to discover new talent, encourage their growth and bring them to people’s attention. [Note from Mark: More about that in a minute!!]

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to sew and work with fabric. I am particularly motivated by anything—and everything—vintage. I love the story of an old textile or a Depression-era drawing tells about our past. But for me, it’s not enough to appreciate these things, I must also share them with others. My goal has always been to provide everyone with imaginative and inventive information that allows them to discover their inner creativity, perfect their talents and skills and, if they so desire, help them to bring their talent to the marketplace.

I am also blessed to be a wife and mother. I live in Kansas City, where my businesses are based, and raise two active, grade-school children with my husband, Bob. Like you, I find it a challenge to balance family, work and friends, but the juggling act is much easier when you work around beautiful things, doing what you love.

Amy and I can’t wait to discuss her amazing contest!

Amy Barickman’s Vintage-Inspired, Modern Style Design Challenge was created to encourage women’s individual creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Contestants are invited to design a wearable fashion project based on a pattern from Indygo Junc­tion , Amy Barickman’s Vintage Notions book, or one of four free e-patterns available at

This challenge honors the history of sewing by recognizing two premier brands, SINGER and Coats & Clark, who this year celebrate their 160th and 200th anniversaries, respec­tively. Thanks to the economy and technology, more people are trying their own hand at design.  This contest will help showcase that creativity.


The DIY Revolution

Sewing has made a comeback, threading together generations of women who stitch for pleasure and profit. With the popularity of, “Project Runway,” and countless blogs devoted to do-it-yourselfers, the pastime of the past is now a trend of today.

Our culture embraces individual style, ushering forth a new generation of sewing enthusi­asts who take inspiration from yesterday’s traditions. By shunning store-bought fashions in favor of original handmade or authentic vintage, these pioneers are in part responsible for the modern-day revival of sewing.

The Competition

Amy Barickman’s Vintage-Inspired, Modern Style Design Challenge joins a rich history of handmade with today’s creative renaissance. Partnering with SINGER®, Coats & Clark, and Burdastyle, Amy invites sewing enthusiasts to show off their skills for a shot at winning up to thousands of dollars in prizes.

Participants will design a wearable fashion project based on a pattern from Indygo Junc­tion , Amy Barickman’s Vintage Notions book, or one of four free e-patterns available at Winners will be evaluated on originality, craftsmanship and overall appeal by a judging panel as well as the Burdastyle online community.

Three winners will be awarded. Prizes include SINGER sewing machines, Coats & Clark thread packs, Indygo Junction sewing patterns and books, and more. The winning design will be published as an Indygo Junction pattern.

Here’s one of the gorgeous SINGER sewing machines being offered: a limited-edition beauty!

A Rich History of Empowering Women

This challenge honors the history of sewing by recognizing two premier brands, SINGER and Coats & Clark, who this year celebrate their 160th and 200th anniversaries, respec­tively. Another important figure is Mary Brooks Picken, the American authority on fashion and sewing in the early 1900s, who worked, for years, with the SINGER and Coats & Clark brands.

Mary was also the inspiration for the award-winning Amy Barickman’s Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion and Fun. Published in September of 2010, this book was written to share the timeless teachings of Mary, who’s crowning achievement was the founding of the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences in 1916. Hear more of Mary’s stunning accolades and find out how to connect with her lasting legacy through the Vintage Notions book, in this exclusive interview with author, Amy Barickman.

By empowering women and encouraging entrepreneurism, the Woman’s Institute connected like-minded individuals with a passion for sewing, much like today’s online communities. This challenge was designed to forge such a connection among fashion-for­wards and skilled sewers alike.

The promotional video further details the historical inspiration for the Design Challenge and offers more information about how to enter the contest. 

For inspiration, check out just a fragment of Amy’s influential designs:

CLICK HERE for Amy Barickman’s website, chock-full-of patterns, inspirations and news!

CLICK HERE to join Amy’s page on Facebook!

CLICK HERE for all the info on Amy Barickman’s Vintage-Inspired Modern Style Design Challenge!

Follow Amy on Twitter!


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  1. Teresa Vargas
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    I love your show. I look forward every Wednesday to listen to it. It is full of inspirations and ideas and I buy every book you recommend.
    Greetings from Costa Rica.


  2. Marilyn Weiss
    January 30, 2012 at 10:24 AM #


    So glad your blog is back! And if anyone ever looked positively angelic in a photo, it’s you. Love the program and I, like millions of your listeners, are going broke buying all of the books you are recommending, but I have been thrilled with all of my purchases. Wednesdays are now my favorite day of the week…no not ‘cuz it’s humpday, but because of Creative Mojo. See you on the radio.


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