Modern Hand Stitching! Sewing Toy Patterns! Modern Appliqué Workshop May 21, 2014

Modern Hand Stitching! Sewing Toy Patterns!

Modern Appliqué Workshop

May 21, 2014

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People Places Things at Quilt Market, Pittsburgh




I don’t really know what to say about Quilt Market this year except there seems to be a lot of fun and exciting opportunities looming and it was wonderful to see some old friends and meet some new on the floor.

On the other hand, while there are a lot of new faces and a lot of new businesses, tons of both, everything looked pretty much like the same old stuff. Nothing, but nothing, I would consider to be breakout.

 I stayed for such a short time, I didn’t get to see a lot of people I went in search of but couldn’t find like Luana Rubin (this miss broke my heart, but she is SUCH a rock star and I was being grabbed in every direction that time escaped me – but I searched), Alex Anderson (Another rock star whom I wanted to at least wave to! LOL!),and the kids from Quiltmania, Melanie Testa (among others Paula Nadelstern were you there?).

Here’s some folks I did run into . . .


 Jodie Davis


 Sharon Schamber


 Kathy Brown


 Pat Bravo


 Kaye England


 Lynn Krawczyk


Marianne Fons and M’Liss Rae Hawley


 Mary Fons


Linda Lum DeBono

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Designer, Teacher, Author

Kevin Kosbab



 About Kevin…

Kevin Kosbab brings his love of bright colors, bold graphics, and mid-century modern design to quilting and sewing projects for publications such as American Patchwork & Quilting, Stitch, and Modern Patchwork, as well as his own line of Feed Dog Designs patterns. His DVD Secrets of Home Décor Sewing walks sewists through the things he wished he knew when he started sewing for his first apartment after graduating from Oxford University. He now lives in northern California and is on the web at

On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski, Kevin and I discuss how modern appliqué and traditional appliqué differ; techniques of raw edge appliqué, prepared edge appliqué, and needle turn appliqué;  The kind of needles to use two appliqué, silk versus cotton thread for appliqué, Kevin’s preferred fusible for raw edge appliqué; blanket stitch versus straight stitch for raw edge appliqué; gluing fabric on a template and the advantages and disadvantages of needle turn appliqué.

Kevin Kosbab’s book, “The Quilter’s Applique Workshop; Timeless Techniques for Modern Designs”



A fresh take on quilting and appliqué!

Kevin Kosbab shows quilters that not only is appliqué fun and easy to do, it can open up a world of design possibilities. The Quilter’s Appliqué Workshop teaches you everything you need to know to create appliqué–both as embellishment and as the focus of projects.

The book is divided into three sections that each explores a basic appliqué approach: raw-edge, prepared-edge, and needle-turn appliqué. Each section includes detailed instructions, tips, and illustrations. Twelve home-decor projects, including bed quilts, wall quilts, table runners/toppers, and pillows, illustrate the techniques and allow you to explore more specialized methods such as broderie perse, felt appliqué, and bias-tape appliqué. The Quilter’s Appliqué Workshop gives you the tools to mix and match appliqué techniques and create any design you can imagine.


Here is a sampling of just a few of Kevin’s projects from his book:





Pick up the Kevin Kosbab DVD!


Visit Kevin Kosbab’s website by CLICKING HERE


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Author, Teacher, Designer


Kerry Goulder_author photo

About Kerry…

Kerry Goulder has been sewing for fun since she can remember. After a sculpture class in college, a wedding and two children, Kerry began designing many unique patterns under her Kid Giddy® label, and wrote her first book, Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love: 18 Toy Patterns for the Storytelling Sewist, with F+W Media. Kerry’s has designed patterns for Anna Griffin Inc., and her work has been published in various craft publications. Kerry’s company motto is to “add more giddy to your life.” This is a constant reminder to always have fun and to do things that make you happy, which, of course, means more sewing. Kerry lives in Southern Maine with her husband and their two daughters. When she’s not sewing, she loves to run and is training for her second degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.
On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski,  Kerry and I chat about her inspiration and technique when making small plushies;  the color pallets she chooses for small toy sewing; how a creative person works through their desire to quit a difficult project; and what she thinks of the upcoming and current trends in fabric and fiber arts.

Kerry Goulder’s new book, Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love: 18 toy patterns for the storytelling sewist



Sew me a story, and you will see a whimsical world come to be!

A young dolphin heads to open seas for the very first time. Curious gnomes seek adventure in a wooded wonderland. A dazzling hot-air balloon promises breathtaking sights to those ready to ride. Bring these and other charming characters and their stories to life through the magic of needle and thread! InsideSewing Tales to Stitch and Love is an irresistible collection of sewn and stuffed toys that all ages will love.

Delightful and durable, these once-upon-a-time creations are made to be played with endlessly and cherished forever after!


Here is a sampling of just some of Kerry’s projects from the book:









 Visit Kerry’s Blog, KID GIDDY, by CLICKING HERE


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Authors, Teachers, Artists, Designers




About Ruth . . .

uth Chandler grew up in Japan where the vibrant color and texture of Japanese fabric, combined with the simplicity of Japanese design, caught Ruth s attention. She made her first quilt in 1990, a queen size, hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted Hawaiian pineapple quilt, and she has never looked back. Ruth teaches locally from her home studio and Blue Twig Studio, and nationally at Art and Soul Retreats. She can also be seen at Open Studios at International Quilt Market and teaches for Make it University. Ruth has written several articles for Quilting Arts magazine and blog posts for Havels Sewing. Her work has been published in several books including A Fiber Artist s Guide to Color, First-time Beading on Fabric, and Fabric Color Magic. Ruth is one of the co-authors of the best-selling book, Fabric Embellishment the basics and beyond. Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

On today’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski,  Ruth discusses how her growing up in Japan influences her art; the importance of making a sampler book; the types of fabric she enjoys embroidering on; why she loves variegated hand dyed fibers; and where she will be teaching over the next several months.

Ruth Chandler’s new book, Modern Hand Stitching . . .


 Let your stitching spirit enjoy the confidence of knowing basic hand stitches-then freely play to your heart’s content with pattern and form. Stitching is fun, exhilarating and artistic. 128 pages of stitches and inspiration for practice, playing and creating. 6 stitch chapters. Straight stitches. Building on stitches. Cross stitches. Chain stitches. Knots and couching. Making a stitch sampler. Includes a gallery of stitching inspirations. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations.


Here’s the book that Ruth co-authored:


Here is a sampling of just some of Ruth’s work:












Visit Ruth Chandler’s blog by CLICKING HERE


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Here I am on Eleanor Burns’ QUILT IN A DAY Mystery Quilt webinar last week. Here’s a link where you can watch it:
(Grab the little round “doughnut” on the screen, under the pause/play marker, and slide it to the right until you see the image!)If you liked the show, would you do me a favor and let Eleanor know in a short email? She works really hard to make creative and fiber folks have fun and would probably really appreciate the feedback! Eleanor can be reached here: customerservice@quiltinaday.comThanks! xoxom

And when your MOJO listening’s done. . .

If you’ve never used Auriful Thread. . .

. . .  then you haven’t really sewn!

Why not start off with my Auriful BASICS ?


Mark Basics openB


Go to my web site to order YOUR collection — CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.

Listen to a re-broadcast of all of my shows by CLICKING HERE.

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